A policeman from Russia has revealed a channel recruitment in ORDO. He got arrested for that

Lieutenant of the interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Kutsko from the regional center of Grodno on Monday, 23 January 2017, was arrested under the article «Receiving a bribe» (article 430 of the criminal code), he is now in custody in Hrodna prison No. 1 on Kirov street. In September, sensing the danger, the officer recorded a video where he told his story, reports broadcasting from Poland Belarusian opposition channel Belsat.

Kutsko argues that the service of the police went «deep convictions». He served in the office for drug control and combating human trafficking of the criminal police of the Leninsky district police Department of Hrodna. Has numerous certificates and awards for the disclosure of crimes related to pornography, pedophilia and trafficking.

«From my agents, I received information that the officer of the border Committee In/CH 2141 has access to illegal troops occupied Donetsk, said in the video Kutsko. — According to my informant, the officer may make appropriate persons for the recruitment of military units ORDO. I immediately report this information to his superiors …I don’t know how post works this officer. Maybe he’s the leader of the Outpost and the guys who graduate from the service prepares for the war, and if an officer or detective, then all it can to recruit soldiers in the dirt and send to war for the ORDO. At least the KGB had to check it».

According to Michael, the material in this case has registered in a single book, police Department of Leninski district of Hrodna. Michal prepares documents in accordance with the instruction to pass them on to the KGB. After a few hours the head of the criminal police calls from the phone, acting head of the DEA and gives the order to business to forget, saying «there are already all agreed.» However, Michael decides to convey information to the Committee for State Security that its leaders threatened with dismissal.

A policeman from Russia has revealed a channel recruitment in ORDO. He got arrested for that 25.01.2017

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