«A great Ukrainian encyclopedia» will print up to 2026

The «Big Ukrainian encyclopedia» in the printed version should be completed in 2026. But in the electronic form part of the BUE will appear before the end of 2016. About this in comments to UKRINFORM said the Director of the state scientific institution «Encyclopedic publishing house», Deputy Chairman of the Main editorial Board BUE Alla Coridon.

«The priority we are doing now on the electronic version of «the Great Ukrainian encyclopedia». It will appear later this year. And will be formed not by volume respectively of the alphabet. We have changed the principle, because outdated information of the first volume of «A». The idea is that the electronic version should be 10-20% of the words from «A» to «z» from all directions», — said Coridon.

She recalled that initially, «the Great Ukrainian encyclopedia» in two versions — electronic and printed — was conceived as a project from 2013 to 2020. However, in January 2015, by decree of the President the period of publication was extended to 2026.

«The last five years, from 2021 to 2026, after testing the material, being devoted to the publication of the printed version — that has not changed connotations and accents and we had the product quality. Until the end of 2026, the encyclopedia should be published in full. While we focus on the 30 volumes. And planned to be published in 6 volumes per year», — said Coridon.

She also informed that today the total number of articles — 70 thousand. But it is the base, which may vary and increase up to 100 thousand. In the print version, given the format of the encyclopedia, and the volume and quality of the materials, does not include all articles from the electronic version, which can not limit yourself to volumes.

«We want to ensure that one position there were several authors with different approaches, different interpretations. Then we will publish this option will conduct the discussion. As a result of the discussion will have a quality product, the best option will be included in the printed BUE», — stressed the Director of the state scientific institution «Encyclopedic publishing house».

She added that the portal is ready for BUE functioning for inner work, but there will be an external page to review the electronic encyclopedia. «Currently there are negotiations on cooperation with Wikimedia. We will be posting articles there and use their platform,» added Coridon.

The Director of «Encyclopedic publishing house» also said that the authors of the articles may be used without royalties, the state does not have the funds. «This is a complex scientific work, but work for the prestige and for the sake of Ukraine,» she said.

Great Ukrainian encyclopedia — a modern reference online service and, at the same time, the multi-volume edition, which was launched in January 2013 by the joint efforts of the staff of the state scientific institution «Encyclopedic publishing house» and authors from all over Ukraine — mainland and Diaspora.

«A great Ukrainian encyclopedia» will print up to 2026 11.02.2016

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