A hundred years later. Published the book «the catechism of the Ukrainian XXI century»

In Kiev, presented the book «the catechism of the Ukrainian XXI century».

As reported on Monday, February 29 at a press-conference in UNIAN on this occasion, the authors and scientific advisers edition, the book was published in publishing house «Boguslavka».

The book is written in dialogical form (question – answer), with which the authors begin a conversation with each reader about the basic values of Ukrainian XXI century.

It was noted that the idea to write «the catechism of the Ukrainian XXI century» arose after the reissue in 2015 of the works of Ukrainian patriot Bogdan overlooking the lake, published in 1915 under the title «What everyone should know Ukrainian?». In accordance with modern conditions, the authors of the Catechism of the offer to determine the total for all Ukrainians concepts, values and attitudes – irrespective of profession, social status, time, and place of birth, residence, and even ethnicity of a person who, in the words of., «they are Ukrainians».

The book «the catechism of the Ukrainian XXI century» consists of 13 sections-for discussion (Earth-Ukraine, People, Language, Faith, Will, Family, Labor, Property, History, Culture, Government, abroad, Our goal) and the Commandments to the Ukrainians in God.

«The biggest mistake of man, the tragedy of it is that Adam, with all in heaven, listened to Satan-the serpent and turned away from God. As our external and internal enemies crave us to accept the plight of Ukraine, lowered his hands, moved abroad permanently, disowned the Mother, died in oblivion, turning away from Ukraine…» — said one of the authors of the book «catechism of the Ukrainian XXI century» Vladimir Romanenko.


Bogdan Romanovich. (aliases: Bogdan With th, B. S., C. Knight, etc.) — Ukrainian writer, folklorist, literary critic, teacher, writer. He was born August 9, 1886 in the city of Stanislav (now Ivano-Frankivsk). Stanislav graduated from teachers ‘ Seminary in 1910. Was a teacher of public schools in Galicia (in particular, in the village of Medvedivka, Volyn, and Transcarpathia).

Overlooking the lake supel in the ranks of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (unified Ukrainian national military formation in the Austro-Hungarian army, which was formed from volunteers on 6 August 1914), was pohoronim.

In 1913 he became a full member of the Scientific society named after Shevchenko.

Died April 12, 1946 in Lviv.

He is the author of works: «Description of the native land» (new York, 1913), «the Little geography of Ukraine» (Vienna, 1915), «What you need to know every Ukrainian» (Vienna: edition of the Union of liberation of Ukraine, 1915), «the Life of the Ukrainian people» (Vienna, 1917), «Mariyka Pidhiryanka» (Uzhgorod, 1922), «Methods of oral and written style to all schools» (new York, 1929), «the Folk song kolomiyka» (new York, 1929), «the Works of Yuri Shkribliak» (Lviv, 1945), «My memories of Ivan Franko» (lions, 1972).

A hundred years later. Published the book «the catechism of the Ukrainian XXI century» 29.02.2016

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