A Russian court refused to appoint an astronomical examination in defense of Savchenko

Donetsk city court refused to appoint an astronomical examination of the case of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Hopes Savchenko.

Wrote about this in his Twitter lawyer Nikolai Polozov</b>. «Alibi-salibi, what about you?» — the lawyer was indignant by the decision of the court.

«The astronomer Sementsov, invited by the prosecution at the last meeting had gone beyond his competence. In addition to astronomy specialist Sementsov gave an opinion on the camcorder. And in electronics it is parsed as a pig in oranges» — said Polozov.

Thus, the protection Savchenko completed to provide proof of his alibi. «The prosecutors are asking for time to compile a list of additional evidence», — said Polozov.

As reported, on Monday, the Express-examination, which was held by an expert witness of the prosecution astronomer Valerian Sementsov, ended inconclusively. It was about the fact that the prosecution tried to prove, or the inability to set the time of the arrest by militants of Nadezhda Savchenko on video, or that it may be «correct» from the point of view of the prosecution.

Lawyer Ilya Novikov so summarized the event: «the Astronomer has finished counting and said the funniest thing: you can not count anything out of nothing. The dude for an hour failed to calculate the error. Summary of the presentation by astronomer: the examination cannot be held because it assumes that the timer in the camera could be damaged on impact.» However, the reasonings of the astronomer about the video is «outside its competence». And expertise to refute the defense expert astronomer Olga Voziakova Sementsova failed.

Polozov also indicates important detail: «the Investigator-witness the Manshinthat fabricated the case (Savchenko — Ed.) everywhere was accompanied by astronomer Sementsova in court and out of court.» Manshin and had already lit up in the pressure on witnesses, being close to them during the interrogation by video link.

As reported at the meeting on 24 December, the protection Savchenko called expert astronomer from Moscow Olga Voziakova that the height of the Sun has reviewed video from the scene of battle.

We are talking about records, dated from USB flash drive on June 16.

By results of research, real time, shooting — June 17, 2014 at 8:36 am, Kyiv time. The rest were made on the same day at 8:39, 9:38 Kyiv time. Voziakova also noted that the average time estimation error is plus or minus 15 minutes.

According to the defense, it proves that Savchenko was captured before he killed the Russian journalists of VGTRK, of involvement in the death of the accused the Ukrainian woman.

We will remind, the Russian investigators accuse Savchenko under articles «murder» and «attempted murder». Ukrainian woman denies all the charges.

After capture captive Nadiya Savchenko was transported to Russia. Savchenko declared a hunger strike on 18 December after it was extended her detention.

Note, as stated by the lawyer mark Feigin, the procedure of issuing Ukrainian pilots could begin before mid-March.

A Russian court refused to appoint an astronomical examination in defense of Savchenko 17.02.2016

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