19 Jan. Press review. Ukrainians celebrate the Baptism

Today the Orthodox celebrate great Christian holiday — Epiphany. It is believed that on 19 January Jesus Christ was baptized in the Jordan river. People believe that on this day the water has healing properties, and many to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect by bathing in the ice hole. But experts warn that jumping into the water without observing certain rules can greatly harm your health, leading even to fatal consequences. How to avoid these problems, the reporters found a family doctor Alexey Maximenko. And the priest, cleric of St Vladimir’s Cathedral of Kiev Alexander Sharygin said that you want this brought the ritual spiritual cleansing.

Dipping in the ice-hole on Epiphany is not a Church sacrament, but simply a tradition. «In fact, it has no direct relationship to the holiday, the Church does not force believers to climb into the icy water. The most important thing you need to know — Epiphany bathing cleanses from sin, as many think, — says Alexander Sharygin. — Spiritual cleansing only occurs when we repent of our sins during confession». Fact: a large number of people now do not think about the essence of the holiday, and dipped into the hole just due to the fact that it is considered fashionable tradition.

«It is important that the observance of the custom is not clouded the true meaning of the holiday — the Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ. During the baptism in the Jordan, as narrated by the gospel, God has revealed to man. Therefore, it is completely irresponsible to jump into the hole unprepared, «company» or even drunk. It is very dangerous to health and life, but also unacceptable from the point of view of religion. It is a sin because a person shows disrespect to prayer and the grace of God, which the believers ask the Lord during the consecration of the water,» says Alexander Sharygin.

The main thing for a Christian in this day, according to the priest, is to attend a Church service, the divine Liturgy, the sacrament of confession and Holy Communion, to pray and drink Holy water. It all leads one to light and life with God. And after that, if health allows, you can plunge into the hole. But this should definitely be prepared.

When a man plunges into an ice hole, his body begins rapidly to «give» heat production increases as much as 10 times!

«The first cold blow of taking on the capillaries of the skin. They are considerably narrow, which increases blood flow to vital organs, particularly the heart, — says Alexey Maximenko. — Thus, for a short period of time is a big burden on the heart, and reflex constricts blood vessels of the heart muscle. This can lead to very unpleasant and sometimes fatal consequences. For example, if increased blood pressure or heart disease, then a sharp drop in temperature can lead to heart rhythm disturbances, myocardial infarction, stroke and even sudden cardiac arrest. If the violation of cerebral circulation, freezing water can cause loss of consciousness. More distant negative effects of winter swimming can be an inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract and the urogenital system».

So, women can become inflamed ovaries and appendages, and in men — prostate. Especially careful you have to be people who have various chronic diseases, infectious diseases, inflammation of kidneys, epilepsy, hypertension and other ailments.

«Definitely do not go in the hole, year-round if you are being treated for sinusitis. Otherwise a very high probability that instead of the expected healing comes a sharp escalation — suggests Alexey Maximenko. Many people after Epiphany bathing often begin to ache, because the body reserves are depleted». In General, if you have any chronicle, then dip into the cold water for healing is not: it is possible to obtain the opposite effect and exacerbate the problem.

If health is no problem, you can take a plunge. That’s just to count on the global health effect is also not worth it: it comes only with regular and proper winter swimming.

«It is due to the fact that the adrenal glands respond to cold shock by increasing the production of corticosteroids. They have a strong anti-inflammatory action. In addition, these «walrus» harden the body and train all of its systems, ranging from cardiovascular and respiratory and ending the immune and endocrine», — says Alexey Maximenko. This writes Suzanne Kirin in the article «How to dive into the hole: tips to the feast of the Baptism» in the newspaper «Today».

In Kiev arranged the six bathing areas in the framework of today’s celebration of the Baptism. Plunge into the hole will be on the beaches of the «Kids» (near the chapel in Hydropark), «Central» (Trukhanov island, near the pedestrian bridge), «Telbin», «Palm» (palm lake), as well as in the recreation areas of «Troyeshchina» and «galley». For the convenience of people today from 10.00 to 17.00 will open a second exit from metro station «Hydropark».

The feast of the Baptism of the Lord established by the Church in the second century in memory of the baptism of the 30-year-old Christ by John the Baptist in the waters of the Jordan river, at first coincide with the Nativity, but from the IV century became an independent holiday. At Baptism the world was revealed to all three persons of the Holy Trinity: the open heaven, Jesus came down in the form of a dove and God the Holy Spirit, and the voice of God the Father called Christ his beloved Son. This is why Baptism is also called the feast of the Epiphany.

