A blogger from Russia has received the status of refugee in Ukraine

Ukraine has granted political asylum to a Russian journalist and blogger Dmitry Shipilov. About this Russian, he said the Facebook.

«Ten-month Saga is finally over, thank you all,» wrote Shipilov.

A petition for political asylum Shipilov filed February 25, 2015 one of the border crossings between Ukraine and Belarusii, but was refused.

According to UKRINFORM, Dmitry Shipilov originating from Kemerovo. In 2012, the court sentenced him to 11 months of correctional labour for publishing in his blog deemed insulting to the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev and the head of the regional Department of culture and national policy Larisa Sauerwein. The journalist pleaded not guilty and went to Moscow.

September 10, 2014 he was detained in the suburbs. Then in the «New Kuzbass» was published Shipilova interview with the organizer of the «March for the federalization of Siberia», by artist Artem Loskutov.

Due to the fact that the blogger has shied away from corrective works, the Kemerovo court reduced his sentence to three months imprisonment, and after his detention in Moscow of the journalist was transferred to Kemerovo. He was released on 29 December, fully serving his sentence.

In February 2015 Shipilov left Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the citizen of the Russian Federation, who arrived in Ukraine by train «Minsk — Kiev», said he wanted to get refugee status, reports the press service of the State border service of Ukraine.

«During the passport control he said he wants to get asylum in Ukraine. Resident of the Moscow region told that in Russia it was pursued for political views regarding Ukraine and the situation in the East of our country. According to the Russians, he strongly supports Ukraine and have repeatedly stated this during various meetings in the territory of the Russian Federation. For such actions on him and his loved ones has been constant pressure from law enforcement bodies», — stated in the message.

A blogger from Russia has received the status of refugee in Ukraine 19.01.2016

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