25 Jan. Press review. «Lagana ucrainica»: what difficulties expect the law on the protection of the Ukrainian language

The Verkhovna Rada registered the document, not yielding to the resonance of the infamous «language law» of Kivalov — Kolesnichenko sample 2012, to expand, according to the authors, the scope of application of the Russian language and the current still.

The bill on language policy, was signed by 33 MPs from the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko,» popular front, Samopomich and Batkivshchyna. In the explanatory note to the document States that the proposed rule seeks to resolve the use of the Ukrainian language as the state language in public spheres of social life, but will not apply to religious ceremonies and communication in everyday life.

In particular, it is proposed to make the Ukrainian language mandatory for all state authorities and local self-government, including the holding of meetings, documents and appeals of citizens. Cultural events are also encouraged in the state language only. A theatrical performance in the state or municipal theatres in other languages should be accompanied by subtitles in Ukrainian. In movies and cartoons created in Ukraine, allowed the use of replicas in other languages, but the translation.

The authors of the bill propose to set strict limits and to the media. All television and radio programs should be broadcast in the Ukrainian language. Programs in other languages are subject to dubbing in Ukrainian. Lawmakers made an exception only for songs. Newspapers and magazines must also be Ukrainian. «At the request of the founder of the printed media it can be published in two or more language versions, one of which is in the state language», — stated in the bill. In some cases it is allowed to publish Newspapers and magazines in the official languages of the European Union. By default, users need to load the Ukrainian-language Internet pages of mass media registered in our country.

In addition, the authors of the bill propose to all services, shops and restaurants, as well as in hospitals, transport, post offices and so on were the only citizens in the Ukrainian language. However, by agreement of the parties in these cases you can use another language.

The bill also provides for the establishment of a number of new regulatory and Supervisory bodies: the National Commission for the standards of the Ukrainian language, the Ukrainian language Centre and the Commissioner for the protection of the state language with the Secretariat and inspectors.

Forgot the deputies to include in the bill and the penalties for violation of the new rules from three to eight thousand 400 thousand 500 hryvnias.

Opinions on the necessity of introducing new rules for the use of the state language stripped. «Do not look at the document something negative, says one of the authors of the bill people’s Deputy from «Blok of Petro Poroshenko» Oksana Yurynets. You have to look at it and the problem with the state position. Why in France, the official must know French, Poland — Polish, and we have, in Kiev, often at official events I am offered to choose between English and Russian, and I must defend their right to the Ukrainian language? Language, culture and history are the pillars that hold a nation».

In turn, the member of the faction «people’s front» Anton Gerashchenko said that «if we continue to divide the country, who in what language speaks, then we will get here again the domination of the Russian Federation». «I believe that we need to build a country based on mutual respect and support of citizens of all nationalities, all cultures and races who set themselves the task of being a strong, independent, defenses. To me the perfect example is Canada, where the French-speaking and English-speaking, for me a great example of multilingual Switzerland, which, they say, well lived for 350 years», — said Anton Gerashchenko on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine». This writes Alexander Mikhailov in the article «If we continue to divide the country, who in what language speaks, we get here again the domination of the Russian Federation» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

No sooner had the bills to appear on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, as the Internet has sparked heated discussion around these documents.

Among the reasons were both economic (like, what edition will pull Ukrainian and Russian or English parallel version, they just leave the market, as happened, for example, the Ukrainian version of the popular magazine «National Geographic») and psychological (language under duress neither love nor respect).

However, the appearance of such bills immediately combined efforts of many public initiatives and movements, which have recently defended the extension of the rights of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine. In the Internet appeared the announcement of the establishment of a public coalition «Ukraine — the law on the state language», which currently has signed more than 60 public organisations.

«This long-awaited event opens the way for systemic change in the position of the Ukrainian language the state status of which the time finally filled with real content. Our language is one of the main factors that turn Ukrainian into a single nation and create a solid Foundation of national independence and unity of Ukraine. We understand how serious is the resistance on the part of all who are satisfied with the current legislation of Russification — from Moscow and its fifth column and ending oligarchic media holdings and policies that are used to speculate on the subject of language. It is necessary to combine efforts and not leave them any chance. 2017, the centennial of the Ukrainian revolution, should become the year of adoption of the Law «On state language», — said in a statement.

