31 Jan. Press review. The provocation of the Kremlin and gommatasara: in Avdiivka «the candy bar» there are fights

At the weekend almost the entire line of demarcation have intensified shelling of Ukrainian positions, the rebels used cannon and rocket artillery, armored vehicles and mortars. At some sites took place in heavy fighting. On Sunday in the vicinity of the Town the battle lasted almost a day: press center of the ATO said that the enemy twice tried to storm Ukrainian positions, but suffered losses, retreated. Dla reported the destruction of 15 militants, there is loss and APU, killing five Ukrainian soldiers.

The coordinator of group «Information resistance» Dmitry Tymchuk sure that the timing of the escalation was not accidental. In the United States came into office, the new President, several leading European countries are preparing for elections. So right now the Kremlin is once again trying to impose their scenario of the implementation of the Minsk agreements. It involves the holding of local elections, Amnesty for militants and the legalization of armed groups under the guise of the militia, and then to the withdrawal of troops and return to Ukraine control of the border.

The coordinator of group «Information resistance», MP Dmitry Tymchuk says he sees one goal provoked by militants of escalation: to force Ukraine to fulfill the Minsk agreements according to the Russian scenario. According to him, while in power in the United States was Obama, he was clearly articulated position on the «Minsk» to the end of the presidential term he has cemented. Now to Putin ‘s never been a better time to impose his algorithm.

Now, according to Tymchuk, we see political turmoil in Europe in connection with election campaigns. «The escalation of the conflict was accompanied by a powerful stuffing and Russian media, and the so-called «DNR defense Ministry» that APU is attempting a large-scale offensive in the Donbass, — said the MP. — Before that, very actively to the European Pro-Russian forces. They tried in national parliaments to push for legislation, which States that Ukraine breaks Minsk agreement, that there is a civil war and the responsibility for the failure of the peace dialogue is only in Kiev. Pro-Russian forces in our country talking about the same».

«We can assume that the escalation will continue as long as Putin gets what she wants or the West does not declare that, despite political changes in the EU and the USA, Minsk must be executed by both parties and Russia bears the responsibility for the events in the Donbass. As soon as Putin will get the message, the meaning of the escalation will be lost», — the expert believes.

Tymchuk is sure to say that Ukraine violates the Minsk agreement, is possible only if the Ukrainian troops will grab the positions on the cards «Minsk» controlled by the militants. «But this is not happening and I don’t think will happen. Our troops took up positions either in a gray area, or, as in the case of Svetlodarsk arc former Debaltseve springboard, in those territories that must be controlled by Ukraine, — he explains. — Nevertheless, Moscow still uses it to shout about the fact that Ukraine violates agreements. She doesn’t care how we are right legally. Her one task — blaming the Ukraine and to persuade the international community to ensure that the responsibility for the failure of «Minsk» is in Kiev.» This writes Alex Buchanan in the article «seized the moment. Why did the Kremlin once again provoke the escalation of the conflict in Donbass» in the publication «Focus».

A new aggravation on the front are already calling the most stringent in the last few months. In the center of the action, Yasinovataya, near Donetsk airport, Avdiivka (this portion is called «the triangle of Donetsk») — here the last three days almost do not cease the sounds of the explosions of heavy ammunition. Observers say — shoot for the most part that was banned in Minsk. Mortars of large caliber, artillery, «Grad». Messages on victims and destructions are coming almost every hour…

«We have before silence never happened, «bahal» constantly, — says a resident of Avdeevka Tamara Semenova. But in the last days hardly go out at all. Gathered «disturbing suitcases», and if the attacks increase, we will again live in bomb shelters».

Fears of women is justified because of at least two civilians Avdeevka received shrapnel wounds — on the streets in broad daylight.

Much worse with the losses among the personnel of the armed forces. Only on 29 January, killing five soldiers, nine more were injured, and four injuries. That in the industrial area was a real hell, shows at least that this battle lasted without a break for 19 hours.

