19 against the EU initiate proceedings for violation of the rules of the asylum. Tusk: at stake is the future of Schengen

On the eve of the emergency summit of EU leaders devoted to the migration crisis, the European Commission initiates the excitation of the 40 cases against 19 countries of the EU because of non-compliance with asylum procedures.

It is reported by the German newspaper Die Welt, reports «European true».

The head of the European Commission called upon EU leaders to take responsibility in solving the immigration crisis
The Croatian police had to use tear gas during clashes in a refugee camp

According to the publication, cases were instigated, in particular, against Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Hungary.

At the same time Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom dodged for the fact that they have not signed the European laws on asylum.

Brussels accuses EU members in breach of European legislation on recognition of refugee standards and asylum procedures and reception conditions of asylum-seekers.

«In vain on the summit meetings to discuss new rules in the migration policy, if existing national legislation is not sufficiently observed. Responsibility and solidarity in the asylum should go next», — quotes the edition of one of the European officials.

It is also reported that the President of the European Council Donald Tusk before the summit the EU noted that the European Union has reached a critical point in attempts to solve major migration crisis.

«Many days I was trying to moderate the discussion (with respect to migration crisis). We have reached a critical point, when you need to complete this circle of mutual accusations and misunderstanding», — he stressed.

According to Tusk, the EU should prepare for the fact that the conflicts in Syria and Iraq will not end soon, and so «we can talk about millions of potential refugees who attempt to reach Europe».

«The most pressing issue is to restore control over external borders. Otherwise it makes no sense to even talk about a common European migration policy», — convinced the President of the European Council.

«At stake is the future of the Schengen agreement and the common European spirit,» he said.

As Tusk noted, it is during the summit will invite leaders of member countries to agree on short term solutions, in particular, increased assistance to «frontline» countries.

«Today we should prepare a clear plan. It needs to take the place of chaos we’ve seen in recent weeks,» — said Tusk.

We will remind, the interior Ministers of the EU adopted a decision on the reallocation of 120 thousand refugees between member countries by an overwhelming majority.

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania voted against.

The head of the European Commission called upon EU leaders to take responsibility in solving the immigration crisis

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed an emergency EU summit to take decisive measures and allocate greater resources to addressing the refugee crisis, including strengthening of control of external borders of the Union, to assist countries of origin and transit of immigrants.

«In recent weeks we have seen that Europe is not only watches. The citizens themselves took up the case and not just the television pictures from Munich, Spit or feces, and throughout Europe have proven their compassion and humanity», he said on Wednesday 23 September after meeting with President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, informs «Interfax-Ukraine».

«This is a Europe that takes responsibility, and the people rightfully demand the same from politicians,» he continued.

Juncker noted that due to the actions of the European Commission and the European Parliament of 160 thousand refugees can be resettled on the territory of the Union.

«Specifically, this means not only a better future for 160 thousand people, but also a relief to those EU countries that were especially affected by the influx of refugees».

It is with some regret recalled that the agreement reached the day before the interior Ministers of the EU the agreement on resettlement was made not by consensus, and some countries have opposed.

«Of course, we all want and always prefer a consensual agreement, but in the European understanding it is a good solution, we act as a community. Collective makes us a capable method in the sense of the European community,» he said.

«Yesterday made an important step, but only a step. That is why my Commission has adopted today a comprehensive plan of further measures,» he said.

These measures include the allocation of additional resources for dealing with the refugee crisis, the increase in the staffing of the EU institutions, who are engaged in rescue of people and protection of the external borders of the Union, strict implementation of existing rules and laws.

«In response to repeated demands to adopt common rules of asylum, I can only say: we have such rules, including on the reception of asylum seekers and decent handling. Today marked 40 cases of violation of the law serve as a vivid reminder that these rules still need to perform,» he said.

«Close the borders and build fences is not a solution. The solution is much more: joint control of our external borders. It requires more resources and more personnel», — said the head of the European Commission.

He promised the end of the year to make a proposal to significantly strengthen the border guard service FRONTEX, to turn it into a «full-fledged European Agency for border security and coastal waters.»

He urged countries to increase Union financial contribution to the solution of the refugee problem.

«Since the crisis began in may, the Commission has exhausted all possibilities to find the money in the EU budget: we have nearly doubled the resources to overcome the crisis of refugees, increased from 4.6 billion euros to 9.5 billion euros».

Taken on Wednesday the decision of the Executive Board of the EU added more than a billion euros for emergency aid to crisis-hit members of the Union, the specialized structures of the EU, humanitarian aid, increased contribution to the world food programme. Additional funds have been allocated for the stabilization of the nearest neighbors: up to EUR 1 billion — Turkey, 700 million euros to Serbia and Macedonia.

«I expect that tonight (at the EU summit), gathered around the table, all member States will also be ready to assume their part of responsibility,» said Juncker.

19 against the EU initiate proceedings for violation of the rules of the asylum. Tusk: at stake is the future of Schengen 24.09.2015

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