22 Nov. Press review. Ukraine honored the memory of the Heavenly hundred on the third anniversary of the Maidan

Blocked the Central streets of the deserted city center, the President’s speech with promises to build a Museum of the revolution of dignity and a lot of meetings — this is the facade of celebrating the third anniversary of the events on the Maidan, called Day of Dignity and Freedom. Events, the celebration of which requires not so much celebrations with demonstrations, how to work on the bugs.

The society is still certainly not found the answer to the reasons for what happened three years ago. And politicians and the government, instead of rethinking chant about the European choice of the Ukrainians, visa-free regime and on how well that the winter of 2013 to 2014, overthrew the regime of Yanukovych. However, there are people among the participants of the Euromaidan in particular, who is now not afraid to admit that was only toppled Yanukovych, but with the regime just turned out to be not so simple.

«We are the most europtimistic nation», — has declared yesterday Petro Poroshenko in his speech at the «Mystetskyi Arsenal». And here the public, the question arises how on the way to Europe, and relative optimism at all. With optimism, as ratings of confidence in the government, the people is really the problem, and it is constantly asserts sociology. And the reason for this is not even the fact that the dollar market is growing in unison with lassos at the Institute, and that between the government and the people felt more and more distance. For Yanukovych, this distance has ended in a personal fall into an «abyss». For the country it resulted in lost territory, and thousands died.

The rhetoric of Poroshenko’s speech on Monday was to ensure that people in 2013 chose a Pro-European path and stood on the Maidan for it. «Yanukovych has taken great European dream of youth,» the President said in the official video and performance at the «Mystetskyi Arsenal» and added: «but this Thursday I leave for Brussels for the summit Ukraine — EU. Note that our country has completed 144 points of the action Plan on visa liberalization, than proved to the world our ability to implement euroization reform at any level of complexity».

We will remind authors of the President’s speech that, in fact, exactly three years ago, several hundred Ukrainians really came out against the expanded 180 degree course Yanukovych, who seems to have declared intention to sign the agreement with the EU. But the mass protest acquired it after the beating of students on the night from November 30 to December 1, 2013. By the way, on Monday Poroshenko has awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously Sergey Tabal with the Callsign «North», which is the same 1 Dec pulled Poroshenko is known to the grader on Bank.

That is, people in 2013, Ko was not interested in «bezviz» how many are outraged by the lawlessness. The fight against corruption, the need for reform, European integration — all beacons of fiery speeches of politicians, many of whom got into Parliament on a wave of Maidan. The people could not stand the mockery. The limit of patience is the factor which is decisive for the protest. But changes are still needed and a clear vision of next steps.

Unfortunately, the government still uses the absence of a clear people vision vectors create States, instead of these vectors to form and implement. The confusion and the poverty of the people, the apparent political apathy, creates a background for a manipulation. The country still lives in parallel realities of war and peace, impoverishment of some and unimaginable enrichment of others, which is the cause of the above-mentioned range, which will inevitably turn into the abyss. People still «buy» the election and for pennies to drive to the rally, says Valentyn Torba in the article «Sociology of the third anniversary of the Euromaidan: «no cuts» in the newspaper «Day».

The whole country celebrated the Day of dignity and freedom — the anniversary of the beginning in Ukraine of two revolutions: the Orange in 2004 and Euromaidan in 2013. The holiday is celebrated for the third year in a row, starting in 2014. Across the country it took about 380 mass actions (marches, laying flowers to the monument). Militiamen worked in the strengthened mode: «to avoid any provocations and threats to the life and health of all participants, attracted nearly 15 thousand policemen and 3 thousand national guardsmen,» said the national police.

So, in the capital for the celebration of the blocked part of the center. Already in the morning in the main square of the country gathered about a hundred people to commemorate heroes of «Heavenly hundred» near the memorial on Instytutska street. There was a laying of flowers, and a prayer, and even a memorial service. Next, relatives of the victims went to meet with the President in «Mystetskiy Arsenal», where we announced the creation of the memorial complex on the Alley of the «Heavenly hundreds». The head of state instructed to allocate land to the Institute, but also volunteered to be the first investor in the charity Fund to raise funds for the complex.

