18 Jan. Press review. That will bring Ukraine from Davos

Davos started with a small emergency. Some of the participants of the world economic forum, which arrived on Monday, couldn’t get to their hotel due to the fact that the mountain road between the resorts of Davos and Klosters are roughly 12 kilometres apart, was completely blocked. Most of the participants of the Forum lives in Klosters and gets to the events of the forum on the special transport. According to eyewitnesses, at night on a mountain road has accumulated a convoy of hundreds of cars, and the traffic on the highway was stopped. And the police missed only ambulances. The reason this incident was not reported.

But on the morning of 17 January, the Economic forum has started its work. This time in Davos came to a record number of participants – about three thousand. Among them will be dozens of presidents and heads of governments, heads of international organizations and famous public figures. It is noteworthy that this Davos ignored the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Spain. Canada. But there came the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may. And due to the fact that the last day of the forum falls on the day of the inauguration of Donald trump, USA it is well represented by members of the Obama team – Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of state John Kerry. Although the forum is also one of the advisors trump, Anthony Scaramucci.

In General, experts believe that Davos will pass under the badge of China, which is gaining more weight in the world economy. The forum was opened by XI Jinping, the Chinese President, which was sent to Davos the most representative delegation in the history of its participation.

Ukraine will be represented only in the informal part of the forum. Our country is not in the official work schedule of the forum, as in previous years, and this time Ukraine spends only two unofficial events for international investors. However, the Ukrainian delegation to the max decided to use Davos as a platform to communicate with captains of the business world and the leaders of other countries. Petro Poroshenko during the forum will deliver a speech on one of the panels of Davos, to take part in the meeting of world economic leaders, and debate «a New Treaty for Europe». In addition, the President of Ukraine will hold a series of meetings with heads of States and governments, the IMF and the EBRD and investors.

Together with Petro Poroshenko in Davos went by the Minister of economy Oleksandr danylyuk, the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva. And in Switzerland Ukrainian President in an interview with Bloomberg said that Ukraine will receive the next tranche of financial assistance from the International monetary Fund in the coming weeks. Petro Poroshenko at the forum also said that 100 million dollars in financial aid expected by February.

This time, the Ukrainian President will not participate in Ukrainian lunch in Davos the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. This move caused a scandal article Pinchuk, in which he spoke about his vision of resolving the crisis in Donbas by serious concessions to Russia. But lunch came the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko and a number of deputies, writes Viktor Timofeev in the article «the Beginning of Davos: Ukraine has gone by the wayside» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

In the Swiss mountain town of Davos started the 47th world economic forum. This year it will be held under the slogan «Responsible and sensitive leadership.» Western experts and journalists have dubbed «the topic» a hint of the growing gap between political elites and society and a loss of public confidence in government institutions.

Populists and antiglobalists are the main enemies of the future, says the founder of the Davos forum, a Swiss Professor and businessman , Klaus Schwab. During the announcing press conference, Schwab actually admitted that 20 years he founded the site led humanity down the wrong path when I read the text, written over 20 years ago, in which he warned about the threat of rising populism and said that globalization should benefit the majority and not just a small elite.

These challenges remain relevant to this day, says Schwab. «Any attempt to find a simple solution to the complex problems of a global scale is doomed to failure. We should not rely on populist decisions», — said the head of the WEF.

According to Klaus Schwab, the goal of the current meetings is to develop a recipe for countering populism. After all, every year the Swiss ski resort brings together people with a variety of experiences, opinions, social and financial status but all of them, according to Schwab, are primarily representatives of the global elite, nobody of the global establishment. And they with this platform to convince the world that the growing pace of globalization, increased cross-border trade and the elimination of local barriers to international investors will only benefit the entire population of the planet. However, recent events, specifically — the past year showed the opposite result. And it is the citizens of the Western world first began to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the effects of globalization. An example of this — a referendum on British exit from the EU and the results of the U.S. presidential race, which was won by a candidate who promised to return Americans to the factories.

The participants of the Davos forum should, according to Klaus to find a way out — something to offer mankind to preserve the global balance of the planet. Among the key issues to be discussed, — the promotion of economic growth, reform the capitalist system in order to prevent further division of society, loss of confidence in governments and institutions, and the impact of digital technologies on the level of employment and well-being of the population as a whole.

But traditional Ukrainian Breakfast in Davos, organized by the Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk, it seems, also for the first time in its history will have a lot of «vacant» seats. Refusal to participate in the event have already announced the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Vice Prime Minister for European integration Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze, people’s deputies Svetlana Zalishchuk, Nayyem, Alena Shkrum and Victoria Voitsitska.

Only two deputies from parliamentary group of «Euro-optimists», as reported by Ukrainian media, are now confirmed that he accepted the invitation of Pinchuk and go «lunch» in Davos. Is Serhiy Leshchenko , and Natalia Katser-Buckovski.

It is also interesting that the visit of the deputies of the Fund the Fund «Vidrodzhennya», which on 7 January stated that it did not share the position of businessman Victor Pinchuk Foundation, stated in his article for newspaper the Wall Street Journal, however, and further performs the partner obligations in common with his charity Foundation projects in particular, is a «Ukrainian Breakfast» in the framework of the Economic forum in Davos in January. This writes Alla Dubrovyk-Rohova in the article «Davos and Yalta: the Parallels» in the newspaper «Day».

Financial assistance from Switzerland, the interest in cooperation, prodemonstrirovana China. These are the results of the first day of the world economic forum in Davos for Ukraine. Ukrainian Delegation was headed by President Petro Poroshenko.

The founder of the Davos forum, Klaus Schwab does not hide the concern: too much in a world of uncertainty. 20 years ago, he was sure that free international trade will make the world a better place. Now – doubts.

The skepticism is clear: it is time for the richest people on the planet — multiplied condition. Eight of the largest bags of the Earth as much money as three and a half billion poorest people on the planet. It is nearly half a trillion dollars. To reduce this financial gap is easy, experts say. The rich only have to pay all the taxes.

«Many billionaires do not pay taxes, use tax havens. But they should do more to help ordinary people. Spending money on schools and not on the yacht,» – said Max Lawson, policy adviser for Oxfam.

But to solve these problems you need the desire and the behavior of leaders of many countries to read an attempt to move away. For example, the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump for a meeting came as the leaders of Germany, France and Italy. But for the first time in many years a winter resort was graced by the President of China. But this country, according to experts, will soon be equal in economic power from the United States.

In turn, China is interested in Ukraine: Petro Poroshenko was one of the few leaders who were able to meet with the Chinese leadership. What was discussed – said after the meeting.

«Directions of Chinese investments in Ukraine, participation in privatization, creation of joint technological projects in various industries: from agriculture (and) to machine building, power engineering and ending with logistics and infrastructure,» – said Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine.

The guarantor also had a conversation with a Swiss colleague. Following the meeting it became known that till the end of January, Switzerland will provide financial assistance to Ukraine.

«Ukraine will receive $ 100 million – they will go to the National Bank account – financial assistance from the Swiss Confederation, aimed at supporting Ukraine», – said Poroshenko.

Agreed Poroshenko and the meeting with Donald trump – but not yesterday, but much earlier. According to the report of the President’s Administration in Twitter Poroshenko was one of the first leaders, whom trump called immediately after the election, the paper reported «as agreed Poroshenko at the Davos forum» in the newspaper «Today».

18 Jan. Press review. That will bring Ukraine from Davos 18.01.2017

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