20 Jan. Press review. Trump came. For how long?

Today, U.S. President Barack Obama goes down in history, and Donald trump proceeds to the control in Washington will see the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. At the same time there comes a time analysis of the activities of the first black President of the United States, who has lived in the White house since 2009. Before Obama won his first presidential campaign, is the reform of medical insurance — he could not get in American history. But with him in the military operations was lost less soldiers of the Pentagon, was neutralized «the terrorist №1» Osama bin Laden, was restored diplomatic relations with Cuba, Iran agreed to part with the lion’s share of enriched uranium. But, unfortunately, broke out a new war in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen…

Undoubtedly, analysts will celebrate the success of Obama’s team in the fight against the international terrorist network «al-Qaeda», which was founded by his predecessor George Bush. 2 may 2011 in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad by U.S. special forces conducted a special operation «Neptune Spear», which was shot the most wanted terrorist in the world Osama bin Laden. Operation online commanded Obama personally, watching her move at the command of the CIA, Secretary of state Hillary Clinton via video surveillance cameras available to commandos. The body of «terrorist No. 1» was buried at sea.

But to replace the weakening al Qaeda, which still operates in some parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen, and in 2015 was able to organize the attack on the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (11 people died), came no less than an organized jihadist group «Islamic state» (IG). Despite the best efforts of Washington, including active participation in the bombing its positions in Syria and Iraq, he has failed to develop tactics to counter the recruitment of its citizens via the Internet. Recent terrorist attacks in the United States arranged such supporters, and Obama, in fact, became the American leader who could put an end to terrorism, at least at home. For example, on 12 June 2016 supporter of the IG Omar Matin shot at the night gay club Pulse in Orlando 49 people.

In its advantages Obama can write a rapprochement with Cuba. March 20, for the first time in 90 years, the foot of the American leader landed on the Island of freedom — Obama family made a two-day visit here. This was preceded by the opening on July 19 in Havana, the US Embassy, and a day later took place the opening ceremony of the Embassy of Cuba to the United States on the basis of the section of Cuban interests in this country.

In December 2014 Obama announced a policy change in the us policy in Cuba as the former did not produce results. The Cuban leadership in the face of Raul Castro supported the policy of rapprochement and waited for the lifting of economic sanctions. But the black President goes, extending the number of sanctions against Cuba aimed at deterring refugees from that country. Economic sanctions generally remain in place, albeit weakened. Americans without restrictions it is possible to import Cuban rum, cigars and drugs.

But the reset with Russia did not last long, although the White house, Obama moved in with statements on the need to establish with Moscow are mutually beneficial relationship. In the end, the Russian economy was struck by was introduced in 2014 sanctions for aggression against Ukraine. «America has many challenges. Russia is a regional power that is not from strength, but from weakness threatens neighbors,» Obama said in 2014 in the Hague after Russia expelled from the G8. «Today it is America that stands strong with its allies, while Russia is isolated and its economy in tatters,» said Obama to Congress a year later.

But seriously Obama could improve relations with Vietnam, which together are trying to resist China in the South China sea. Last year the Americans fully withdrew the embargo on Hanoi their weapons. Also last year, with the assistance Obama has a new Union — the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP, a free trade area in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes 12 countries covering 40% of the world economy). However, it is not like trump, who promised that on the day of the inauguration of the States come from the TTP. In his opinion, due to the TTP the us market is losing jobs, says Irina Kovalchuk in the article «Obama’s Legacy: how will remember former US President around the world» in the newspaper «Today».

Everything that happened in the short period after announcement of the election results, if confirmed the worst expectations of America and the world from the person whose name is translated as «Trump card». After the victory, he hasn’t slowed down resuability, peremptory trump’s tweets bring down the stock price of the companies they criticize, offend the universal favorite of Meryl Streep and put on the dangerous brink of ties with China. Relations with the American intelligence community, damaged. At a press conference trump quarrel with CNN and jokes about a special relationship with Putin, they say, is a political asset, not a drawback.

Donald trump came into power on a wave of dissatisfaction with the system, has attracted the attention and raised expectations as Neolithic in politics. He should be in this case, different, unexpected. The evaluation of its future performance remains low. Measurements Gallup showed that the majority of respondents (51% vs. 44%) negatively perceive trump preinauguration period. For comparison: Obama in 2009, before the start of the first period was 83% versus 12%.

Important point: from the presidents predecessors Donald trump is characterized, among other things, the low level of trust among the supporters of the foreign party and supporters of independent views. So, according to Gallup, on average, 60% of Republicans trust Obama and 57% of Democrats — Bush before their presidency. Trump this figure is 13% among Democrats and 33% among independents. In fact, he still relies solely on the support of Republicans – 87%.

But everything is not so simple. The traditional Gallup poll identifies the most outstanding man of last year, according to the Americans. Among men for the ninth time in a row won by Barack Obama with 22%. Donald Trump — 15%. 50% of surveyed Democrats expressed a preference for Obama. Only 34% of surveyed Republicans named outstanding party member of the trump, has just committed political revolution.

