23 Jan. Press review. Show is on: what trump will turn America

Perhaps none of the previous presidential campaign and the candidate as many times are not forced analysts to speak about «first time ever», however most often with a negative connotation. For the first time intelligence agencies and the 44th President Barack Obama said about foreign intervention in the electoral process one of the dirtiest presidential campaigns in American history. Donald trump is also the most hated President in US history at the time of his inauguration. His approval rating, according to CBS, two days before the inauguration was only 40%. At the same time as the rating of his predecessor, Barack Obama, according to the same poll, 62 percent.

Trump first after George Washington, who was sworn in in 1789, a President without a political or military experience, which could theoretically provide many positive and innovative moves in politics need to fight terrorism, hybrid warfare and populism if the 45th American President himself was not representative of the latest trends. And that populist points with his inaugural speech. Some, such as ed Luce of the Financial Times, also decided that this speech could be called «the most xenophobic in American history». Speaking of xenophobia trump, Luce compare his speech with Obama’s speech in 2009, where he promised to «extend a hand to Iran, if he will agree to unclench your fist.» But trump has promised to eliminate «Islamic terrorism off the face of the earth.»

Trump also promised in his inaugural speech to stop «to protect the borders of other States» and «to subsidize their army.» These positions stand in stark contrast to the positions of Minister of defence in the Cabinet of Donald trump, General James Mattis, who is in favour of closer cooperation with allies. In addition, he criticized the previous President Barack Obama at the softness of his position on Crimea and Donbass.

Rule-advice from the 45th American President in a speech «buy American and hire Americans,» sounded as if it was the President elected in the last century. On these points, and the repetition of the phrase «America First», which is an echo of American isolationism before the Second World war was a taboo in the past two generations, commentators write of the publication of Vox, because in addition associated with anti-Semitism, said in his column for the Washington Post’s Anne Applebaum: «We live in a time that defines the culture of which is disruption, entrepreneurship, innovation, diversity, risk and change. However, many people yearn for stability, security, homogeneity and even of racial purity and peace, where the United States always and forever not have a call. However, the desire to return the watch back is strong and convincing and so appealing to «real Americans» who support him, «the forgotten women and men» inaugural address, brought to the presidency of Donald trump».

On the eve of the inauguration in the media leaked information that Donald trump and his team wanted to hold an inaugural ceremony in the Russian or North Korean style — with tanks and missiles. This alarm bell is not unique. Later during the inauguration in the Department of internal policy of the White House received an e-mail from team trump with the requirement to close the account of the Department’s tweet after tweet of the comparison present at the National Mall in Washington during the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009 and this year’s ceremony, which also looks like a solution in the style dictators of the above mentioned countries. The number of ordinary citizens who came this year to the ceremony, do was extremely low, and photos of comparison filled spaces, the Director Steven Spielberg noticed that even for a film so difficult to collect, and the half-empty alley yesterday extended network at the speed of light.

It is difficult to draw any definite conclusions, but the 45th President anyway will not be a «gray mouse» of American history, especially given his tough tone during speeches, unusual for an American ear, writes Olha Vorozhbyt the article «the First since Washington» in the edition «Tyzhden».

After the inaugural speech of Donald trump all the slightest hope that remained, quickly eroded. Some even expected the trump as President will not be like the elected President and campaign member. His speech was sufficient proof that he has not changed. On the contrary, with his thesis of «America above all», he even emphasized it the most illiberal and isolationist positions. His discourse, which spanned the populist statements, is unprecedented, at least after the time of Andrew Jackson (the 7th President of the United States, 1828-1837), in American history.

The philosophy of billionaire is a direct threat to US democracy. The charges of the establishment, which he is a part, while having the intention to be representative of the people against mediation bodies, including the judiciary, and Congress, which he never recalled, only help all types of selfishness and limited worldview, it seems to be becoming a major problem for liberal forces in the United States. Everything points to the fact that his discourse was more directly inspired by his far right Advisor Stephen Bannon, the former head of the fake news on the website of the racist Breitbart News than moderate Republicans. Some of its concluding observations concerning the diversity and unity of the American people, regardless of their origin, skin colour and social status, and the enactment of traditions of liberty, appears to have been purely rhetorical. It is not surprising that European far-right leaders applauded this speech, which said in their own countries, the French marine Le Pen, Dutch Geert Wilders and German Frauke.