And Epiphany eve and Epiphany, performed a special rite of the great sanctification of water (and therefore in the people this holiday is called Vodohrescha, Jordan).

The water is sanctified and the feast day, and the day before, called Epiphany, or the great Agiasma (Holy thing), and has great power: it helps to maintain the health and ail — to overcome many diseases and protects against evil forces. Drink water, it is sprinkled with temples, housing, and their loved ones. They say that the Epiphany water is especially good for health and beauty — no wonder since ancient times, everyone dive into the hole, and the girls rush at least to wash with water from the river to face was rosy.

It was believed that bodies of water, the water remained Holy for at least three days after the Baptism, reported in the article «in the capital Today held celebrations on the occasion of the feast of the Baptism» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

Archaeologists, historians, theologians the main event of the last century, is considered discovery in the Judean desert in the area of Qumran the most ancient lists of the Bible — or rather, the old Testament.

1947. Near the Dead sea, the herder Bedouin herding whether goats, or sheep. One animal is missing. The shepherd decided that it fell into one of the many caves. Began to throw stones on top. Suddenly I heard that at the bottom of the cave, something crashed. Snuck down and found a broken jug, and in it the scroll of old skin with some flourishes. There are a few jars with scrolls.

The scrolls were purchased in 1950 by the State of Israel for $ 250,000. Until 1956 in eleven of the Qumran caves were discovered more than 190 scrolls. There is a suspicion that they are actually more — the excavations have been involved in various groups, I found they published. The point is fine — found all the texts of the Tanakh (old Testament) except the book of Esther (Esther). Plus many non-biblical texts, the comments, the community rule of the Essenes, whose members, apparently, about three hundred years old and copied the scrolls. The documents are dated III century BC — I century ad Then there are some lists made during the earthly life of Jesus.

The Essenes believed that modern people are spoiled, their customs do not conform to the faith. They went into the desert and lived in distinct communities, the vow of celibacy, and despised wealth. Some scientists suggest that it belonged to the Essenes and John the Baptist. Perhaps they had been associated and Jesus Christ. At least much of what He preached, coincided with the views of the Essenes. But the rite «ritual of immersion into water» the Essenes were particularly important and preceded every prayer, preaching mentor, shared a meal, work on the census texts. It is this rite Jesus was asked to hold John in the Jordan river.

By the way, the Qumran caves are located just one and a half kilometers from Qasr al-Yehuda — place on the Jordan river, where believers perform the ritual of baptism.

True — as the Greeks pronounced the Hebrew phrase Beit Avar the House of the crossing. This is one of the most significant places in Israel’s history and the important point for representatives of different faiths.

Historians say that in this place in the lower reaches of the Jordan river was a Ford or ferry. It is here that the river parted and the children of Israel led by Joshua entered the promised Land.

Later, it was here that he ascended to heaven in a fiery chariot of Elijah the prophet. And here Jesus Christ was met by John the Baptist and washed by the waters of the Jordan. Place thrice Holy. Now this place is called Qasr El-Yahud.

The Jordan, then the border. So on one side under the awning you sit, hugging machines, the Israeli military. On the other, absolutely close, hiding from the sun Jordanian border guards. Those who find themselves on the Jordanian side, unable to perform the rite of ablution in the sacred waters on the other side of the river.

Evidence that the crossing was precisely in point with these coordinates is not. The river during this time several times to change the channel.

Located in the waters of the Jordan tradition prescribes special baptismal shirt.

On the eve of the Epiphany at Qasr El-Yahuda Patriarch of Jerusalem performs the rite of the great blessing of water. He goes down to the Jordan river and immerses a cross in her water. During the ceremony in the air a white dove is released in memory of the event of the Epiphany.

At the Jordan river there is another place where the faithful can bathe. It is a very different place — near lake Kinneret (sea of Galilee) — just downstream. It is called Yardenit.

In this place John could not baptize Jesus. And this warning. But many believe that the mere bathing in the sacred waters of Jordan a good thing, pleasing to God. The water here is much cleaner than in the area of Qasr-El-Yahud — light green, cool. Flowing through the Judean desert, the Jordan mixed with silt and clay, and Wifewere the water is cloudy, dark yellow color.

In Ardennite, as in the Qasr-El-Yahuda, in bikini or in swimming trunks located in the water no one will be allowed, writes Alexander Milkus in the article «Three little-known fact about Baptism» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

19 Jan. Press review. Ukrainians celebrate the Baptism 19.01.2017

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