A cyber attack on Olympic Pyeongchang was attacked by Russian spies

Russian military spies made a cyber attack on several hundred computers used by the organizers of the winter Olympic games in 2018 in Pyeongchang, told the Washington Post, citing two sources in the us intelligence community.

According to sources, the attack had therefore to throw suspicion on North Korea. It is called «operation false flag».

The cyber attack was made on 9 February. That night recorded failures in broadcast systems and on the web site of the Olympiad. Many participants are unable to print tickets for the opening ceremony, the result of which was empty space.

Some American officials are concerned that Russia may try to disrupt the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

According to us intelligence, at the beginning of February the Main intelligence Directorate of the Russian General staff, had access to 300 computers connected with the Olympics. Does this apply to failures is unclear.

According to the intelligence agencies of Western countries, last month GRU hacked home routers in South Korea and used a new malware in the first day of the Olympics, the newspaper said. According to officials, it can provide intelligence or network attack.

On 10 February it was reported that during the opening of the winter Olympics were irregularities in the non-critical infrastructure.

Later, the organizing Committee confirmed that the failures were caused by the cyber attack. The representative of the Committee of Sleep Baek Yu said that unknown persons hacked into the servers of about 45 minutes before the opening ceremony on 9 February. Recovery took almost 15 hours. He noted that the organizers are aware of the cause of the problem, however, is not going to reveal the source of the attack.

A cyber attack on Olympic Pyeongchang was attacked by Russian spies 25.02.2018

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