27 Jan. Press review. As the lions decides to «junk» question

Lviv, which is called the cultural capital of Ukraine, in 2016, increasingly became synonymous with garbage. The problem of storing waste there is here a long time, but aggravated it in may last year due to a fire at the dump and the tragic loss of rescuers under the rubble. After the closure of the landfill issue has acquired political overtones: Lviv local authorities accuse the government of inaction, and the latter, in turn, all the responsibility lays on the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy.

A giant garbage dump with an area of 26 hectares in literally poisoning the lives of the inhabitants of the neighbouring village Hrybovychi now 49 years old. In all that time there have been gathered waste from the city and surrounding areas. In Soviet times, green doesn’t care, so waste has been added and production. Among them were those that contained the acid sludge — substances not recyclable.

Promises to close the landfill in 2006 and remained promises. It was already a few options for a new landfill proposed by JSC «Institute of mining-chemical industry «Gorkhimprom». However, further planning is not gone.

The prolonged calm of Lviv authorities ended in may 2016, when the ground was there was a fire. Three rescuers and environmentalist, eliminate him, died under the rubble of smoldering debris. The next day the dump was closed.

The closure of the landfill «Syrenka» caused a wave of discussions. Many local politicians were in favor of reopening the landfill in Hrybovychi. The same was declared by the Department of ecology and natural resources Lviv region, and also «AVA lions», which is engaged in garbage removal. The city Council offered the old plan for remediation «Sviranki»: to lay the slopes of the dump 3 million cubic meters of debris, and the top to fill a two-meter layer of earth. Provided for the planting of vegetation in the area. Deputy Chairman of the Committee on industrial policy and entrepreneurship of the Verkhovna Rada (the party «Samopomich») Serhiy Kiral even compared problem with Marseilles, where a similar garbage dump in the same way remediated and covered with earth.

Plans for remediation of the landfill was not destined to come true: in November of last year, after the claim of the regional Prosecutor’s office in Lviv, the court banned all possible work at the dump.

In January 2017 the issue of the Lviv garbage went beyond Ukraine. According to the Polish media, Andriy Sadovy appealed to the city administration of Lublin, with a request to pick up garbage in Lviv. He explained the request of a threat to the ecology of Eastern Europe. A reference to the administration of the Polish city is more reminiscent of a big political step than an opportunity to solve the problem: even with all the desire of the authorities of Lublin they can’t take Lviv trash without the permission of the Chief Inspectorate for environmental protection and the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine. The latter did not send any requests to Poland. Moreover, according to the Director of the company «AVE lions» Oleg Gibisintechnically garbage disposal in Poland is almost impossible: «On the border you cannot check if the garbage smuggling. In addition, the Ukrainian waste — uncontrolled. They are not sorted, how to sort in European countries».

Andriy Sadovy was at the center of a perfect storm of garbage. Went wrong with the presidential Administration and the government, and with Lviv regional state administration. According to opinion polls, the last six months, the politician invariably holds the fifth position in ranking possible candidates for the presidency, however, the percentage of support fell from 8.9 in August 2016 to 8.4 in December. If the problem remains unresolved, the level of electoral confidence in the garden, as the party «Samopomich» will continue to fall.

Garbage problem of Lviv was at the crossroads of interests of different political forces at the regional level and in Kiev. Local, regional, and Kyiv authorities continue to throw each other stones so that the fragments fly even in Poland. After the attacks on the image of the city going up to the image of Ukraine, says Alexei Kovalenko the article «the Dirty problem. Great trip Lviv debris in Ukraine» in the publication «Focus».

Accumulated over time in Lviv, the garbage should be taken out of the city for seven days. This decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of the regional Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations. For this, the city government yesterday had to enter into agreements with landfills in the region. Of the 11 major landfill of Lviv, at least five are willing to accept household waste from the regional center: Borislav, Drogobych, Sambor, Chervonograd, Ukraine, Nikolaev.

Recall that after the closure of the landfill in Hrybovychi near Lviv city authorities for eight months and have not decided what to do with waste. The city produces daily up to 700 tons of garbage.

Previously, the Lviv city Council decided on the establishment of platforms for the handling and briquetting of waste in order to export pellets to other cities. To purchase a briquetting complexes of the company «Lostaccount» from the city budget will be allocated 97 million. However, on the day activists blocked the road in four districts of the city. The people were opposed to the assorted rubbish on their territory.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said: «I believe that the lions should be clean. It is the responsibility of the mayor personally and the city Council. But we can already see not one month that systematically the problem of solid waste in Lviv is not solved». The head of government noted that in 2017 the budget of the city will be 1 billion 800 million hryvnia. «With that kind of money does not solve the problem of garbage, I believe, is simply unacceptable», — he stressed.

