A journalist investigating the shooting of «Andrew», left Ukraine because of threats

Aleksei Bobrovnikov is a journalist who has studied the topic of execution of the consolidated mobile «Andrew», said that he left Ukraine because of threats.

About this he wrote on Tuesday on his page on Facebook.

According to him, he left Ukraine a month ago.

«At the same time, the presentation of a chain of events that could destroy me (in the physical sense, no less than I tried to destroy professionally) are inextricably linked with the case of Andrew Galushchenko, killed September 2, 2015 near the town of Happiness in Luhansk region. Andrew was my main source of information in the context of the research «the grey zone», — he wrote.

According to beaver, «from the first days of the investigation, dedicated to the «grey zone», or rather, two days before the murder of Andrei Galushchenko,» he began to receive threats of physical violence.

«They came in the form of a friendly Pat on the shoulder, and in the form of threats with weapons in their hands. Such threats have received and other people involved in the study of the processes of trade with the occupied territories», — he wrote.

According to Bobrovnikov, in General, he had received 5 warnings about the risks of his life in connection with the investigation, «the works of Andrew».

Recall, 20 September 2016, the Prosecutor’s office of the ATO forces had suspended the investigation in case of murder «mobile team Andrew» in the Luhansk region.

The current Deputy Minister for the occupied territories and internally displaced persons and the then Chairman of the Lugansk regional military-civil administration in the George Tooke said that Galushchenko was his friend and repeatedly attracted public attention to this case. Tuck expressed confidence that the group Happiness shot «one of ours» — in particular, the ex-Governor pointed to the involvement in the crime soldiers of the 92nd brigade.

In February 2016 in Kramatorsk detained suspects in the attack on the group Galushchenko demobilized soldiers of the 92nd brigade Swedru and Dolzhenko. Fighters were handed notification of suspicion under part 2 of article 115 (premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances) of the Criminal code of Ukraine which provides, including, life imprisonment.

Shortly before their arrest, the Deputy Prosecutor General — chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that Galushchenko, burned alive in the car, in fact was «established an unofficial security officer, it is not the volunteer on a voluntary basis». Thus, according to Matios, when attacking a group Galushchenko «destroyed a considerable amount of evidence».

Later Tuck stated that he had suggested that the intelligence services illegally to apply the substance to the defendants on the execution of the group Galushchenko.

«The investigation is quite effective. We know almost everything. Unfortunately, there is a gap between «knowing» and «prove.» I have repeatedly offered security services are what is called «truth serum». In many countries it’s absolutely legal,» said Tooke in response to the question of how, according to him, there is an investigation of the abovementioned case.

A journalist investigating the shooting of «Andrew», left Ukraine because of threats 10.01.2017

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