29 Nov. Press review. That showed the interrogation of Yanukovych №2

The ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, located on the territory of the Russian Federation, reappeared in Rostov court for videotapes in the case of Euromaidan.

At the other end he was waiting for the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenkoto him to read the suspicion in Commission of treason.

Later Lutsenko told reporters that, in his opinion, Yanukovych heard. «The relationship was, the picture was off,» — said Lutsenko. He added: «the Documents are there, and handed over to the lawyer.»

«As attorney General, I appeal to the Yanukovych Victor Fedorovich in accordance with the requirements of articles 111 and 278, and Chapter 11 of the Criminal procedure code, and reporting that you have Yanukovych Viktor Fedorovych, are suspected of treason, of aiding the authorities of the Russian Federation in deliberate acts committed with the aim of changing the boundaries of the territory and the state border of Ukraine, violation of the order established by the Constitution, and waging aggressive war,» — said Lutsenko.

«Given the fact that Yanukovych is outside of Ukraine, arrived to the challenges, actually hiding from the police, the content of the suspicion shall be notified orally, namely, reports of suspicion today, an hour ago, sent to all known addresses of residence and last stay of Yanukovych, and after the end of my statement will be presented to the lawyer of the latter,» — said the head of the GPU.

«Now, not as attorney General. I blame Yanukovich as the Ukrainian in that it opened the door to aggressive war against our country. That he destroyed the sovereignty of the state, who took the oath on the Constitution. That were killed 2263 Ukrainian servicemen 8394 people were injured, 1.7 million became refugees. It’s all on the conscience of those who today dares to lie in the eyes of the Ukrainian people», — summed up Lutsenko. This writes Natalia Lebid in the article «the Traitor declared traitor: the attorney General has nominated Yanukovych suspected and accused war» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

Victor Yanukovych yesterday has been interrogated. The testimony he gave in the Svyatoshinsky court by video conference from Rostov. The court considers the guilt of ex-Berkut officers in the shooting of people on Maidan, and Yanukovych held in the case as a witness. However, he constantly stressed that the speech — his personal initiative.

After the statement of Lutsenko was given a word of Yanukovych. He played standing up. A speech, I always used the abstract and often pauses. The first thing he did appealed to the court, saying he was willing to pass three volumes of evidence collected about the crimes on the Maidan. Hastened to declare that has scientific research which proves that the crackdown on protesters was a provocation.

«It was a planned provocation. «The eagle» has exceeded its authority, but it must be investigated,» — said Yanukovych. When one of the lawyers of the ex-Berkut officers asked Yanukovych the question of what he knows about the weapons on the Maidan, he answered: «with regard to weapons law enforcement officers, by law are responsible for it those who made those decisions. At what level these decisions were made — I can’t comment». And immediately added: «Because I don’t know.»

Not without a bit of mixed metaphors in the speech of Yanukovych. Expressing its position on the agreement with the EU, he said that «Ukraine the village to the twine, if its interests were not taken into account when signing the agreement on free trade zone». And answering many questions, the fugitive President said he did not know the answer or the question is not within its competence.So, for example, ex-President does not know who shot at the protesters.

Physiognomist Leonid Zolin says that wine Yanukovych noticeable. «Yanukovych appeared relatively calm. But there are interesting moments. When asked about his involvement, whether he gave the orders, the lower part of his face, mouth, and chin were shifted to the left. This suggests that he feels guilty,» said Zolin. This writes Igor Serov in the article «questioning the future: speech by standing and reading from the paper» in the newspaper «Today».

Three years have passed since the date of dispersal of students on independence — events, the official version of the reasons which the government did not provide and now. Thus, Yanukovych was given carte Blanche to provide his vision of what happened on the Maidan.

Monday, November 28, Svyatoshinskogo the court managed to interview the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. However, from the beginning in this situation, many questions arise. How is it that the President-the fugitive General was given the opportunity to use the teleconference as an information platform? The fact that the Ukrainian side showed a lot of confusion, proves the situation with the inability of enforcement agencies to bring suspects five Berkut officers in court on Friday, with the result that the questioning was rescheduled for Monday, and Yanukovych still used the information occasion of the hearing for a press conference. It was there that he showed to the public three folders, which, according to him, the relevant materials proving the absence of fault.

Judging by the behavior of Yanukovych in court Monday, the latest preparing for performances on the events of the winter of 2013 2014 year for a long time. The ex-President voiced things until the society was discussed several times, in particular about the possible involvement of Sergey Levochkin to disperse the Maidan November 30, 2013. Yanukovych said that «a group of Firtash-Levochkina during the revolution supported the opposition». Also a clear attack against the journalist of STB with the phrase «I know who your master is» on Friday during a press conference similarly, underwater exposes the conflicting relations between Yanukovych and the specific clans in Ukraine that may, and has joined the effort to overthrow former President.

According to experts, in the trial of Yanukovych can be accused of perjury. But, it seems that Ukrainian authorities are afraid of is not so much political statements of Yanukovych, but of the need for a formal evaluation of the participation of all defendants in those tumultuous and tragic events. This means that the case of the «five berkutovtsy» could become not only in the case of high treason Yanukovych, but also to push the suspect against those of individuals who became beneficiaries of the escape of the latter.

«First of all, it is unacceptable and today and in the future to conduct interrogations of individuals in the Ukrainian courts on Skype with another country, — says candidate of legal Sciences, senior researcher of the Institute of state and law. V. M. Koretsky of NAS of Ukraine Mykola Siryi. — As a form of questioning is unacceptable. Categorically that from this point of view, the interrogation is illegal. This does not meet the requirements of the Convention on assistance in criminal matters. Undoubtedly, the goal of any interrogation conducted by the court, is to be able to verify that a certain person testifies truthfully, you can verify this directly during questioning and to clarify those or other criminal events. In my opinion, the interrogation which takes place, is largely a dialogue about political events and circumstances, not questioning the understanding of the criminal procedural law. In my opinion, there is a lack of professionalism on the part of the Ministry of justice, which had no reason to send a request like this to the Russian side. First of all, there was a request on suspicion of Yanukovych in the Commission of criminal offences and on the request of the Russian Federation refused to Ukraine. Because she refused this request, it is absolutely illogical to raise a question about questioning him as a witness in the territory of the Russian Federation. There is also the lack of preparedness of the prosecution for these actions.»

The story of the interrogations Yanukovych shows the immaturity that can and uses the aggressor, says Valentyn Torba in the article, «Virtual justice» in the newspaper «Day».

29 Nov. Press review. That showed the interrogation of Yanukovych №2 29.11.2016

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