A resident of Kemerovo Vostrikov: we Have information that the victims of about 350. Adequate she. Sold out, vacations, tickets were given free elections

A resident of Kemerovo Igor Vostrikov, lost during a fire in a shopping centre, «Winter cherry» wife, sister and three children, said that the information about 350 victims during a fire are adequate. He said this in an interview with radio station «Moscow speaking» on March 27.

According to Vostrikov, the authorities, who claimed 64 victims, «one album you should trust us».

«Why don’t you believe us? But how to test it? We asked put your hands up those who lost. Here we counted more. And this is with the exception of orphans. It was the holidays, the premiere of the cartoon, and there brought children. During boarding no one, didn’t backfired, didn’t respond. You know why! Simply forbidden. Therefore, the number of victims. And there is such information, the casualties about 350. She goes from absolutely different sources. Plus it is in itself adequate. Sold out, day off, vacation, tickets were given free of charge on the elections,» said kemerovchanin.

He also said that authorities allowed the initiative group to the city morgue and «was driven by prepared in advance, removed the corpses.»

«I don’t know, I just see how we cheated, deceived. We should’ve had yesterday, that whole check and see when people really lay. But of course, that nobody was allowed in the morgue, while we were standing there the whole day, on duty. I’m sure they were ready for all this, and have offered: and let’s go and see what’s in the morgue. The group gathered, the group rode and the group confirms their words. Although again, the group were recruited randomly. I’m just a friend of his asked, so that one strayed from the group and stopped at another morgue. Main places looked, and it turns out that it all fits. And he’s in another morgue stopped, but there is false information,» continued Vostrikov.

He added that while he has no thoughts about the following groups to validate data about victims, but he «definitely is the case so will not leave.»

Fire in four-storey shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo took place on 25 March. According to the statement of local authorities, the fire started in a children’s trampoline room. According to the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation on March 26, in the accident killed 64 people. According to relatives, the victim of the tragedy was 41 children.

The Ministry of emergency situations announced the completion of the survey the burnt Mall on March 27 and reported missing as a result of the fire in the shopping center there. The relatives of the victims gathered data on 85 missing.

On March 26, several witnesses claimed to have killed many more visitors to the «Winter cherry».

March 27 it became known that information about the hundreds of victims in the commercial centre of Kemerovo has launched a Ukrainian prankster known as Evgeniy Volnov. Prankster pretending to be an employee of the Ministry of emergencies, I called the morgue and asked how much is available. In comments to RBC he said that he posted videos about the «300 victims» on its YouTube channel, as the Russian authorities ignore the scale of the tragedy, and he is «the one who speaks the truth and is not afraid of it.»

The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation promised to give legal assessment of the actions of the Ukrainian prankster.

A resident of Kemerovo Vostrikov: we Have information that the victims of about 350. Adequate she. Sold out, vacations, tickets were given free elections 28.03.2018

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