«A Memory checkpoint» in the Parliament opened an exhibition dedicated to the Ilovaisk tragedy and the battles for Saur-Grave

In the building of the Verkhovna Rada opened an exhibition devoted to the events in Ilovaisk and Saur-Grave in 2014.

On Tuesday 17 January, reports the Censor.NO.

Deputies and visitors of the Ukrainian Parliament are encouraged to get acquainted with photos from battlefields, exploding military shells, ammunition, personal belongings, awards and portraits of Ukrainian defenders and so on.

The exhibition is called «a Memory Checkpoint» and is the author of the memorial project volunteer, researcher, Chairman of the public organization «international Association of researchers of the fortifications of the «Citadel» Paul Netesova.

As reported on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the exhibition consists of thirty display cases collected from crates of ammunition and is equipped with a monitor that shows a video for each element of the exhibition created one or more news stories or documentaries.

Showcases filled with artifacts and items collected on the battlefield near the bodies of victims of the Ukrainian military, during the mission «the Evacuation of 200» of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, which began on 1 September 2014 and is still ongoing. Pocket icons, crosses, fragments of documents, chevrons and other personal items presented in the exhibition, on the inner surface of the lid each display case has photos of the places where these things were collected — Kurgan Saur-Mogila, Ilovaisk, Debaltsevo.

In addition, the exhibition presents a personal showcase of the victims in the «undeclared war» volunteers, soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine, Ministry of internal Affairs and National guard of Ukraine. On the inner surface of the lid of this box is a photograph of the soldier, under glass personal belongings passed to their families.

The exhibition will run until January 20.

As noted previously, in November 2016, in the river in the National historical Museum named after Carpathia hosted the exhibition of photographs «Ilovaysk 2014». It received nearly 100 works of Ukrainian photographers Alexander glyadelov, Maxim dondyuk Maxim Levin and Markiyan Lyseiko. The pictures were accompanied by stories that introduced the viewer into the context.

We will add that in the river decided to establish the first Museum in Ukraine ATO.

We will remind, in September of last year the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence decided to turn to the Parliament with a presentation on the establishment of 29 August a Day of heroism and commemoration of the dead soldiers during the ATO.

Fierce battles for Saur-Grave lasted all of August 2014 and ended with the surrender of heights. In December of 2015 over the mound, which was already under the control of militants, unknown hung the flag of Ukraine.

August 29, 2014, contrary to the agreement of the «green corridor» for the Ukrainian military from the encirclement under Ilovaisk, the regular units of the armed forces under the direct instructions of the leadership of the General staff of the Russian Federation close shot of heavy weapons Ukrainian military column. As a result of the treacherous attack then killed 366, 429 were wounded, 300 captured.

«A Memory checkpoint» in the Parliament opened an exhibition dedicated to the Ilovaisk tragedy and the battles for Saur-Grave 17.01.2017

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