600 Kiev police will take a course in English language at the best international standards

In Kiev started the project «English language for police patrol», in which a free English language course with the best international standards will be 600 patrol officers who work in the Central districts of Kiev.

On the 22nd of November during the official launch of this project, the Department of the patrol police in the city of Kiev has declared the Ambassador of great Britain in Ukraine Judith Gough, UKRINFORM reported.

«This project is a contribution to the development of reliable and efficient police in the Ukrainian capital. His goal is to make Kyiv more safe for each foreign tourist, guest and investor. Your first big test is the ESC, when in Kiev there will arrive people from all over the world,» she said.

According to Gough, this project was created by the British Council in Ukraine, which will also bring it to life. In particular, the project involved 14 teachers from the British Council who will be teaching English for more than 600 Metropolitan police patrol for the next seven months.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch stressed that this project is aimed at significantly improving the level of English of Ukrainian police that will help them more confident to use the language during the communication with foreigners.

«I hope that every person who will visit our country, get the communication and the service from the police that is needed. So that each felt that he was protected on the territory of our state and that you understand him,» — said acting head of the national police of Ukraine Vadim Trojan.

In turn, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that the implementation of this project will be another step in the implementation of plans to make the Ukrainian capital the city in which every person, including every person feel comfortable and safe. He recalled that last year the city was visited by 1.5 million tourists. According to Klitschko, the following year, Kiev expects the international song contest «Eurovision-2017», the world hockey championship, and a year — the Champions League final on football.

«We do everything to make Kiev was welcoming to everyone who comes to us and who live in our city. And a new police force that will speak a foreign language is very good…Sure that everyone who will come to our city to tell of how beautiful our city is, what good it the police who can provide the service in different languages,» he stressed.

Klitschko also said that similar projects in the English language are already being implemented in the state border service of Ukraine and the service 102.

The project «English language for police patrol» funded by the British Council jointly with the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine on the coordination and communication support of the NGO Capital English. Project partners Natspolitsiya of Ukraine and Kyiv city state administration. The initiative is being implemented until the summer of 2017. Patrol police officers will learn English in well-equipped classrooms in the Management of patrol police of Kiev in their free time.

Was previously published a poll about the attitude of Ukrainians to the English language.

600 Kiev police will take a course in English language at the best international standards 23.11.2016

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