A former journalist, said that spacey sexually harassed her 18-year-old son

In the U.S. a former journalist, Heather Anru accused the actor Kevin spacey in the sexual harassment of her 18-year-old son. The incident took place in July 2016 in one of the restaurants. Anru said this at a press conference in Boston, according to local newspaper Boston.com.

The restaurant on the American island of Nantucket in the Atlantic ocean spacey bought the boy alcohol, and when he was drunk, stuck his hand down his pants.

The journalist said that the guy was able to escape from the restaurant only after the actor went to the toilet. The next morning he told his mother about the incident.

Anru said that her son went to the police only last week. Militiamen of the island refused to confirm this information, citing the confidentiality of such data in accordance with the laws of the state.

American actor Anthony RAPP, Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, British bartender Daniel Beale and the American Director Tony Montana said about sexual harassment by spacey. Nine colleagues of the actor on starring in the TV series «house of cards» said that he made the filming process was «toxic» and behaved like a «predator».

The Sun wrote that the British actor, who is not named, accused smithy of rape.

On October 31 it became known that the production of the sixth season of house of cards frozen because of the scandal around spacey.

2 November, the representative spacey said that the actor has decided to undergo treatment, without specifying which medical services are talking about.

According to Sky News, the British police launched an investigation against spacey.

The actor himself went to rehab for treatment of sex addiction.

A former journalist, said that spacey sexually harassed her 18-year-old son 09.11.2017

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