A day in the area ATO killed 2 Ukrainian military, 4 were wounded

In the past days in the zone of the antiterrorist operation killed two Ukrainian military, and another four were injured. About it today at a briefing in Kiev reported a press-the Secretary of presidential Administration of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko.

SBU prevented a diversion of the militants against the Ukrainian military
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KPVV in the Village of Lugansk resumed its work on holidays

«Over the past day in the fighting, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four were wounded», — Lysenko told.

According to him, one soldier was killed in Avdiivka, the second only two were injured in Avdiivka, two more — in Nevel and Marinka.

According to Lysenko, Donetsk direction yesterday in the second half of the day was the 7 powerful enemy attacks. During each of them the occupants used mortars. Ukrainian positions were fired more than 80 mortar shells. «Quiet was only on the arc Svetlodarsk, but on other fronts (Zaitsev and a suburb of Donetsk) the enemy was heavy fire,» stated Lysenko.

Near the village of Novobakhmutivka yasinovatskiy district, Donetsk region on the stretch blown civil. The victim was hospitalized.

On the Mariupol direction, according to Lysenko, the enemy is also actively using mortars across the line of contact, as well as use of snipers, especially in Marinka. «The situation is very unstable and some strong points were shelled 6 times per day. The forces of ATO forced to open fire. The main «hot spots» were yesterday Marinka and Krasnogorovka,» said he.

In just the past day in the direction of Mariupol, there was a 33 enemy attacks, Lysenko reported.

At the direction of Lugansk yesterday was quiet. Also this morning resumed its work on PPC «Stanitsa Lugansk», which will run until may 11, the speaker noted.

Lysenko added that militants throw explosives and incendiary substances from drones on positions of forces ATO. .

«The enemy has resorted to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles that drop and explosive, and incendiary substances», — said Lysenko.

He noted that the militants use Molotov cocktails that «not every fire extinguisher can extinguish, but our guys dealt with it».

SBU prevented a diversion of the militants against the Ukrainian military

In Donetsk region employees of military counterintelligence SBU prevented a diversion of fighters against the forces of anti-terrorist operation.

As reported in the press center of the SBU, the police found an improvised explosive device in the forest near the road near the village of Starohnativka Telmanovo district. This road moves the personnel and military equipment of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Saboteurs laid anti-tank mine, a reinforced TNT charge, a fuse from a grenade RGD-5.

The explosive device, which was on a fighting platoon, destroyed by military bomb squad, the report said.

Over the past day situation in the zone of the ATO complicated. Pro-Russian fighters 40 times fired position forces ATO. This was reported by the press center of staff ATO on his page in Facebook.

«Was hottest in the area of Marinka. There are illegal armed groups nearly a dozen times opened fire on our strong points from 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers and different systems of small arms», — stated in the message.

A day in the area ATO killed 2 Ukrainian military, 4 were wounded 30.04.2016

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