«The situation in Avdiivka the industrial complex. The enemy continues to bombard our positions with heavy artillery and mortars. However, our military are in their positions and ready to give a rebuff to the enemy,» — said the speaker of the MOU on the Affairs of ATO Alexander Motuzyanik.

Why is it here escalated the confrontation? Gossip from one side of the checkpoints and the other stubbornly associates it… with a phone call to Donald trump and the President of the Russian Federation. Experts and analysts are more reserved in emotions, finding quite other reasons.

«The Minsk agreements are not working, it is a fact already accomplished. This projected benefited the people with guns. And there is nothing surprising in the onset of aggravation yesterday I did, today or tomorrow. We are seeing a war for «gray area», — says military expert Gennady Shulga. Every occupied piece of land in that «gray area» — a big problem for the enemy. Judge for yourself: in a time when the line became stable, opponents have erected from its side, the powerful line of fortifications. This bunkers, and gun emplacements, and trenches. If the enemy changes its line, it is necessary to adjust, otherwise the risk of losing the strategic initiative and weaken their defense.»

While in the «promos» do not stop fighting the item once again on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.

«The city of Avdeevka is de-energized. At the moment the situation is stable but critical. If clashes will continue, will endanger the population — people will freeze (in the region now -20 degrees. — ed.) as our plant will not be able to serve the heating in the house. As for production capacity, without the normal supply of electricity the company could lose the main process equipment of coke oven battery. If not than maintain their temperature, they can fail,» — said the press Secretary of the main enterprise Avdiivka coke (Avdiivka coke) Dmitry Murashko.

Avdeyevka is located in 20 kilometers from Donetsk, naturally, millionaire city volleys are audible. Very good to hear. Fortunately, the number of deaths of civilians in Donetsk these days did not arrive, write Nikita Sborshchikov, Alice Kirilenko in the article «the triangle of Donetsk»: the struggle for the «gray area» or cross, «Minsk»?» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

«Just rashist killed the last power line to the plant. De-energize the filter station and Avdiivka coke (which provides warmth Avdeevka). The city remained without water, without electricity and without heating» — this information was posted on his page in the social network the head of the Donetsk military-civil administration (CAA) Paul Zhebrivsky.

In the city are 25 thousands of civilians. The temperature has dropped to minus 18 degrees. In the city are gas stations, People are in critical condition. Military-civil administration, rescue teams and police are doing everything they can to prevent the catastrophe, assured the chief of police of the region Vyacheslav Abroskin.

During the fierce assault on the Town from invaders, which continues at the moment, suffered seven houses, shrapnel injured three civilians, who were taken for treatment in the Dnieper hospital. Mechnikov.

By the decision of the chief of police Donetsk oblast Vyacheslav Abroskin, in Avdeevka as reinforcements sent a detachment of officers of the intercession of the operational zone, which today has come to serve. Avdiivka police station connected to the generator to ensure its smooth operation, and is fully provided with fuel and oil and funds to law enforcement authorities in a timely manner could go on all calls. The main task of the detachment is helping local residents and law enforcement in the city.

So, yesterday, the police helped to evacuate civilians on the territory of the area near the fire with family and children four and two years.

In addition, the company «Water of Donbass» has warned on its official website about the possible suspension of work of the Donetsk filtering station (DFS).

«Donetsk filtration station — the object which for two and a half years is in the area of the constant attacks (the industrial area of the Town — ed.). On January 26, DFS employees are working under incessant attacks. Ammunition exploding in the vicinity of chlorine storage and process facilities. On 29 January, a shell struck the roof of reagent facilities, the hole diameter is about 1 meter. If the fighting in the vicinity of the DFS will not stop, filter station, from which drinking water is supplied to the plant, partly Donetsk and Yasinovataya, in the village of Red Partisans, the village of Kruta Balka and the Item will be stopped», — stated in the official message of the company. This writes Yegor Kroshilin in the article «Avdiivka on the brink of communal collapse, and several cities of the Donetsk region risk to remain without water» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

31 Jan. Press review. The provocation of the Kremlin and gommatasara: in Avdiivka «the candy bar» there are fights 31.01.2017

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