4 Aug. Press review. Rio started the Olympic games

In Rio de Janeiro start of the XXXI summer Olympic games. Even before the Game they can go down in history, in particular be remembered for unprecedented security measures. Concerned about possible terrorist attacks, the government of Brazil stated that it works closely with the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies to identify threats and prevent such incidents.

On the eve of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, the representatives of the US intelligence trained Brazilian division on struggle against terrorism, counteraction to chemical and biological attacks. Also, Brazilian authorities have cooperated on this issue with other countries, especially France, which sent to Brazil several elite police units. They will train Brazilian colleagues to protect airports and railway stations.

However, the main attention at the Olympics will be confined to this feast of sport. This time the Games will compete in a record number of medals — 306. It is also expected the participation of a record number of countries — 207. Ukraine in Rio de Janeiro will represent the 206 athletes. To watch the competition, which will be held from 5 to 21 August, the Ukrainian fans will be in the air «NTU». Games start with colorful opening ceremony at the maracanã stadium in Rio.

By the way, the honor and responsibility to carry the flag of Ukraine at the opening ceremony of the games of the XXXI Olympiad is entrusted to the Olympic champion of 2000 Games in Sydney, Olympic record holder, triple world record holder and winner of 9 awards of the world Cup on bench shooting, most experienced and oldest athlete of our national team Nikolay Milchevfor whom these Olympic games will be the fourth in career. This writes Vadim Lubchak in the article «In anticipation of Rio 2016» in the newspaper «Day».

Continuing its hearing of the 129th Congress of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which was approved by the special anti-doping Commission of three. The Troika, composed of the President of the International Federation of archery Erdener Ugur, representative of the athletic Commission Claudia Bokel and Juan-Antonio Samaranch Jr., the son of the former IOC President, until August 5, the day the Olympics began, finally will solve, how the Russian athletes be allowed to participate in the Games. The IOC also announced that the runner Yulia Stepanova, who has become one of the sources in a doping scandal, will not be allowed to participate in the Olympics as a «neutral» athlete.

Congress confirmed that the names of all 98 athletes participating in the Games in 2008 and 2012, re-doping of the samples which gave positive results, will be released only after the Olympics in Brazil. This is because, in the court of arbitration for Sport continues to receive denials from the accused. So, yesterday was considered 11 statements, including from the Russian national team in weightlifting, all members removed from the Game.

The final decision on disqualification was accepted only in relation to Ukrainian Yuliya Kalina, devoid of «bronze» Games-2012, silver medalist of the 2008 Beijing Turk Sibel Ozkan.

Meanwhile, the growing protests of the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro against the Olympics, which cost Brazil more than $ 50 billion. Opponents of the Games are going to organize a protest ahead of the opening ceremony of the competition. By the way, the ceremony, judging by her dress rehearsal in the presence here of 45 thousand spectators, held on Sunday, will not be expensive and extensive as in the previous summer Olympics in Athens, Beijing and London. General estimates show approximately half of the 42 million dollars spent on the organization of the opening of the 2012 Games in London, writes Helen dredge in the article the opening Ceremony of the Games in Brazil will cost approximately 20 million dollars — two times less than the organizers of the London Olympics» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

Yesterday at the Olympics left the second batch of Ukrainian athletes together with the birthday girl — sprintera Mary Belt. Prize-winner of OI-2012 held a festive day on the plane. «The birthday is very strange, said Mary, asleep at the airport waiting for a flight. — And because of the time difference with Brazil it will be 6 hours long. We will meet him on the plane. Previous birthdays usually falls on the competition, and we even joked with the girls that dumped me a gift — a medal. Let’s see how this one will turn out».

Before the Games, many athletes have admitted that they have never been in Brazil. No exception and winner of the 2014 world Cup climber Andrey Protsenko: «I Know that the climate there is hot. But now in Rio is winter, and cooler than us. At home, in Kherson, now so hot that any Brazil envy». In capital Games, the Ukrainians went through Amsterdam then 11 hours crossing the Atlantic and only at midnight Kiev time on the scene. Have Mnogoborje Alina Fedorova fulfilled two dreams: «In 12 years I really liked the Brazilian TV series «Clone». With each series I fell in love with Brazil more and more, and have a dream to go there. A year later, I enrolled in a sports school. Realizing that I want to live sports, there is another cherished dream – to go to the Olympics.»

Arrived in Rio and the first tennis troopers — captain Michael Filima, Lesya Tsurenko with the trainer Dmitry Breezecom, Denys Molchanov and Ilya Marchenko. «Impressions? It was night and I could not see anything, told us Ilya. The Belarusians were treated to coffee. Settled, but not in your room. Whose? Don’t know (laughs). Ukrainians have only seen Denis».

But our divers can consider themselves old-timers of the Olympic village. «I liked that we got a great view from the balcony, — said the high jumper Yulia Prokopchuk. – I live in a single room with all amenities. Hot water round the clock. The Internet is sometimes lost, but it was quickly repaired. The pool here is open. We arrived early to get used to it».

