24 Jan. Press review. Emigration: solution or treason

In Ukraine, the air permeated the atmosphere of exile, they want to leave the millions, any note on this subject is doomed to popularity of this offer the pros and blogger Arthur Orudjaliyev launched in the network of hot debate on the topic of emigration from Ukraine.

According to him, «everything that happens around them – the genocide of the Ukrainian state towards its citizens in its purest form.»

«Go for the money. Leave even worse, for them, and seeing prospects. Only in my environment recently left dozens of people. And almost all of them well earned. This year there will be a few more. People who were like, «Oh, there is someone you need», get a visa for talented people in one country. In the other they are given tax breaks. In the third suit children in kindergarten without the queues and bribes. Progressive States have long realized that the most valuable asset today is people. The world is crazy, the war for talent. The competition is just unreal,» writes Orudjaliyev.

«Ukraine is not what is not trying to attract anyone. She’s not trying anyone to hold. Less thoughtful people — less of a problem for politicians,» — said the blogger.

But I agree with Orujaliyev, not all. Many social media users point out that everyone is free to live where he wants, but they stress that emigration is not a betrayal, because from abroad it is possible to help Ukraine.

So, the journalist and social activist Myroslava Gongadze said, when you have nothing to lose, when the question costs about life and death, «emigration may be a solution. Just have rose-colored glasses of the house to leave, because it will break as soon as you cross the border. In the end, emigration is a choice and the right of every individual, and to condemn only those who choose to do not able to.»

«The question is not where you live, but where you can be realized and to bring more benefits to society including their homeland. In the end, emigration can be both and everything in life is temporary,» she notes.

Others urged Ukrainians to stay here and work together to build a new country, in which many of those who left and then want to return.

According to the journalist Yuri Butusov, in Ukraine there are only three parties:
those who are going, those who is not going to leave and those who want to order brought someone else’s, at least Putin.

«I do not condemn in any way those who leave, because patriotism has no borders, the birthplace of all normal people alone. I condemn only those who betray their country, — said the journalist. — In our time, any words sound naive, because all the words long spoken, and to sift out words from the talk can only thing — the everyday business need to do day after day and year after year. It is not done without mistakes, without a doubt, no nonsense. Therefore we need distance and time. To correct if wrong, and making precise, correct. Sincere is only one oath: I will not surrender and I will not leave».

According to MP Mustafa Nayem, leaving the country in search of a better world, we capitulorum as a generation. «I understand that many of us hard, especially those who had the ability to feel or know how it can be «as good there.» But I don’t understand the argument «nothing will change» «there are no prospects» and «screw them, let them live here themselves.» Because for me, the question of emigration is first and foremost a question of dignity, of pride, and if you really just – I don’t want to give up,» he said. Write about Sergei Ostapenko, Sergey Naumenko in the article «the network was a big discussion about immigration from Ukraine» in the newspaper «Today».

The last big study about the number of Ukrainians who travel abroad, was conducted in 2012. According to data collected by Goskomstat, for the three years prior to this year, Ukraine was left for the sake of 1.5 million people. But it is only those who found a legitimate income and left the Ukraine native. Illegal immigrants, according to sociologists, can be the same. And about how many families are left forever with no information.

«Large-scale studies are no longer conducted. But based on data that give a recruitment Agency, we can conclude that wanting to go to Europe and the United States has become more», — says senior researcher of the Institute of demography and social studies, Iryna maidanik.

This is confirmed in the employment Agency «Pelech».

«The largest number of jobs is now giving Poland. The number of applicants over the past three years has grown by more than 20%, — told the Agency. — The average age going from 23 to 55 years. Recently a factory for the production of juices we even managed to arrange a 62-year-old married couple. However, the young chance, of course, more.»

Sociologists note that an additional motive to emigrate, in addition to low wages and unemployment, were the events in the Donbass.

According to the survey, which last summer conducted by TNS Online Track, 65% of respondents admitted that they would like to emigrate from Ukraine. Whereas in 2014, this desire was expressed by 42%.

«The migration of people around the world is a natural process, — said the candidate of sociological Sciences Iryna maidanik. — For the country it has both positive and negative sides. The positive is that there is a flow of funds that Ukrainians earn abroad. If they come back, the money is invested in business development. But the negative still more. Many migrants are looking for any opportunity to gain a foothold abroad and move there family. And according to the theory of migration as it includes the most talented, active people of working and productive age. There depopulation and the transformation of the qualitative indicators of the population in the country.»

While emigration has not acquired large scale. But the real figures should be cause for concern. According to the results of last year’s survey of the Ukrainian Institute for social research. Alexander Yaremenko, 50% of respondents who admitted that thinking about emigrating, 20% have already taken concrete steps, 15% save for moving money, 3% made the final decision and collect documents. Write about it, Valeriy Chepurko, Irina Sosnina in the article «stay or Go?» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

It is true that «the air in Ukraine with a sense of exile». It’s because he’s not steeped in an atmosphere of entrepreneurship.

In Ukraine today, on the contrary, there are lots of possibilities from which the Americans, Israelis, Germans, poles and others drooling. They never say: «you Have in Ukraine, almost no competition, any direction, take it and develop enough to do well or relatively well to off. But only under one condition: to do every day. Even with the lack of regulations and standards in business, culture and relationships between people – quite soon you, if you are persistent, patient and creative will be able to afford much more than we are.»

Of course, for most foreigners Ukraine is a zone of high risk, a country where war, the uncertainty of the law, enormous corruption and the government idiots. That is why international companies like Apple, PayPal and IKEA keep Ukraine in its stop-plates. And so the market went Peacocks, Mexx, Stockmann, Esprit, Praktiker, Chadbourne & Parke, Honda, BYD and many others. But if you look closely – he left those who did not have a strong local office, able to make quick decisions and to behave according to market rules.

Foreigners, especially those who are engaged in business, elbows bite, when they hear about our problems. Of course, to a certain extent, they are mistaken – as mistaken are those who dream of a carefree life abroad. But the fact remains: in the West, if you want to run your project, you quickly realize that all niches are occupied, and there is almost always more talented, more creative and faster. As said Gref: «the Competition has reached such a degree that if we woke up this morning with a new idea, then at lunch when we met to discuss it, the Chinese are already producing.» And we – pick almost any direction and dig.

The best method of emigration is emigration to the field of entrepreneurship. There is a country, and the visa is not needed. Then, if you try real hard, to be able to live where you were born, to live well and to always have the opportunity to see the world, to periodically rise above all our native obscurantism and exhale, writes Ilya, Konigstein in the article «Ukraine: the best method of emigration» in the edition «New time».

24 Jan. Press review. Emigration: solution or treason 24.01.2017

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