A cleric of the Kiev monastery died in a sauna with prostitutes in Brovary

A cleric of the Kiev diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) on 26-year-old Archpriest John Kornuta was found dead in one of the institutions for a holiday in Brovary near Kiev.

The death of the priest in the sauna with the girls of easy virtue, who in addition, he was robbed, said in a video edition of «Proudfoot».

The body of father John Cornuti found employees saunas, and reported the incident to law enforcement. As it turned out, «the persons who had the appearance of ladies of the night», followed by a sauna along with John, where he spent time with him, and then left the school, leaving the dead priest without his personal valuables.

In particular, Archpriest missing cell phone. Also from the body of the priest disappeared expensive chain, which is fixed surveillance cameras, when father John with prostitutes entered the sauna. During the search the body was found a driver’s license in the name Cornuti Ivan Ivanovich, a native of the Transcarpathian region.

The examination established that the death of the priest wore a natural character. Archpriest during Saturday’s sauna heart stopped suddenly due to the loose clot.

The militia opened criminal proceedings are labeled «natural death». Although the relatives of the deceased wrote a statement about the robbery of the priest to the police, the law enforcers are searching for the girls who accompanied John. They will be questioned on the subject of circumstances in which occurred the death of the priest, adviser GU National police in Kiev Nikolay Zhukovich.

Archpriest John Kornuta served in the Svyato-Vvedensky monastery of Kiev the Secretary of the Abbot of the monastery Bishop of Fastiv Damian (Davydov), vicar of the Kyiv metropolis of the UOC (MP). The monastery is a place of meetings of the Kiev Department of «Russian Imperial Union-Order» (Bishop Damian known as the spiritual mentor of the Kiev monarchists-Legitimists, acting in support of the dynasty of the Romanovs).

Journalists who have applied in the Vvedensky monastery for comment, said that such sensitive issues are addressed «only through the metropolis».

In the obituary on the website of the Kyiv metropolis of the UOC States that Kornuta died 21 Jan.

We will note, earlier the 22-year-old father Nikolai from the village Mytkiv Rivne region, too, was at the center of a sex scandal. The priest caught «on hot». The Minister of the Church «shared a bed» with an underage girl from the village of Galina.

A cleric of the Kiev monastery died in a sauna with prostitutes in Brovary 08.02.2017

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