30 Nov. Press review. Three years from the date of dispersal of the Maidan: what prevents the consequence

After three years since the start of the revolution almost no one was punished, the victims still suffer from injuries sustained at the time, and relatives of the victims waiting in vain for results of investigations.

The main criminal proceedings relating to crimes on the Maidan, about the shooting of «Heavenly hundreds» in January-February 2014, may be sent to the court by the end of the year. About it reported sources in the GPU.

According to estimates by lawyers for the families of «Heavenly hundred», in General, all criminal cases, which featured beatings and executions of activists, will consist of at least 150-200 volumes, so the preliminary results in the courts may appear in the first half of 2017.

But the case of five ex-Berkut officers, where a witness is interrogated by the fugitive President , Viktor Yanukovych, in court. «Meetings occur on average two times a week. Will someone punished? Sometimes it seems that all this will never end, hands down — says the wife of the deceased activist Victoria opanasyuk. — If no one will be punished, it would be a shame for the whole country.» She does not yet know who exactly killed her husband. To the question, did her state as a widow, said: «We donated the land, the local authorities helped carry out communication, and sponsors and benefactors joined — helped to build a new home. As possible buy furniture».

In the evening gathered in the Maidan activists, who three years ago was the first to fall under the blows of the batons burkatovskiy. We will remind, the beating of students on the night of 30 November 2013 is considered to be the starting point in the confrontation on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev in the following days, after the crackdown in the center of Kiev gathered daily around 10-15 thousand protesters who demanded punishment of those responsible. In fact three years later for overclocking so no one was punished.

As told one of the activists, and now a volunteer Jaroslav Radon, today’s action is scheduled as a peaceful meeting, the purpose of which — to recall the events which started the Euromaidan. «We are going to meet. In memory of those events will bring a metal barrel, the symbol of those days, it’ll light the fire,» says Radon.

On the question of whether in his opinion any progress in the investigation of the beating, Radon responds with undisguised outrage: «On the court come only four ex-Berkut officers (the acceleration was attended by about 200 people. — Ed.). Neither lustration, nor recertification doesn’t help, they’re free. Resent it! When I was interrogated in court, I learned of one of the Berkut officers, who was that night on the Maidan. Found out due to the fact that his helmet visor was then elevated, I remember his face, his eyes. Personally, I’m not beaten, but in his eyes I beat his subordinate. Beat the assault shield. By the way, this man is not installed yet. He was in Balaklava. At trial, they now stare down. I think they have no fear but conscience probably hurts. Add important: they berkutovtsy, made me and all the other such decisive and radical. As for the trial and the fate of the ex-Berkut officers, then as far as I know, two of them not even removed from service, another retired».

Despite a long legal process, he notes that there are some advantages. «This year, the news for me was that the Cabinet of Ministers ordered to pay victims of beating payment. According to my information, such as I was a little more than 500 people. Personally, I will be paid a one-time 14, 5 thousand UAH. There is a document dated 19 October,» — said Radon.

According to activists, some of them after the Maidan went to the front, some volunteering. «I would like to serve on contract, but due to injuries on the Maidan, it is not possible. I still haunt headaches. By the way, officials from different departments certify that the soldiers at the front provided with warm clothes and stoves 100%, but I know about the deficit, therefore, say that the soldiers now in urgent need of stoves and warm clothes,» — say the activists.

And Radon, and many other activists, three years later, concludes that despite the injury and subsequent event, sure it was not in vain, says Igor Serov in the article «Third anniversary of the revolution of dignity: no punishment, no Museum,» in the newspaper «Today».

Three years ago the events on the Euromaidan adopted a new, shocking to many turnover. On the night of November 30 fighters of «Berkut», who used to passively guarding the protesters, gave them a cruel slaughter — injured more than 80 people. The pretext was a Christmas tree that was going to mount the city authorities. Since then, the metal structures failed beauty became a symbol of the revolution and the confrontation between the people and the government grew in power.

One of the first victims of the clubs of «Berkut» became a student of the University. Shevchenko Nikolay Kolinko, who was then 17 years old. He got a concussion. Now nick is a fourth-year student and want to pursue further education abroad.

Nicholas says that from the time of independence he had great hopes for change in the country. Something he doesn’t agree with the current government, but not a supporter to shout «Clear!».

«Changes can’t be fast. Power, in principle, makes the right moves. If it makes them enough to improve the lives of citizens? No, not enough, — says the student. But have you changed the Outlook of the entire population? Either. No need to say that the problem is we only have power when there is a lot of people who live in the old principles: «if I win, you lose».

On the night of 30 November Nicholas says: «This date reminds me that people fought for ideals. And that now they can not betray and you need to fight for what you think is necessary.»

Laboratory worker at the University of Kiev 59-year-old Igor Sirenko third year waiting for consideration of his claim in the European court. In 2013, his application was granted priority status. The mathematician complained about the violation of human rights during dispersal of Euromaidan. The government changed, but the event does not withdraw its demands to Ukraine.

«Wines of the new government that so far no one is punished for the violent actions of «Berkut». The courts are very slow, the prosecution does not try harder in the charges. Three years have passed, but the pain in my heart is not gone. Since this all started, and «Heavenly hundred» and the deaths of our guys in the East of Ukraine, — says Igor Sirenko. — We have created a «30 November» and wrote an open letter to the President.»

The message that the band posted on Facebook, «naabrite» need to speed up the courts, fire all the police officers who beat protesters and still working in the bodies, the resignation of Igor Lutsenko and to create a specialized court for investigations of crimes on the Euromaidan.

