150 prisoners escaped from a prison in the Philippines in an attack by armed men on security

In the Philippines, committed mass escape of prisoners from the prison, located in the town Quezon city province of North Cotabato. Hundreds of prisoners escaped while guards repelled an armed attack on the prison, which was attended by a group of unknown, writes NEWSru.com.

Shooting guards with the attackers occurred around midnight and lasted approximately one hour, reports The Philippine Star. According to warden Peter Bangata, the shooting started after the jail began to have problems with electricity and the lights went out.

During the firefight, killed one of the guards. Also wounded prisoner was sent to the hospital.

According to security forces, while attacking the prison was able to leave the 158 prisoners.

«It’s not just escape. Organized an armed attack to liberate certain prisoners,» said Peter Bungat.

According to jailers, «the attack was well planned, and the escapees used bedsheets to escape to freedom.» Before the attack on the prison held prisoners 1511, reports TASS.

According to sources military intelligence, the attack on the prison was carried out by the Islamists from a grouping «Islamic freedom fighters Bangsamoro» (BIFF — Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters). Perhaps they wanted to release three of his supporters, who were kept in prison in Kidapawan on suspicion of organizing the explosions.

However, the representative of the BIFF , Abu Misri Mama said it was not involved groups to attack the prison.

Members of a local militia involved in law enforcement, was detained in one of the fugitives. He lost orientation and was probably scared by the gunshots and explosions. In jail he was charged with drug trafficking.

In prison Kidapawan contained more than a dozen people arrested during a Federal drug RAID conducted at the end of 2015 in the town of Midsayap. The suspects were accomplices of drug dealers Renz Tukuran and Mocca Machala, which in the past led guerrilla units and retained a large stockpile of weapons, including machine guns, M-60 and grenade launchers.

We will add that 10 years ago the rebels have carried out a similar attack on a prison, freeing three of his henchmen, was involved in the bombings. Then, together with the terrorists to roam freely over 40 prisoners.

Four years later, in another attack, escape from prison five terrorists and other prisoners.

And in August 2016, ten prisoners in the Philippines were killed in a grenade blast during a failed prison break.

150 prisoners escaped from a prison in the Philippines in an attack by armed men on security 04.01.2017

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