A number of Russian writers opposed the establishment of a «single state ideology»

A number of Russian writers and journalists have made an appeal about the inadmissibility of the imposition of a single ideology in Russia. The text of the relevant statement was posted on his page in the social network Facebook writer Lev Timofeyev.

«We, the Russian writers and journalists, Express our concern and anxiety due to the fact that the country openly and even defiantly announced their intention to change the existing social and political system or, in other words , a coup,» reads the statement, which is signed by Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Alexei Simonov, Svetlana Alexievich, Irina Prokhorova, Vladimir Voinovich, Lev Rubinstein, Anatoly Kurchatkin, Victor Esipov.

Earlier, the leader of the faction «Fair Russia» Sergei Mironov noted that, in his opinion, the 13th article of the Constitution of the ideological diversity does not correspond to national interests of the country.

«We should be a state ideology, it in no way should not be mandatory, we passed, passed the sixth article of the Constitution of the Soviet Union on the leading and guiding role of the Communist party, this should not be», — said Mironov.

According to Timofeev Mironov said that «contributes to the Duma a proposal to install some kind of single state ideology and, accordingly, to amend article 13 of the Constitution, which among other things says: no ideology may be established as state or obligatory».

«It would be naive to doubt: if Russia will set a single state ideology (national-Patriotic or any other), any other view would be considered anti-state with all the repressive consequences,» — said Timofeev.

A number of Russian writers opposed the establishment of a «single state ideology» 18.11.2016

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