A day in the ranks of the APU — one wounded, the shelling was not. In «LNR» going Russian «liquidators»

For the past day in the zone of the antiterrorist operation one soldier was injured. About it at a traditional briefing on Thursday said the speaker of the presidential administration on issues of anti-terrorist operation Alexander Motesanib.

According to him, the day in the area ATO passed quietly, the militants opened fire.

«DNR» collects the battalion «Crusader» for going to Syria

«However one Ukrainian military were wounded in incidents involving explosive subject,» said the Colonel.

According to Motozania it happened in the area of the settlement gold the Luhansk region.

Macusani reported that the militants specifically spread false information about the attacks and the offensive forces ATO on their position to discredit Ukraine, and accuse it of violating the Minsk agreements.

«Any information reported by the militants, should be subjected to the maximum test. Our soldiers who perform combat tasks in the ATO area, strictly observe the Minsk agreement and not fire on the enemy, and of course, there are no attacks», he said.

The coordinator of group «Information resistance» Dmitry tymchuk in Facebook reports that in the occupied regions of Luhansk and Donetsk regions of the special unit of the FSB, in collaboration with the GRU GSH of Russian armed forces began to implement measures to «convince» the commanders and fighters of armed gangs that do not comply with orders to cease fire on the frontlines.

Operational data of the group of IP (socio-political situation in the occupied areas of Donbass on 22.10.2015)C…

Posted by Dmitry tymchuk on 22 October 2015.

During the «persuasion» the most common threats of imprisonment and physical violence. 25.10.2015 from Russia in «LPR» scheduled arrival «of the group of liquidators» of the FSB for Stripping disagreed with the strategic change lines with «accession to the Russian Federation, Donbass is a region of Ukraine with a special status», as well as the most odious figures in the criminal plan. According to reports, similar Stripping at the grassroots level are already being implemented in the Krasnodon region of the Luhansk region.

As reported, President Poroshenko on October 2, after meeting the leaders of the «Normandy format» in Paris said that the Ukrainian side since October 3, will begin the withdrawal of equipment and weapons of a calibre up to 100 mm from the separation line in the Donbass.

On October 16, the press center of the ATO said that the Ukrainian military has completed the withdrawal of mortars of calibre less than 100 mm in the sector «And» zone of ATO in the Donbas, in Luhansk region.

On 18 October began the withdrawal of guns of calibre of 100 mm and a mortar of calibre of 120 mm in the Donetsk region.

A day in the ranks of the APU — one wounded, the shelling was not. In «LNR» going Russian «liquidators» 22.10.2015

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