8 Feb. Press review. The blockade under siege: threatened by overlapping «threads» in the Donbass

In the East the twelfth day the blockade lasts several Railways with the uncontrolled territory of Donbass. According to experts, the consequences could be disastrous.

The blockade itself, we recall, began on 27 January she organized a group of «activists» in a military uniform and a number of deputies. Later, the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on the fact of blocking of the railway. Activists demand to «freeze» the railway communication between Ukraine and uncontrolled territories, and also to stop there for coal. Moreover, supporters of the embargo claim that the Ukrainian government purchases the «black gold» according to the «Rotterdam+», which last year proposed that the national Commission of regulation of power industry. It binds the wholesale price of coal to its value in Europe.

However, the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik said that such statements are a myth.

«Ukraine does not buy coal at uncontrolled territories «Rotterdam+». Therefore, any manipulation that the transportation of coal from there to be paid according to this formula do not correspond to reality,» — said the Minister.

The Nasalik did not rule out that the blockade threatens rolling blackouts throughout Ukraine. According to him, the actions of activists can cause a thermal power plant will cease to anthracite (a type of coal) to produce electricity.

«If it is completely blocked by the combat zone, I can confirm that we go through a period of adaptation and move to rolling blackouts and restriction of the generation», — said Nasalik.

He added that to deliver operational coal import will not work — period of delivery is 50-60 days. The Minister also noted that if Ukraine will enter the foreign markets with the aim to buy 8 million tons of coal, the price in the world can be enhanced by 30-40%, and that an additional 20 billion can lie on the shoulders of consumers.

Support the Minister and experts. So, a high probability of rolling blackouts predicted and ex-Minister of economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov. According to him, the blockade inflicts damage primarily controlled by the Ukrainian authorities territories threatens the disruption of power plants and challenges for Ukrainian industry as a whole. But the adviser to the Minister of the temporarily occupied territories Olesya tsibulko called it the «PR individual members», which can lead to freezing the conflict for many years.

Other experts also strongly condemn the blockade.

«This is a very negative impact on the situation on the contact line. Moreover, it creates a conflict between the blocking comrades and representatives of government agencies, particularly the National police. And I’m not talking about the problem of coal in such frost. Now in no event it is impossible to do such things. You can, of course, to buy coal from Russia, but for currency, which will give additional pressure on the Ukrainians. Can be in Australia, and in South Africa, but it is a very long and cold now,» said political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.

Ordinary Ukrainians blockade severely criticized.

«Well, then will freeze here if you don’t will drown. Blockers have forgotten that we still have February to go through, — says Dmitry Slavic and adds: — If there are any alternatives to where to buy coal, why not buy in the Donbass? The main thing that people have been nice and warm in the houses.»

It supports the inhabitant of Kramatorsk Lyudmila: «In any case, you need to give the coal, to negotiate. We need to resolve this issue peacefully, that was all right.»

«Very bad attitude to that. In the end, depend on electricity almost all the inhabitants of the Dnieper (housing estate of one of the districts of the Dnieper. — Ed.)», — says a resident of the Dnieper Zoe.

Svetlana Vladimirovna from the Dnieper believes that such a blockade of the inhabitants of the uncontrolled territories in Donbas can only scare: «It needs to be interrupted. The government should respond and say a decisive «no» blockade.»

The resident of Severodonetsk Anastasia to the blockade also refers negatively: «People there are here. They are innocent and do not deserve such treatment. The Ukraine and there, in Ukraine and here. All have an equal opportunity to have,» writes Ilya Trebor in the article «The Ukraine threatens blockade of Donbass» in the newspaper «Today».

Deputies-initiators of the blockade of the railway communication in the Donbass militiamen accused in the attack. Instead, they are accused of populism and absenteeism. Blockade of Donbass became the occasion for debate on the first day of work of the Parliament during the new session.

The initiators of the blockade claim that the police tried to clear the blockers from their positions and were covered with aunts.

Today, February 7, members of the Samopomich, whose members participate in the blockade, raised this issue at the meeting of Parliament. They called on the Committee on law enforcement to deal with those who apply the force to the veterans of the ATO and stop blocking the road near Bakhmut Donetsk region.

The Deputy Chairman of the faction Egor Sobolev from the rostrum of BP blamed the incident to the chief of police Donetsk oblast Vyacheslav Abroskin and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

«Yesterday (6 February — ed.) near Bakhmut Ukrainian people in the form of the Ukrainian police attacked the veterans of the war for independence, gassed, knocked down, added sticks on the heads. The only fault of these veterans that they were against trading on the blood of trade with the occupied territories — said Sobolev, urging MPs to adopt a law on temporarily occupied territories. All watched the attack on the plant last week, but little did they know that over two dozen kilometers on the right, echelon after echelon, every day and in the occupied territories is trade in huge volumes.»

Took over the duties of the authorities, says Sobolev, and instead of gratitude, got gas, batons and criminal cases. Of law enforcement, he called the new Golden Eagle, which works with the old «aunts». To happen it could only with the consent of the Minister of internal Affairs, believe in the faction.

Video from the scene posted by MP Simon Semenchenko, calling it a provocation of Pro-Russian oligarchs and the Donetsk police.

«It’s been two weeks since the beginning of the Blockade of trade on the blood. During this time more than 12,000 cars passed through locked branches between Lisichansk and Lugansk occupied, between the occupied Gorlovka Bakhmut, — wrote Semenchenko. Is a 3 — minute video briefly shows all the lawlessness, cynicism and cruelty of the actions of corrupt businessmen adhesions on blood and power that have betrayed your people.»

