A day in the area ATO wounded one Ukrainian soldier near Marinka

Over the past day in the area ATO killed among the Ukrainian military there, wounded one soldier.

About it today, 28 February, said the speaker of the presidential Administration of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenkoduring a press briefing at the Ukraine crisis media center.

«Over the past day in the fighting not a single Ukrainian soldier was killed but one was injured. It happened near the area of Mariinka due to explosive action,» said Lysenko.

According to him, yesterday at the Lugansk direction militants fired indirect fire on the checkpoint «Golden» from 82-mm mortar rounds, trying to provoke return fire. On Donetsk the direction the bandits actively used 82-mm and 120-mm mortars near Krasnogorovka.

The shelling was conducted from the village Staromikhaylovk, which is controlled by illegal armed groups. In addition, it was restless in the region of Donetsk airport. The militants fired from small arms, heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades near the village of Peski, Avdiivka and Experienced.

Also near the village of Sands recorded two sniper fire on positions near Experienced terrorists fired two mortars of 82 mm mortar rounds, said Lysenko.

At the same time, the militants continue to make provocations in the vicinity of Gorlovka. Near Trinity, Mayorsk and zaytsevo, the insurgents used small arms and heavy machine guns. Also near the village of Lugansk three militants used grenade launchers and fired heavy machine gun.

On the Mariupol direction the illegal armed groups staged a mortar attack of positions of ATO forces near Chermalyk. Equally troubling was near Marinka – there were provocations with use of grenade launchers, and two sniper attack. Another provocation took place near the Water, the speaker said.

Earlier today it was reported that in Krasnogorovka the enemy opened fire more than 40 times of large-caliber mortars.

And yesterday during the day in the area ATO recorded 19 attacks.

A day in the area ATO wounded one Ukrainian soldier near Marinka 28.02.2016

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