However the introduction of these bills does not guarantee that they will become laws.

Quite the contrary — the current composition of the Verkhovna Rada and the processes that are observed indicate that to hold such bills through Parliament will be very problematic.

«The adoption of any law now unrealistic. Because it’s not only a question of language, and that is politics. Yes, this topic is very touchy for everyone. There may be attempts, of course. But will it work? I doubt it,» — says journalist and political analyst Sergei Rudenko.

It’s also suggested that the imposition on the surface of the language issue has the purpose or diversion of public attention from the failures of power, or preparations for the next elections or parliamentary, the probability of which, though illusory, but it remains, or local, in scope and severity not inferior to a parliamentary one.

«Laid a lot of speculative things due to the fact that there is no economic growth, no real sight and sense of the reforms. Political parties and the government, as such, understand that it is necessary to take the population some other issues. Therefore, they will try to switch to old linguistic topics,» — said on the air «Radio «freedom» the Director of the analytical center «Politics» Nikolay Davidyuk.

How the Ukrainian government is ready to defend the rights of Ukrainian as the state language, it will become clear in the near future, when the constitutional Court will announce its verdict on the notorious «law of Kivalov-Kolesnichenko», which, as you know, is still in force.

Meetings of the COP on this matter, as we know, moved to a closed stage, but the decision on it should be declared much earlier than the voting for these bills. This will be a litmus test of the real intentions of the authorities: the political will for the approval of the Ukrainian language as the state, or is it another «red herring», says Natalia Pozniak-Khomenko in the article «Public speaking: what you need to know about the three bills in defense of the Ukrainian language» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

There’s the good old media rule: latest news about bills and news are not. You never know what ponapisyvali the subjects of legislative initiative. The vast majority of their work does not reach even before the first reading. So, for the two years of the current Parliament but the Ministry of Finance turned 1579 projects from 4583 in principle unrealizable. At the same time for all of 2016 was made 160 of laws, 75% of which — changes in existing laws. And what sense to write about all these unfulfilled fantasies? Nobody writes.

But not in the case of draft laws on language. Sensitivity to this topic is that one’s intention to adjust something works as a full-fledged fact, and the response is as accepted law. Although it is not obvious that the current chronic nedovolstvo Happy is to be able.

Views on how to develop the language situation in Ukraine can be any number different from the total and repressive Ukrainianization to compulsory education in five languages, including Swahili, from kindergarten. In the end we have a free country, everybody can think what he pleases, and to insist on being right, especially in the language issue, we understand even those who knew nothing about football and politics. All rushed to insist, resetting assurances polls like the theme of language is in the 25th place.

Like and not forget, but still it should be recalled that on this issue dashed track specialists on the political advancement of the regions and other defenders of the people. To play friend or foe, and even against the background of socio-economic discontent, a sweet deal. Such filings under the net in volleyball, you can wait for years — and now here she was, on a plate, in the most that neither is the patriots, as we traditionally do. Despite the fact that in the Ukrainian media, the former still dominate, and no matter how wonderful the intentions of the initiators to adjust the linguistic landscape, they are guaranteed negative information support. It is a reality given to us in the discomfort, no matter how we like or not a proposed innovation and they will be accepted or not, not to mention whether they will be implemented. The purely technical side of things.

Amazing moment — where the support group promised a change in the language policy such faith in their government, in a broad sense, the American way: government. The government, which had stopped almost all the reforms for which he was taken, which by the end of the third year post-Maidan buries faith in the ability of the country to escape from the corrupt oligarchic loop. The government, in which the humanitarian unit is a heterogeneous group and no shame. It’ll suddenly perform miracles of tact and a deep understanding of social mechanisms and implements the astonishing progressiveness of the law. Interestingly, even where such confidence, Leonid Shvets writes in the article «Scratch my language. Why changes in language policy would be a great» in the publication «Focus».

25 Jan. Press review. «Lagana ucrainica»: what difficulties expect the law on the protection of the Ukrainian language 25.01.2017

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