At the same time Deputy Chairman of the faction PPO in Parliament Alexey Goncharenko has called the blockade of Donbass «dangerous politicking». MPs, support the blockade, did not appear in VR, and instead of «block the transportation of Ukrainian coal mined in the depths of Ukrainian, Ukrainian mines, citizens of Ukraine, the Ukrainian miners, which goes to Ukrainian power», — he said.

Some offer to settle the issue of movement of people, goods and humanitarian assistance in the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions by law.

«Otherwise, the situation turns out a hybrid, — said the MP and former commander of the battalion Aidar Sergey Melnichuk. — If the President decides not declare it a state of emergency, we need to pass a law in order to avoid conflicts, how to block railway, to avoid the gangs as in Somalia, where every one who pleases, makes their group and will blackmail the government.»

Semen Semenchenko, people’s Deputy («Union»), party of the blockade: «in Donetsk region checkpoint, which covers the track Gorlovka-Bahmut. Was supposed to be a blockade in the vicinity of the station Kurdiumivka. [She connects the village with such nodal stations as Liman, Donetsk, Ukraine, Nikitovka, Ilovaysk, Svyatogorsk, Debaltsevo, Gorlovka, Raisins]. Us police are not allowed to Kurdyumovk, had flanking maneuver to take moving Bakhmut. There is a large clay pit. And it turns out that this unit is on the way, which prevents including to take out the clay. Guys can’t because as soon as the car goes, I must say that agree for the money. Agreed that the guys will go to the station Kurdiumivka and will not interfere with a career. And yesterday Kurdyumivka shuganul shells, SAU. I suspect there is concerted action from both parties to end the blockade of trade on the blood. I speak, of course, not about our soldiers, they are heroes. And about the assholes who all the roof.

Guys now for all events you plan to travel with a registered gun. After all, to be whipping boys no one wants. Preparing to take another branch. I think a confrontation would be serious. What should I do? This is the second front. Each car is ammunition and money to «LNR/DNR».

The issue of beating will be considered at the Committee on law enforcement. Materials more than enough. Apart from bruising, there is a clear not response to a statement of MP that in cars – weapons.

Used the officers who were in these buses, dressed in civilian clothes, in the form of aunts. There was a blocking machine MP, physical violence against the MP. Of course, MPs now no one pity. And imagine, if you behave with Deputy on camera, as are most people.

All materials, especially calls to battle, calls to shoot, will be sent to the Prosecutor. Although it is clear that they will not be there considered. The Prosecutor’s office has long proved its inability and unwillingness to respond to such things.

Now on the work in the hall. The bill, initiated by me back in 2014, still not delivered in room. The initiative of Deputy speaker is blocked. How to work a room? What is there to do? Dig deeper in the nose? And do the factions of the coalition. And the deputies who support the embargo will help the guys in the East.

About populism. Don’t think it’s a bad word, unlike «speeches.». Call me what you want, and I will act in the interests of the country.

And the last one. About the Ukrainian coal. If the Slavic TPP is controlled by Donbasenergo, personally by the son of YanukovychAlexander «Dentist», buy coal in the occupied territories of the Luhansk region, and 47% of all amounts going to Finance militants, in what side, ensuring they are functioning, we defend national interests? After earning Akhmetov, Yanukovych, fighters and all Chrisoula their army. Kill our military. All these stories need to stop, preoborudvat our CHPP for coal, which is mined in territories under their control, to use the formula «Rotterdam plus».

Alexey Goncharenko, Deputy Chairman of the faction PPO: «If MPs have nothing to do in Parliament, let pass the mandates. Imagine what the doctor would say, well, no, I’m not going to go to the hospital because our hospital is not working properly. And the teacher refuses to work, at least remain in the state because the children did not like teachers don’t like. Why the deputies currently is allowed? It’s their jobs. They have to be at work. Everything else – idleness.

Loud statements they hide that does not give a place at the Ukrainian power plant, Ukrainian coal mines, which paid the money to the state budget of Ukraine. This threatens the supply of heat in the homes of Ukrainians. They call themselves patriots, but I will say that they are politicians.

Zorian Shkiryak, Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine: «Before you press charges, you should read the laws of Ukraine, to read the functions of the Minister of police. The law should be one for everyone. If there is a violation of the law, there must be an appropriate response. The national police should carry out their responsibilities provided by the laws of Ukraine. And the dialogue is much better than conflict.

We’re talking about the blockade. Personally, I think that definitely need to make a decision to prevent the unauthorized, illegal transfer of goods into the occupied territory. I am strongly against trading with the occupiers. And it cannot be turned into performance, when you can beat the police with abuse all trying to drive into the stall, using the immunity of a Deputy’s mandate. So we are a legal state will not build. Is anarchy. Do not confuse democracy with anarchy. Under the guise of Patriotic slogans, to violate the law.

As for the current situation, the question is – what practical and realistic alternative to the proposed people’s deputies of Ukraine, taking part in this process, so we can solve the problem of providing Ukraine’s energy sector? But when the situation is used as newsworthy, even to the detriment of the state? The actions of some MPs are openly provocative, irrelevant to the reality in which is now our state. There is a banal PR, which, unfortunately, involved, and ATO veterans, the people that do with weapons in hands defended Ukraine.

Have questions? The deputies, as public figures have every opportunity to make tangible steps to ensure changes in legislation. We need an honest dialogue and real legislative initiatives which would settle, in the end, is the question. And, of course, violence against law enforcement officers is unacceptable,» writes Julia Artamoshina in the article «someone Who provokes and what happens to the blockade of Donbass» in the edition «New time».

8 Feb. Press review. The blockade under siege: threatened by overlapping «threads» in the Donbass 08.02.2017

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