After the dramatic events of the journalists managed to talk to one of the fighters «Berkut» Sergeant Dmitry Perinski. Here is how he presented his version: «Received information that people who sleep on the Maidan, there is a group of «sports guys». Go with bats and chains to disperse the Maidan. We had orders to detain the provocateurs, to protect students. These circuits recovered quickly and went on the attack, poking at us with flaming wood from the fire. Step in his direction — he immediately falls to the asphalt, tears off the black mask, depicting a poor student… They had to get us out, and there is a case for small — to raise awareness, to cheat panic. The «Golden eagle» remains marginal».

The main organizers of the beatings of activists by «Berkut» under the old regime called the then chief of police in Kiev Valery Koryak, Deputy head of the NSDC Volodymyr Sivkovych and head of Kyiv city state administration Alexander Popov. All three of them priests not only left Ukraine after the victory of Maidan and was on the dock.

The case of ex-mayor started listening in February of last year and continue still. As at 28 November the Shevchenkivsky district court of the capital held 42 hearings and have heard the 34 victims — this is the official information. All are 84 victims, two of whom are no longer alive, write Valeriy Chepurko, Maria Prozorova, Viktor Timofeev in the article «Three years from the date of the dispersal of students on Maidan: version affected and «Berkut» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

Ukraine opened criminal proceedings to investigate crimes on the Maidan in September 2014. The office of special investigations in the structure of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which was established as a single centre for the investigation of all crimes committed on the Maidan, headed by Sergey Gorbatyuk, who has many years of experience of the investigator for particularly important cases of the GPU. According to him, the Prosecutor General’s office is investigating more than two thousand episodes in the case of crimes on the Maidan between 30 November 2013 to 20 February 2014. In addition, Ukraine is seeking a joint investigation by the International criminal court (ICC) of crimes against the Maidan and war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Donbass and in the Crimea.

During the dispersal of students on November 30, as established by the state office of public Prosecutor, on the Maidan were 290 «berkutovtsev» — mainly from the Kiev branch, as well as from the Sumy, Cherkasy and Lugansk regions. Almost half of those Kiev «Berkut officers» continues to work in law enforcement. In the case of the dispersal of the students declared a General suspicion sixteen security officers, including four commanders of «Berkut». According to the Gorbatyuk, the faces of the security forces, which have provided «the bulk of illegal activity» is installed, but at the same time, «none of the performers of the beating have not been identified». 11 suspects are still wanted. In addition, the court has already directed four «berkutovets» the events of 1 December, when security forces were severely beaten activists on Bankova street near the presidential Administration.

According to the Gorbatyuk, some cases the events of those days managed to bring to the court. In particular, the suspicion was reported to the commanders of Lviv and Kharkiv «Berkut officers», as well as the company commander of Kharkiv «Berkut» — sent to court indictments on them. The head of the SBU in Kiev and Kiev region charged with organizing an illegal counter-terrorism operations — the storming of the Maidan on the night of 18 to 19 February. In General, the investigation into the events of 18 February in Mariinsky Park, on the streets of Grushevskogo and Institutskaya completed in five «berkutovets», six high-ranking fugitives. In the case of the storming of the Euromaidan in the night from 19 to 20 Feb in court is the Chairman of the SBU in Kiev and Kiev region. And the events of February 20, according to the Gorbatyuk, in court is the case of the five «Berkut officers», 20 «berkutovets» and six high-level fugitives.

The prosecution of the alleged organizers of the dispersal of the Maidan — the case is complicated and protracted, because a considerable part of them fled abroad, particularly to Russia. So far, the Prosecutor General’s office reported suspicions about some of the then officials. In particular, the ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, the former head of the government Mykola Azarov, former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka, ex-Secretary of the national security Council and defense Andrey Klyuev, ex-interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and his Deputy Viktor Ratushniak. The resulting dispersal of the action on 30 November accused the then head of the KSCA Alexander Popov.

The dismissal of the judges who passed illegal decisions against activists of the euromaidan and supported the ban of peaceful protests in Central Kiev in the winter of 2013-2014 is one of the most protracted and unsuccessful cases.

As reported by the lawyer for the families, «Heavenly hundreds» Roman Maselko, in these cases there is still no substantial progress. Judges successfully pass evaluation of the High qualifications Commission of judges of Ukraine (VCXO) or challenge their dismissal. During the years after independence the Supreme Council of justice of the Interim investigative Commission for verification of judges, which was to check the activities of 250 stained judges, but she managed to hear cases only 50 of them. Other cases transferred to the High Council of justice.

Meanwhile, effective and prompt investigation inhibits a number of obstacles. One of the main — lack of political will and adequate resources, to complain that as lawyers and, in particular, the head of the Department of special investigations Sergey Gorbatyuk. In a recent interview, he resents the work of judges and delay in proceedings, which gave them consequence, and also the position of law enforcement officers who cover the criminals.

Delaying the process of investigation and reorganization of the Department of special investigations of the GPU, which at the end of October created another control — investigation of crimes committed by criminal organizations. It, according to Lutsenko, should provide the transfer to the court a «big case» of Yanukovych. Another problem is that in absentia proceedings, which entered into force in October 2014. In it, according to Mr. Yan, you should make the change because the current procedure is written with flaws, which responsibility can avoid it organized the dispersal of the Maidan, write Natalia mehedi, Maxim Sidorovskiy in the article «Three years later: What is known about the investigation of crimes on the Maidan» in the newspaper «Deutsche Welle».

30 Nov. Press review. Three years from the date of dispersal of the Maidan: what prevents the consequence 30.11.2016

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