A Moscow court has refused to recognize that Siemens cheated on the contract for the turbines

The Moscow arbitration court refused to recognize that the German Corporation Siemens cheated at the conclusion of the contract for the supply of turbines to structures of the Russian state Corporation «rostec», JSC Technopromexport and JSC «VO «Tekhnopromexport», according to the Agency TASS, which had reviewed the decision of the court.

Siemens representatives said in court that «Technopromexport» cheated suppliers and decided, under the pretext of realization of the project on the Taman Peninsula to purchase the necessary equipment for power plants in the occupied Crimea.

The plaintiffs did not prove that OOO «Siemens gas turbine technologies» (a subsidiary of Siemens) had the wrong idea about the nature and subject of the disputed contract, according to a ruling of the Arbitration court. Protection Siemens has not provided evidence that «Technopromexport» has deliberately created the plaintiffs factually inaccurate view of the transaction that influenced the decision «Siemens gas turbine technology» to contract, according to the document.

On December 14 the Moscow Arbitration court rejected Siemens turbines return from the Crimea. Siemens said that in Russia the gas turbine was moved to the Peninsula against the wishes of the manufacturer.

EU sanctions prohibit European companies to sell technology and materials for energy sector of the Crimea.

July 5, Reuters reported that two turbines manufactured by Siemens arrived in the occupied port of Sevastopol.

On 6 July, Siemens said that he had not supplied the turbines in the Crimea, and filed claims in this case.

August 4, Official journal of the European Union published a Supplement to the list of persons and companies subjected to sanctions in connection with the annexation of Crimea. It included three men and three legal entities involved in the supply to the Peninsula turbines Siemens.

Power station turbines Siemens in the Crimea will start operating in 2018, said the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov.

A Moscow court has refused to recognize that Siemens cheated on the contract for the turbines 25.12.2017

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