Many commentators have also rightly pointed out that Putin could make such things. Some very classic phrase that we often observed in the discourses of both Republican and democratic presidents, never appear in speech trump: this clearly shows a disregard for freedom, human rights and democracy at home and abroad. With trump not only America is no longer the «indispensable nation», which it was meant to be more than a century, but it can turn into one of the most destabilizing States.

However, when it comes to America itself, the comparison with Russia, obviously, doesn’t matter. Unlike Russia, the United States have a strong and active civil society, a real system of checks and balances with the judiciary and with Congress and with state governments, and a tradition of freedom and independence. The United States has the ability to resist, which is not in autocratic countries. Any attempt by the President to become a kind of dictator is doomed to failure. However, in the coming weeks and months will be a stress test for those institutions on which the world should pay attention, because its results will indicate which direction is likely to move foreign policy and security policy of the United States.

First, Congress must approve or not approve the selected candidate trump for positions in the government. If Congress approves some of them who have an obvious conflict of interest or in fact, does not seek to promote abroad liberal principles, particularly the violation of Moscow’s international rights, it will signal a lack of independence and courage of the legislature and testify about gloomy predictions about the future of American politics.

Thus, it will portend that the participants of the campaign «ever trump» the Republican party has lost the battle within the political forces. Second, most experts in Washington still wonders: who will govern? Some believe that the triumvirate of the White house’bannon, Pribus and his son-in-law Kushner will dominate in most policies trump with a slope worse. Some add General Flynn to the list. Obviously, there are competing views on Russia and China between them and some of the candidates in the Cabinet, such as Minister of defense, General Mattis, head of the CIA Mike Pompeo and US Ambassador to the UN , Nikki Haley. It is still unknown whether they have the right to vote, or at least influence on key issues. Thirdly, it is also unprecedented that the President no appointments of senior civil servants and most senior experts-Republicans in security, it seems, are not ready to work with the administration to trump. Fourth, continuing some investigations of possible links between some members of the team trump and Russian officials and agents during the campaign. Some still expect, even without a lot of hope that this could lead to impeachment proceedings.

Whatever signs that concealed or confirmed in his inaugural speech trump, it is a source of deep concern for Europe and the free world, writes Nicolas Tenzer, Director of the Paris center for the study and interpretation of political decisions (CERAP) in the article «the New liberal order trump and the decline of democratic values» specifically for «Day».

When it became clear that Donald trump wins , Hillary Clinton, the team fantastically satirical TV series «Black mirror» made a statement in the official Twitter of the project: «It’s not our scene. This is not a marketing ploy. It is a reality». The reality is that by the time of the inauguration of the trump few perceive him as a politician — in it see people from the show business.

He led his own reality show, loved to light up in the movie in the role of a loved one. He had to the public was not so much a businessman, as funny a guy who plays the role of a millionaire playboy. World leaders found themselves in an awkward situation when it became clear that Clinton had lost many during the race managed to comment on trump in expressions that are actually not permissible even in respect of the candidate. They were talking about trump with the permissiveness with which critics speak about the actors.

Does anyone know how trump is going to prevent a third world or to deal with the economic crisis? But all know that he considers Meryl Streep the most overrated actress and makes fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the low ratings of his TV show.

The strip, by the way, first. Speaking at the ceremony, the Golden globes, announced that the worst role in the season played a trump: it pushed the cats in social networks. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (by the way, in his filmography — «the American President» with Michael Douglas in the lead role) the next day after the victory trump publishes a tear letter to my wife and daughter. About the fact that «the fight is not over, it has just begun» and «America is not stopped in last night to be America» (damn, I thought Sorkin a man with impeccable taste). The most popular joke about the change in the White house and that is the name of the popular series: «Orange is the new black».

The President-elect and the public for mutual fun prefer not to leave the comfort zone, which for them is show business. It seems like both parties are afraid of exposure. Well, Yes, trump is rude, boorish and unpredictable. He’s just in character. Not handed a Union card in the screen actors Guild, says Natalia Kandaurova in the article «trump as a show. As the US President erased the line between life and TV series» in the publication «Focus».

23 Jan. Press review. Show is on: what trump will turn America 23.01.2017

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