A new model of energy market should provide for greater competition and ease of access to the grid — Yatsenyuk

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the framework of the reform of the energy sector is developing a new model of functioning of the electricity market, the main principles of which will be high competition, which will give an opportunity to attract investment and ease access to the power grid.

This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during the meeting in the government, UNIAN reports.

«The next stage of reforms — the introduction of the new electricity market. Its key elements — economic efficiency, market competition and the introduction of rules and procedures that meet the Third energy package», — said the head of government.

«The goal is to become a party to the European energy market. The more liberal a market, the more expensive will be the price (of assets) and services cheaper,» — said Yatsenyuk.

All of these aspects, according to him, spelled out in the package of bills prepared by the government. This package includes the actual law on electricity market, law on the national Commission for regulation in the electricity market and public services, as well as the law on access to power grids.

Speaking about the draft law on energy market, Yatseniuk said that the text was analyzed by the experts of the world Bank, EBRD, EU, European energy community. They made 11 changes, which should be necessarily taken into account in preparing the final version of the document. «I think we need to decide which model of the electricity market we are building, but it must meet the Third energy package. Edits of our partners should be taken into account in the draft law», — said the head of government.

According to Yatsenyuk, the law CREATED should make the National Commission is a genuinely independent body and regulator on the market elektroenegii. «The Parliament is the law CREATED. This law should be adopted. The Commission should be an independent body. Today this body is appointed by the President, and on the draft law the members of the Commission shall be selected on the competition,» he explained.

The third law, which need to pass — on connection to the power grid. «Faced with this every subject of economic activity in Ukraine. The monopoly in the market of connecting to the grid carries a high cost of connection, the bureaucracy, does not allow to develop to business and gives no choice to the citizen,» said Prime Minister, adding that so far, not having the law, Ukraine remains one of the worst countries in terms of ease of connection to the power grid.

«That’s our goal. In order to achieve this goal — we need to finalize the bills, and the Parliament to accept them. This is the way to attract investment. This will affect the cost of power facilities, which Ukraine plans to privatize. The more liberal the market, the higher the price of the objects of Elektroenergetiki and the cheaper will be the service for legal entities and citizens. And that is our goal as a government», — concluded the head of government.

A new model of energy market should provide for greater competition and ease of access to the grid — Yatsenyuk 25.02.2016

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