Ukrainian boxers are not scared of the horror stories about crime in Rio. Tatyana Kob, Dmitry Mitrofanov, Nikolai butsenko, Vladimir Matveichuk and Denis Solonenko stormed the mountain of Corcovado, where the famous statue of Christ. Other leisure time – 6-time world champion, Japanese gymnast Uchimura. Game Pokemon Go in roaming it spent in Brazil, $ 5,000. «At lunch that day he looked like death,» he admitted , Shirai, partner Uchimura on the team. Mobile operators took pity on the horse, setting him a rate of $ 29,7 per day, write Daria!, Pavlova Elen in the article «Ukrainians in Rio: boxers are not afraid of criminals, and Marchenko checked into someone else’s room» in the newspaper «Today».

At each summer Olympic games, our athletes do not fall below a certain level. Starting with the first Games of the independent Ukraine — Atlanta-1996, our team gets each time the «top 20» General classification, while gaining over 20 awards.

His «normal» Ukrainian Olympians, it seems, will perform at the event in Rio so at least, say the bookies. For a virtual rating of medals at the 2016 Games Ukraine predict 23 awards and the 16th place team. Favorites the same the same and at the Olympics four years ago, applicants for the victory in the overall ranking are the U.S., China and the UK.

The condition came to Rio, our athletes, which is significantly «cut» the funding will only show competitions. However the results of pre-Olympic competitions allow you to create the medal reckoning». No matter how optimistic a forecast for the number of medals, we should recognize that the Ukrainian sport is going through hard times. This is evidenced by the following figures: in London 2012 went 245 athletes, for the Games in 2016, the Ukrainians received only 206 licenses.

There are several reasons. First, the potential, which was owned by our Olympic movement since Soviet times, has dried up completely. But economic difficulties and a lack of support from the state do not contribute to the training of skilled reserve.

In addition, Ukraine has started to regularly lose promising athletes who move to other countries in search of better conditions for training. In particular, under the Azerbaijani flag at this time will be the rower Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya, which in the previous three Games, won four awards. Moved to Baku and Maria Stadnik, who claims to be the third consecutive Olympic medal in women’s wrestling.

Impact on the state of Affairs in the national sport and political changes in the Crimea. After the annexation of the Peninsula became Russian athlete Rebrik and champion in Beijing in shooting Ayvazyan. Color Russia now protects and sports gymnast Kuksenkov.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian government has cut funding for athletes. Although our Olympians and was among the leaders in size of prizes for winning medals at the 2016 Games (they, we will remind, promise 125000 American dollars in the first place), this generosity looks more like a one-time award.

The real hope for the gold of Ukraine has to associate with about ten athletes or teams. The main character of our team, according to Analytics company Infostrada Sports, should be a gymnast Oleg Vernaeve, who tipped four medals. Most likely it has become the first in his favorite event — the uneven bars.

Try to repeat the success four years ago in the vault Igor Radivilov, who in the past Games, we recall, took «bronze». The fight for the medals gymnasts will begin on Saturday.

Hopes are high for our team in fencing. First of all it is necessary to allocate sablistka Olga Harlan, which in the previous two Games won gold in the team and took third place in the individual championship. This time the struggle for the victory of 26-year-old athlete lead the Russian great.

Also Harlan along with Elena Voronina, Elena Cravache and Alina, Comasec claim a medal in the team competition. However, the main competitors of the Russian Ukrainian this year lose a lot.

According to bookmakers, a good chance to reward our Olympians and other types of fencing. A team of epee fencers in the composition of Anatoly Gerey, Bogdan Nikishin, Dmitry, Keruchenko and Maxim Brushwood now ranks second in the world rankings.

Another hope local coaches — champion of London, spagetti Yana Shemyakina this season has not pleased the highest results, but it was not her special titles and before the 2012 Games.

At his second Olympic gold came to Rio skilled in shooting, the champion of Athens, Olena Kostevich. High results should be expected from the other hand — Oleg Omelchuk, who was of awards at the previous Olympics. On arrival in Brazil, he shared his expectations of the tournament: «we Have a very unpredictable tournament. Besides the Olympic games, is weak here. But above all highlighted the athletes from China, Japan and Korea.» By the way, Omelchuk could win Ukraine’s first medal in Rio, because of the competition it will start the 6th of August.

Two real contenders for the victory — fighters Jean Belenus and Julia weaver, who last year became world Champions.

But with athletes the only candidate for the Olympic gold is the high jumper Bohdan Bondarenko. If you do not hurt an old injury, for the award in the triple jump will be able to compete and Olha saladukha.

However, as stated by the President of the National Olympic Committee Sergey Bubka, the Olympic games can «shoot» those athletes, from which no one expects good results, writes Alex Pavlish in the article «we are Weak there and have not sent in Rio Ukraine can count to six gold medals» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

4 Aug. Press review. Rio started the Olympic games 04.08.2016

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