16 Jan. Press review. Why Narada banned «Rain»

The national Council on television and radio seized a Russian TV channel «Rain» from the list of foreign programmes, the content of which meets the requirements of the European Convention on transfrontier television and laws of Ukraine.

The main violation is the lack of recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Russian commercial advertising. This was announced during a meeting of the National Council Chairman Yuriy Artemenko on Thursday.

«There is monitoring. The TV channel «Rain», the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. There are violations. First, recorded host of commercial advertising that is in violation of the law on advertising. As well as a violation of the law of Ukraine «On television and radio broadcasting» — recorded stream of stories testifying to the non-recognition of state borders and the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. There is a proposal to seize foreign program «Rain» from the list of foreign programmes, the content of which meets the requirements of the European Convention», — said Mr. Artemenko.

According to him, providers were given a month prior to the entry of this decision into force, to bring its activities into compliance with this decision.

Member of the National Council Sergey Kostinsky added that through 2016 were repeatedly recorded stream of the Russian advertising on the territory of Ukraine.

«We took a step toward the channel that was perceived as the opposition, which supports part of Russian society, which refers to the events in Ukraine with a certain understanding, and therefore turned to the TV channel «Rain» with a request to cure the breach. With its CEO Natalia Sindeeva we agreed that violations of the law will cease. And for two months there was a Ukrainian version of «Rain» ad, which was distributed via the Internet. But this version has not been received in the national Council for adaptation. And besides, «Rain» has not resolved the issue so that providers broadcast this version. Therefore, Ukrainian providers still broadcast version with Russian is,» said Mr. Kostinsky.

At the same time, he noted that the key violation that is the basis for the limitation of the retransmission of TV channel «the Rain» is the non-recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Besides, the system policy channel is that TV people considered to be occupied Crimea part of Russia.

«The key issue that we fixed is the issue of Crimea, which dots. The journalists of «Rain» visited Crimea in violation of Ukrainian legislation, following only Russia. In the air «Rain» the administrative border between Crimea and Kherson oblast, called the Russian-Ukrainian border. And these events are regular. In particular, this map of the Russian Federation, in which the Crimea marked as Russian territory», — said Sergey Kostinsky.

The national Council unanimously voted to restrict the retransmission of this channel on the territory of Ukraine. Thus, «Rain» was added to the list 76 of the Russian TV channels banned in our country, becoming in this 77-M.

The General Director of «Rain» Natalia Sindeeva is justified, they say, the channel is guided by the Russian legislation, when the map image of Russia. In her words, «in accordance with article 65 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation the Republic of Crimea is a Federal subject of the Russian Federation». According to her, «Rain» in Ukraine translates approximately 90 providers, and access channel have 500 thousand households.

At the same time, the Russian lawyer mark Feigin, who defends in courts of Ukrainian political prisoners, said that his «efforts to explain the simulation» independent media «was not in vain».

«As I understand it, the reason for the shutdown of the TV company «Rain» in Ukraine is in compliance with the legislation of Russia on the status of Crimea as part of Russia. Then, in the Crimea and stream. Why in Ukraine?», — Feigin wrote on Facebook. He adds that «the so-called independent media do not care about the fate of Ukrainian political prisoners,» reported in the article «Ukraine banned the TV channel «Rain» because of the occupied Crimea» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

On the official website of «Rain» in Facebook appeared the following message:

«In General, friends, this situation. Sorry. The national Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting banned broadcasting of Russian TV channel «Rain» because of the violation of the Ukrainian legislation. This «Rain», said the representative of the provider partner «Will», whose lawyer was present at the meeting of the regulator.»

According to the representative of the «Will» Oksana Veselova, the decision to exclude «Rain» from the list of foreign programmes, the content of which corresponds to Ukrainian legislation, adopted at a meeting of the national Council on January 12. The official document will be published on January 16. From that moment, the operators a month to exclude the channel from the networks.

Veselov told to «Dozhd» that the stream channel on the territory of the country because of the placement of broadcast advertising. Ukrainian legislation prohibits advertising in the broadcast of foreign TV channels. With the exception of the channels that fall under the jurisdiction of the member States of the European Union or the States which ratified the European Convention on transfrontier television (Russia is not among these countries).

The rain in Ukraine broadcast about 90 providers. The access channel are approximately 500 thousand families, writes Julia Kazan in the article «Reaction to «Rain» on the prohibition of the channel in Ukraine: «In General, friends, very sorry» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

MP Mustafa Nayem said that the ban of TV channel «Rain» in Ukraine — this is not censorship, but compliance with the Ukrainian legislation. According to him, if a foreign entity broadcasting wants to work in Ukraine, so we should respect the Ukrainian laws and the Constitution.

«I am sincerely sorry for that «Rain» in Ukraine turned off. At the same time, I don’t understand those who are willing to justify the correction of the map because this is required by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, but not ready to accept the disconnection of the channel due to the violation of the Constitution. We have here, in Kiev, our Constitution and laws. According to this Constitution, and the laws, Crimea – Ukrainian and Russia – the aggressor country, occupied our territory. And anyone who denies it is violating the law and obviously needs to be restricted in their actions on our territory. Any perturbation in this regard’m just saying that not all of our colleagues and friends on the other side of the border are equally ready to receive, understand and respect the Constitution, the laws of Ukraine on its territory», – Nayem wrote.

He added that the shutdown of «Rain» is not talking about censorship, ethics or culture, but solely on the laws and the Constitution. This was reported in the article Nye explained why the prohibition of «Rain» in Ukraine – it is the right thing» in the newspaper «Today».

Watching the ongoing discussions of a ban in Ukraine broadcasting of «Rain» and leaving aside the hysteria of the propaganda, I want to tell my colleagues in Russia next.

In this tie (of decent people) fault. Simply the situation is that both the Russian and Ukrainian channel is not obtained. And next will not work. Neither «Rain» nor anyone else. It’s simply a war in which Russia attacked Georgia and occupied part of its territory.

Undoubtedly, for Russia the «Rain» is a progressive channel. But for Ukraine-it is Russian, containing the air that in Ukraine is unacceptable according to the law, nor against society. And the «Rain» broadcasting in Russia, can not contain. Because he is under pressure from the authorities.

It’s not a local story and not a story about «freedom of speech clip», this is not about that. The situation with «Rain» does not exist by itself, it is a direct consequence of the situation that all of us dragged the leadership of the Russian Federation.

Ideally, the prohibition of «Rain» in Ukraine it is possible to comment on the sad silence. And I think the Russians need to look at what is happening through the eyes of Ukrainians. In Russian conditions this may require serious effort. But if you can, you will not have cause for resentment, writes muzhdabaev in the article «Ban «Rain»: who is to blame» in the edition «New time».

16 Jan. Press review. Why Narada banned «Rain» 16.01.2017

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