26 Jan. Press review. PACE adopted a resolution on Ukraine

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a resolution Functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine, said MP of Ukraine, member of the Verkhovna Rada delegation to PACE George Legwinski.

«The PACE resolution «Functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine» is adopted. Account 106 11 back in favor of Ukraine», — he wrote in Facebook.

As writes the European however, the PACE resolution on Ukraine notes the progress of the country in most issues.

On a number of points arose in the discussion. In particular, the delegates of the neighboring countries- Hungary, Romania and Poland – insisted on edits for the language issue, recently initiated by the Ukrainian parliamentarians.

In addition, there have been a number of edits, resulting in the resolution appeared the points about the rights of the opposition and reservations in Ukraine regarding the infringement of the rights of minorities.

At the same time managed to avoid making edits on the conduct of elections to the Verkhovna Rada in the territories uncontrolled by Kiev. The correspondent of the EP notes that the author of this edit was made by a Pro-Russian MP from Germany Andrey Gunko , with the participation of Axel Fischer (both from Germany).

On the eve of the PACE adopted resolution on Attacks of journalists and media freedom in Europe calling for the release of Ukrainian journalists, the paper reported «Account 106/11 in favor of Kiev. PACE adopted a resolution on Ukraine» in the publication «New time».

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe resolution «Functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine» welcomed the progress of implementation of the program of reforms in Ukraine. This was stated by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, reports the press service of the foreign Ministry.

«In the context of consideration and adoption of the PACE Resolution «Functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine» to note the continued support of the Assembly of our state and a positive assessment of its process of implementing the ambitious programme of reforms», – stated in the message.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called the fundamental provision of the resolution that these reforms are carried out in difficult conditions, given the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine and the illegal annexation of Crimea.

It is noted that the PACE welcomed progress in democratic reform, in particular: the adoption of the final reading of constitutional amendments in the part of the judiciary and the court system that address significant obstacles to reform of the judicial system and meet the standards and regulations of the Council of Europe; the adoption of a new law on the Supreme court; the abolition of the General oversight functions previously exercised by the attorney General, which indicates the fulfillment of one of its commitments undertaken when joining the Council of Europe; and the introduction of e-Declaration system.

«The Assembly also commended the close cooperation of Ukraine with the Council of Europe, in particular with the Venice Commission and the Congress of local and regional authorities in the preparation of the project in terms of decentralization on the basis of the European Charter of local self-government and other relevant Council of Europe standards», – said in the comments of the foreign Ministry.

Among the steps to ensure political stability and strengthening democracy in Ukraine, PACE stressed the need to continue and strengthen the fight against corruption, reform of the electoral system, the completion of the process of preparation for ratification by the Verkhovna Rada of the Istanbul Convention.

«In this context is important for Ukraine is the Assembly’s appeal to all Council of Europe bodies to continue to provide our state needed expert assistance to strengthen democratic institutions, to continue monitoring the situation around Ukraine and to take all possible measures to force the Russian Federation to comply with its obligations under international law and international obligations to ensure respect for human rights in illegally occupied Crimea, and the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners and illegally detained persons», – noted the Minister.

The Ministry also noted the importance that the anti-Ukrainian amendments were rejected by the Assembly, and the vast number of amendments to the draft submitted by the Ukrainian delegation to the most objective coverage of events in Ukraine, was received with understanding and supported by PACE. This was reported in the article «foreign Ministry: PACE in its resolution called on all Council of Europe to assist Ukraine in strengthening democracy» in the newspaper «Today».

The current winter session brought some good news for Ukraine. Thus, the people’s Deputy Vladimir Aryev was re-elected head of the Committee for culture, education and science, and his colleague Georgy Logvynsky became Vice-President of PACE.

«The position of Vice-President and Bureau member of the Assembly — the highest on the international parliamentary stage in the history of Ukraine… the Great philosopher Maimonides, whose words became for me a symbol, a motto, saying, «there is No thing that can resist the urge». 10 years ago I first as assistant Mustafa Dzhemilev and human rights activist from the balcony watched the work of the parliamentary Assembly. Since then I have not had a greater purpose than to achieve in this room the highest international wins for his country. Today my goal came true,» he said after his election, PACE Vice-President Georgy Logvynsky.

The PACE President was re-elected Pedro Agramunt, who last year put a lot of effort to bring back the Russian delegation. Recall that in April 2014, the parliamentary Assembly imposed against Russia sanctions, depriving members of a delegation the right to vote. In response, the Russians announced the termination of its participation in PACE and in 2016 and 2017 is not sent to Strasbourg the lists of the delegation, formally, thus avoiding sanctions.

Immediately after the re-election of the President of PACE Pedro Agramunt spoke again about the return of the Russian delegation. «Russia’s position has not changed — they’re ready to come back if will be fully reinstated, including the right to vote and participate in committees, — quotes the head of the PACE «European truth». — I believe that the Russians should be here in the Assembly with full rights. But I don’t have to make that decision. It’s a decision that should be taken by the Assembly».

Georgy Logvynsky, commenting on the statements of Pedro Agramunt, said that although he supports the renewal of cooperation with Russia, however, believes that the Crimea is Ukraine, and the Donbas are Russian troops.

«The international arena is the primary key of de-occupation, says the new PACE Vice President, the TV channel «112 Ukraine». Because eye to eye with Russia is not anything to talk about. They have no respect for the weak and we considered that. They have also destroyed our army, undermined our economic potential and are interested in that we’ve always been a County at the king’s feet… the PACE is the same war. There are agents of the Kremlin, there is a proposal to return the Russian delegation not to dialogue, with the aim of lifting sanctions.» This writes Irina Golotyuk in the article «George Legwinski: «PACE is the same war: agents of the Kremlin, has proposed the return of the Russian delegation not to dialogue, with the aim of lifting the sanctions» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

26 Jan. Press review. PACE adopted a resolution on Ukraine 26.01.2017

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