30 Jan. Press review. Blockade of Donbass: Peremoga or zrada?

In the Donbass continues the blockade of the railway communication with the occupied territories. It all started on Wednesday, January 25, when the veterans of the ATO blocked Railways Lugansk-Lysychansk-Popasna in the area of Mining-gold to stop trading with illegal armed groups. They were joined by a group of deputies, including, in particular, semen Semenchenko, Vladimir Parasyuk, Taras Shepherd, Paul Kostenko. They intend not to let metal, coal, wood, and industrial consignment of alcohol and cigarettes. In General, the scene is 55 people in camouflage uniforms.

However, as stated to journalists by the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, the decision of the group of volunteers on blocking uncontrolled Ukrainian authorities territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions is the sole responsibility of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Upon blocking a road in the occupied Donbass open criminal proceedings. This is done by the Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk region. As the press-Secretary of Department Anna Zykova, production and pre-qualified as «blocking of transport communications by the device of obstacles which broke normal work of transport». It prescribes punishment in the form of a fine (from 50 to 150 non-taxable minimum), or correctional labor up to two years, arrest for up to six months or limitation of liberty for a term up to three years.

MP from «Samopomich» semen Semenchenko reported that the veterans plan to close three crossings in Luhansk oblast and three in the Donetsk region. It is an iron road. And then to close the road. «This is not a harm to ordinary people, with the mythical slab of water, electricity, trapping grandmothers with bags, he said. — If the company wants the initiative of the veterans will be brought to an end by the state. The government should look people in the face, not to look in the pockets of their owners.»

«When Turchynov said that the blockade is the competence of the President and not the group of volunteers, then why doesn’t he tell that independence is illegal? Then the people rebelled for their freedom. Three years, the government does nothing to curb the financing of terrorism. Billions go to funding the militants from the state budget of Ukraine», — said Semenchenko.

«What opened the proceedings by the Prosecutor’s office does not surprise me, although proceedings for high treason, smuggling they will not open. And who is the Prosecutor? These are the persons who profit from all this, the roof flows, are unable to explain to reporters their income. Parliamentary immunity removed in 15 minutes if necessary,» — said the MP.

«As for Russian propaganda, the fact that these events supposedly on her hand – then it is time to stop looking back: «And what will you say in Russia?». They do not need any reasons. When they have to, they come up with the crucified boys, pensioners raped. Spit, what would you say is the aggressor. This is a war,» — said the MP.

Volunteer of the Foundation Come alive, a former intelligence officer of the 53rd brigade Andrew Rymaruk , in turn, said that the blockade on Donbass reminds him of the siege of Kiev with the requirement to immediately allow the import of foreign cars and to remove all duties.

«There are regulatory documents, procedures, including in the fight against smuggling. It is no secret that some elements of the industry, such as wood, metal, go to the other side. Saw it with my own eyes when served. And such methods to undermine the work of the Railways and block supply of coal from the Donbass, to jeopardize those zombie people, which they themselves zombie – not right,» he said.

«About coal. If it will not be shipped from the other side, it will stop thermal power plants, particularly in Kurakhovo and Happiness. Yes, we have a monopoly – comrade Akhmetov. Let’s lock SCM, DTEK, Metinvest. Let’s block their offices to stop the production, — the volunteer speaks. -Let them have blocked all entrances on the street, Vladimir in Kiev, the Central building of the SBU, and State border service. Why not do it? You need to work with relevant government agencies, which are responsible for these issues.»

Rymaruk, have true that radical methods were needed during the Maidan, but they are not needed now. «We need to boost the economy, not ruin it,» he said. This writes Julia Artamoshina in the article «Junta destroys Donbass» or «patriots save the country»: what happens to the blockade of communication with the occupied territories» in the edition «New time».

In the beginning of the week, December 26, the volunteers announced the blockade of the occupied territories.

