A group of MPs called on their colleagues to stop piano voting

A number of deputies held a rally near the Verkhovna Rada rostrum relatively non-personal voting in the Parliament. Today, February 2nd, they went to the rostrum of the Parliament, and some of them on the clothes it was written: «vote personally.»

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Chumak said that often in BP occurs personal vote and repeated «piano voting» that took place in the Parliament of the previous convocation.

According to him, today, «when we vote for the Constitution, the Parliament again begins to violate the Constitution», which is unacceptable. Chumak turned to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman demanding not to ignore a single case of non-personal voting in Parliament, reminding him that, on assuming office, he promised to fight the «piano voting».

Chumak said that MPs should be responsible when making decisions, and «not bad pianists who press the wrong button».

In response Groysman stated that «we will soon offer a system that will allow effective decision making». According to him, «next will be a decision for the political parties on support or nepodetski this offer».

We will remind, to eradicate the piano voting in the Parliament the speaker Groysman promised in March 2015.

At the beginning of September in the Kyiv city Council earned are equipped with a touch button system «Rada 4», which should provide personal vote. The introduction of such a system in the Verkhovna Rada it is not less than ten years.

A group of MPs called on their colleagues to stop piano voting 02.02.2016

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