In addition to this and the Republican party leadership never had warm feelings for the controversial policy-the beginner. Moreover, until recently, I was searching for options for his replacement. This reshuffle was expected at the nominating Convention of the Republican party in Cleveland in July of last year, which refused to take part of Bush and several other Republican heavyweights. And now do not cease talking, at some point it is possible to replace trump at the White house on a quiet and safe Mike Pence, embarking on the duties of Vice President.

«Donald trump is like piled into one basket human vices. He is a soldier of fortune and a liar. He is a brawler and demagogue. He’s ignorant and throwing a deceiver and racist, demonstrative, or subconscious. His love of self is comparable only to my rejection of it. He’s going to be President of the United States. Open the prospects of the constitutional revolution». «How to remove trump from the power» is a text columnist Richard Cohen, published January 9 in the Washington post, never hid his Pro-democratic positions. But controversial is itself situation, when openly discussed the way the ouster of the future leader of the country, this government still have not received.

Cohen acknowledges that the impeachment thing is a chore, never America it is not fully finished, and it is unlikely it is hoped that in the case of trump will be different. But the saving decision can be the start in place of the twenty-fifth amendment to the Constitution, which provides for the transfer of presidential powers to the Vice-President in case of incapacity of the head of the White house. You just need to put the Republicans having a majority in both houses of Congress, at some point decided, summarized the facts of the inadequacy of the presidential trump and replaced it with Pens.

In fairness, we note that the fried cock yet Republicans didn’t take the bait, and tips from Democrats, they will not rush to implement in the near future and will try to avoid the constitutional revolution in the future. But the fact that trump the party got not only an ambitious leader, able to breathe in her new life as a source of constant headaches seem to have little doubt. About it Leonid Shvets writes in the article «Everything will be trump. How to hobble the controversial President» in the publication «Focus».

The most authoritative American political forecasters even before the inauguration of Donald trump promised his impeachment and an early exit from the White house. In their estimates they are guided by personal qualities of the 45th President of the United States, and political considerations. But that’s not all: the country is rapidly developing a very broad and powerful coalition of opponents trump, whose task-at least seriously complicate his life, and maximum objective as soon as possible to save him from the hardships of the presidential service.

However, to get rid of the US President, has just won the elections, – the problem is very trivial, it will require the concentrated efforts of many public, political and even bureaucratic effort. Therefore, the process involved all the forces.

Civil society, represented mainly by left-wing activists, human rights, environmental and similar movements have already declared Trump the real Jihad. The proponents of these ideas are combined at the local level, to prevent the new President to carry out their promises of the program through Congress. In the Internet appeared very well made sites, where everyone can find out what ways you can cram sticks in the wheels tempomobile. Briefly, the essence is approximately that: aggressive to demand that their congressmen and senators to vote against any initiatives of the new President. On the websites, actually, in detail and with examples explain how you can force your MP to vote against, even if he(a) wanted(a) to vote in favour.

In addition, we must not forget that trump and now enjoys a record low support from the Americans. To bring his rating to the required supporters of impeachment 20-25 percent subject to consensus of the active part of the big society not working.

However, the efforts of civil society and the entertainment industry would be nothing if not for the American media, sees Donald trump as a threat to their freedom and influence. The press conference that made fun of SNL, showed that the new President intends to introduce new rules of media relations. He demonstrated that he would not answer questions from reporters who disliked him, not going to speak on unpleasant topics, and clear answers to direct questions and does not. Journalists are not accustomed to such brazen style of communication, at first dismayed, but after a couple of days took heart, and wrote an open letter to the President in which he explained that the rules of communication will be set by them, not he.

To govern the country in openly hostile media, the new President will not be easy. However, even more dangerous for him, war with Congress, which, in fact, has already begun. More than fifty legislators have publicly announced that they are going to boycott the inauguration because I don’t think the new President legitimate.

Senator Bernie Sanders, also claimed to the post of President, travels to the States where he won the trump with the tour, which format is very similar to the election Usually ordinary Americans are rapidly moving away from the hype immediately after the vote, falling into the mode of «political hibernation» until the next cycle. Now they demonstrate a willingness to continue the fight.

But even more dangerous for trump’s growing schism in the Republican establishment who would like to see in the White house for a completely different person – a new Vice-President Mike Pence, which fully meets the views of the conservatives of a «normal» President, in contrast to the «unpredictable» trump.

Last but not least, a citizens group that is skeptical about the prospects for the presidency, Donald trump is the American intelligence community. The CIA, NSA, FBI and many other intelligence agencies say that the new President brought to power by the Russians, so there is great reason to believe that it will work on them, not on their own country.

All of the above opponents of the new head of state out loud about impeachment now, as a rule, do not speak as formal grounds for it yet. But the desire to get rid of «orange-utan», as they call trump in the American establishment and liberal circles, nobody really hides, writes Ivan Yakovina in the article «The Maidan. In the US, a movement for the removal of tramp from the authorities,» the edition «New time».

20 Jan. Press review. Trump came. For how long? 20.01.2017

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