In turn, the head of Lviv regional state administration Oleg sinyutka noted that the Lviv city Council has no clear strategy to tackle the problem of solid waste management. And added that if the city authorities cannot cope, regional ready to take on this function. Earlier Oleg sinyutka accused the city authorities of Lviv sabotage the image of Lviv region unauthorized removal of garbage throughout Ukraine. As reported by «Ukrainian news», the complaints that Lviv debris found on spontaneous dumps came from Zhytomyr, Poltava, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Kiev and other areas.

Meanwhile, the Lviv residents do not believe that the situation with the garbage in the city is catastrophic and not particularly worried about waste, which magically spread across the country. As told by the inhabitant of Lviv Hope, in fact, the debris is removed pretty regularly, «Even in public holidays, the tanks were not filled for more than three days, says Hope. — If the waste has plagued Lviv, then they would start to protest. And to most people anyway. In the city this issue was not discussed. Haven’t heard about the construction waste recycling plant. Sounds a lot of political statements from officials at all levels, and real action to solve the problem, not this minute, but with an eye to the future we do not see». This writes Ivan Rybalko the article «Accumulated over time in Lviv, the garbage should be taken out of the city for seven days» the newspaper «Facts and comments».

The mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy has recorded a video message in which he said that the city remains on the brink of ecological disaster and called in the coming days to assemble a Cabinet meeting to help in solving the problem.

«A week, neither the Cabinet nor the regional authorities are unable to convene at the request of the city Commission for emergency situations. The blockade of the city just increases. Today 35% of the urban sites overloaded multi-week volume of solid waste,» wrote Facebook Andriy Sadovy.

According to him, all polygons that were temporarily taken out of TBO city, for several days orderly close access for trucks from the city. At the level of the Ministry blocked the process of allocating European investment Bank $ 70 million for the construction of waste treatment plant and reclamation Gribovichi landfill.

«All we ask is to assist the regional center to prevent environmental emergencies. And the letter «L» in the phrase «LOG» is exactly «lions»? And the maps that hang in the Cabinet, Lviv is part of Ukraine?» — wrote on his page on Facebook Garden.

And while Lviv mayor appealed to the «center,» his ally, Deputy Prime Minister Oksana Syroid called political background to the current problem.

«Garbage eight-month blockade would not be, if the Parliament is a political force founded by the mayor of the city («Samopomich». — Ed.) which not only refused to go «slave Peter» (Saussure, if anything), but allowed myself to tear down the corrupt and anti-Ukrainian ideas of the same oppressive state power, wrote on his Facebook page Syroid. Producers, Directors and writers from Bankova street provided all over Ukraine pressure on carriers and mayors who are not ready to help lions, as well as media support of their «blockbuster» without thinking about the fact that this «blockbuster» real life, security and health of almost million city».

Representatives of the «Samopomichi» believe that the problem with garbage will quickly be solved as soon as their faction will agree to return to the ranks of the coalition. Now the parliamentary coalition is a step away from collapse. After leaving the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» — Deputy Yury Bublik parliamentary majority became a minority — only 225 «bayonets».

«Now the number one task — to save the coalition. To buy a piece of the deputies to recreate the coalition profitable. There is a risk that today or tomorrow someone else will pull out of the coalition, you will have to compensate for the loss of the fighter. So now the garden and put a spoke in the wheel, so he gave us the go-ahead to return to the coalition ranks. Garden resists as you can,» talks about behind-the-scenes agreements one of the deputies from the «Samopomichi».

Another view sees «garbage» opposition ex-MP Anatoliy Hrytsenko. He is confident that by blocking removal of garbage, the government tries to kick the stars out of the Garden and «Samopomichi». And suddenly, soon, early parliamentary and presidential elections?

«The solution to garbage in Lviv lies within the community, as the issue of household waste is their issue and local authorities. Fiscal decentralization allows to make such decisions and execute such projects as the unit of polygons. The current budget of the city is 1.8 billion UAH. In addition, the Central level of government can help to attract credit funds».

As Deputy Prime Minister Hennadiy Zubko said the mayor of Lviv 2 2января . To explain the reasons for the allocation of Lviv of the loan from the European investment Bank on favourable conditions (under 1.5% per annum!) somehow it is blocked by the Cabinet, the official did not write Elena Galagi, Olga Kukharuk the article «Ultimatum for Garden: Return to the coalition, or drown in the garbage» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

27 Jan. Press review. As the lions decides to «junk» question 27.01.2017

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