The former acting chief of staff of the battalion «Aydar» Valentine Liholaja promised not to let metal, coal, wood and industrial consignments of alcohol and cigarettes.

«We’re not going to limit civilians who are carrying their own food — bread, water, buckwheat,» — said Valentin Liholaja at a press conference in Kiev.

As previously, we will remind, on December 16, fighters of volunteer battalions said that if within seven days, all Ukrainian prisoners will not be released by terrorists, the volunteers will begin a total blockade of the occupied territories.

On Independence square in Kiev is the mobilization point where everyone can come to support the blockade of the occupied territories or to take part in it. The second commander of the battalion «Donbass» Anatoly Vinogrodsky announced meanwhile that many veterans and volunteers of anti-terrorist operation are ready to join the action. He also noted that the blockade will be thoroughly prepared not only in the area of ATO, but also in Kiev.

About the blockade, the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories of the George Tooke expressed his opinion on Facebook. He wrote: «About the so-called «blockade» of Only. First, I have not credible initiators of this action: no Valentine Liholaja, nor Konstantin Grishin. For obvious reasons».

Georgy Tuka also said that these actions are not consistent with any state Agency, the SBU, the interior Ministry, APU, and therefore the «establishment of any roadblocks, any of the treatments, providing any «permission» is illegal and needs to get proper assessment from militiamen».

«Intention «to starve» (as Valentine said Liholaja) in the presence of over 400 km uncontrolled state border is outright nonsense,» he said. According to officials, the blockade is providing new information about for the separatists.

According to the testimony of residents of Donetsk and adjacent territories, there is absolutely no Ukrainian products. With the exception of apples, which are imported there from Ukraine via Belarus.

By the way, the initiators of the protest are demanding the release not only those hostages who appear in the official lists, but those who are in the official lists are not included, however, the information available to the participants of the volunteer battalions, in captivity, writes Nicholas Pidluzhny in the article < a href=»http://www.umoloda.kiev.ua/number/3099/2006/107331/>Waves for the release of George Tooke: accuses of volunteers to allow the separatists» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

The participants of the blockade of the railway in the Luhansk region declare the possible movement of special units for power dispersal of the action.

«Information volunteers on the movement of special forces in the redoubt Bogdan for the violent dispersal of the Veterans of the War for Independence pre-approved,» according to Facebook «the headquarters of the blockade of trade with the invaders.»

«The headquarters of the blockade of trade with the occupiers said that the scenario of the violent dispersal of the protesters, he will be forced to move to guerrilla methods of struggle against the Russian occupation and physical destruction of the motorways, which is financing terrorism and trafficking in the blood» – said in a statement.

However, one of the organizers of the blockade Anatoly Venerology said «Gromadska TV»: «If the security forces got a team of physical harm to peaceful protesters, the headquarters will be forced to move to more radical methods of blockade.»

«Measures will be adequate. We have reached the stage when our country needs protection. We warn that those people who are here is not all the forces that are in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, so a common cleansing of one checkpoint will be the signal for the outbreak of hostilities. We will deploy guerrilla movement in occupied and non-occupied parts of Ukraine», – he said.

In addition, the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, which is involved in the blockade, in the broadcast channel «112 Ukraine» said that the attempt of crackdown will be the most fatal mistake of the security forces.

«Let them try, but it will be their most fatal mistake they will make in relation to this situation. I would not advise the heads of the power unit to do such things, because there are trained people who will be able to defend itself,» – said the Parasyuk.

He also expressed the belief that «the blockade will support all of Ukraine, because everyone is sick of war.»

«We will stand here till the end. Now mobilizers, will cover other railway lines. And not just railway lines, but also car smuggling, which is the trucks,» – said the Deputy.

He also suggested that Monday and Tuesday may be blocked by another checkpoint, the paper reported, «the Participants of the blockade of Donbass say that they are going to disperse the force» in the newspaper «Today».

30 Jan. Press review. Blockade of Donbass: Peremoga or zrada? 30.01.2017

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