Also, the city has opened several exhibitions: «Brave: our heroes» (Ukrainian house, will show the images of revolutionaries of different eras until November 24), the photo exhibition «Maidan — fortress of the spirit» in Kiev fortress (runs until 28 November, and there will illustrate the chronology of events on the Maidan). Meanwhile, in the Metropolitan Philharmonic played a concert themed In Memoriam: Maidan. In the evening on the main square of the country going in the chamber and held a Patriotic March the representatives of the radical organizations.

But in Lviv, in addition to the traditional flower-laying to the monuments on the field of honor Lychakiv cemetery held a memorial service. Said memorable date and the little Lviv residents — in schools across the city were held in the evening-Requiem, lectures and meetings with the heroes of the Euromaidan. In the Central square held a prayer service and took to the sky panels-an amulet of the blessed virgin. Ended the celebrations with a performance of the three choirs.

And in the higher ranks of the Odessa region, accompanied by a military band, cadets, high school students and the clergy laid flowers to the monument of Taras Shevchenko. Also in front of the memorial March was held to honor guard.

In Kharkov, the festival was celebrated near the monument to Taras Shevchenko, where going to the Euromaidan in 2013. There was held the ceremony of awarding medals of the patriots who showed courage in the struggle against separatism, were injured during the assault, HOGAN, the explosion near the Moscow district court and the terrorist attack near the Palace of sports.

In the river the first persons of the region laid flowers to the monument «Heavenly hundred». And the day before, on Sunday evening, in the House of organ music held a concert «in one spirit we are strong», during which local musicians performed well-known Ukrainian songs. Write about it Irina krikunenko, Makarenko Anna V. Deikun, Valery Serov in the article «How Ukraine celebrates Day of dignity» in the newspaper «Today».

The third anniversary of the revolution of Dignity gives rise to numerous reflections, and one of the important topics is the civil society.

After all, his appearance was the greatest asset of independence. In retrospect, all the major achievements of recent years – the overthrow of the dictatorship, stop the Russian aggression, the development of the new vision of the country and the strategy of reforms – we have active citizens and not politicians.

Today the state is a Prime example of institutional failure, and not from a good life by civil society undertakes certain functions. Millions of people collected money for the army, and tens of thousands of volunteers have purchased and delivered all the necessary on the cutting edge. Hundreds of centers of assistance to migrants occurred throughout the country. Hundreds of bills are written by public experts. Thousands of people helped to start in the field of police reform, public procurement, and the like. Public organizations are now helping the military and the diplomats, officials and mayors. Or so it should be, or is it abnormal?

At this time and in this place is normal. The failure state is determined by its post-colonial status and zolnostju politicians incapable of decisive transformation. At the same time there are challenges such as those the state has not done it ever. This situation overlaps with the Ukrainian tradition of weak government resistance, a strong society, this thousand-year tradition. And now all of this is that civil society requires a state that it is not sposobne, and in the end begins to do it yourself. A kind of «country-do-it-yourself».

But civil society itself is not ready for such challenges. You cannot live on adrenaline volunteering. Finally, I see now strewed the health of those who Provolone two or three years (a job in the public service for a small salary after big profits in the private sector is the same volunteering). You can’t run a marathon in the grueling pace of the street.

So, only two outputs. Or a relay race – each following sprint running someone else, to replace the tired arrive new. Or professionalization, in our metaphor the same way to change on the bike. Civil society should learn how to nominate and support politicians who will make the state capable of performing basic functions.

Today, three years after independence, the civil society is tired and disappointed. We ran for about a hundred centuries in a row, and there are still kilometers and kilometers. Continue to do the same thing more emphatically mean, to spend more energy and achieve even less. We need to draw conclusions and readjust. Our priorities today is civic education, the creation of networks on the ground, the pressure on politicians of a new generation for enterprises, says Valeriy Pekar in the article «Two way out for Ukraine» in the publication «New time».

22 Nov. Press review. Ukraine honored the memory of the Heavenly hundred on the third anniversary of the Maidan 22.11.2016

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