15 Nov. Press review. Why leave Dekanoidze

Khatia Dekanoidze has confirmed the rumors about his resignation. At the briefing, which she gave on 14 November, the former head of the police in enough detail listed all that he considers his achievements. However, and recognized that she was able not all.

«I, as promised, within a year created the Foundation for the development of a new National police force, I remained faithful to you and your interests to the last minute of my work. But, unfortunately, my powers and will were not sufficient for the drastic changes. To clear law enforcement bodies of corruption and abuse of power — a much more difficult task. We laid the Foundation. I hope that this transformation will not end,» admitted Dekanoidze.

She also complained of poor funding.

«Naked and barefoot, without paper and gasoline, without modern technology and the proper security the police will not be able to work efficiently,» she said.

To politicians She threw the accusation that they are interfering in police work.

«I couldn’t stand dirty linen in public, but now find it necessary to turn to the politicians and officials, from deputies to the highest offices, asking and even demanding to abandon interference in the work of national police. Cannot and should not assign law enforcement to comply with policies. And politicians should not attempt to use the force of law to protect their interests,» said Dekanoidze.

Acting head of the National police is Deputy Dekanoidze Vadim Trojan. However, the Lawyer sees him at the head of the Department.

«I do not think that Vadim Troyan is politically independent. I believe that the new head of the national police should be elected in the contest,» said the Lawyer.

National police Dekanoidze headed from 4 November 2015. Rumors about her retirement began to circulate since the summer of this year. She repeatedly said that to leave office is not going to write Valeriy Chepurko, Marina Tishchenko the article «Dekanoidze admitted that they are unable to defeat corruption» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

A year ago, Khatia Dekanoidze held a position of Head of the National police of Ukraine and today, 14 November, announced his resignation. Demonize on his page on Facebook told about the goals and results of the MIA of Ukraine.

Dekanoidze said that she had not only «almost from scratch» to create a new state authority, the National police, and to return credibility to discredited Institute.

The former head of the national police outlined the important components, without which it does not see the further effective development of the national police.

According to her, the police it is imperative adequate funding.

«We can endlessly reform the system, to apply modern practices to fire old and hire new employees. But! Naked and barefoot, without paper and gasoline, without modern technology and proper social security, the police will not be able to work effectively,» said Dekanoidze.

In addition, she stressed the need for reform of the prosecution and the courts, without which, she said, cannot «substantially change the entire law enforcement system in the country.»

«The existing order of things sooner or later will lead and is already leading to value conflicts between those who want change and those who are stuck in the past», – said Dekanoidze.

The former head of the national police of Ukraine told about what was achieved during its work on the post.

Dekanoidze said the development and implementation of the new structure of the national police which, in her words, «became the basis for the creation of a new state of the Institute».

In addition, she drew attention to the held-out re-certification of employees of law enforcement body and the creation of an independent rekrutingovoe of the body through which selected to date, all employees of the national police.

«This process was much criticized, he was not perfect, but then and now I am convinced that another way to clean up the system we had. In fact, certification was the first step to the society and open assessment of the activities of state bodies», – said Dekanoidze.

She also mentioned the launch of the patrol police in 32 cities of Ukraine. According to her, the patrol police today shows «new standards of relations between the state and human rights».

In addition, Dekanoidze said and create the structure of internal security the national police and announced the results of its work.

«Under my personal direction was created neangazhirovannye, effective structure of internal security the National police, which only last year opened more than 1,000 cases against corruption in the police force, including in relation to senior officials of the system,» she wrote.

Also former head of national police announced the creation of the office for the protection of human rights and implementation of an electronic control system on observance of the rights of detainees in temporary detention facilities.

Dekanoidze in his message of condolences «to the families and friends of all postadavshih».

«To my great regret, we were not able to avoid losses and tragedies. I offer my deepest condolences to the families and friends of all the victims», – noted ex-the head of national police.

However, she thanked his team and all police officers who «no matter what, continue to perform your duty, following in the oath».

Dekanoidze thanked the public and journalists for «faith and objective criticism» and the international partners for «help and assistance».

She also said said that «public confidence in the National police force grew, and the police are ready to work according to new principles.»

«But the biggest thank you to all the Ukrainian people for their support, understanding and patience», – summed up Khatia Dekanoidze. This was reported in the article «Dekanoidze told about the difficulties and achievements at the head of the national police» in the newspaper «Today».

The rumors about the resignation Dekanoidze has begun after in may of 2016, the Ministry of internal Affairs left the Deputy Minister Eka Zguladze. Later, she repeatedly said that if will make such decision, the representatives of the media know about it first. That goes, she said at a briefing, noting that there remains a citizen of Ukraine.

«Thank you for your great interest. A year ago at the request of the leadership of the country, I was appointed head of the National police. It was a challenge… I’m retiring», she said. Dekanoidze said that he considers himself a man of independent politically, admitted that it failed to root out corruption in the police, and complained of continuing «a tradition of interference of politicians in police work».

Marushevska is also a member of the Georgian team. Customs has appointed 15 October 2015 in the team of the then Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration of Mikheil Saakashvili, which is now no longer in office and declares the establishment of the party and intent to pass to the Verkhovna Rada for early parliamentary elections.

«The government has no political will to customs reform. Vision reform is not in Kiev», – said Marushevska. Stressed that remains in the team of the former head of the Odessa regional state administration, Saakashvili and supported his actions.

Experts believe that the dismissal Dekanoidze and Marushevskaya are in the context of the parade of resignations Georgians and attempts to achieve holding of early parliamentary elections.

«Dekanoidze long was actually about to leave and started to walk away. Her resignation was planned for the summer, and Avakov left her for some time. Formally, the authorities left the Georgian troops, but Dekanoidze cannot be called a member of Saakashvili’s team,» says political expert Taras Berezovets. He believes that Dekanoidze not very effectively managed the work at the head of the National police, and, in contrast to Zguladze, was not sufficiently qualified.

Marushevska, according to Berezovets, resign because it expects to place on the electoral list has not yet formed the party of Saakashvili, whose team entered into situational alliances with other supporters of early elections and those who want to undermine the situation – he calls them the party Batkivschyna and a controlled Serhiy Lyovochkin of the Opposition bloc.

«There is a team of Saakashvili, without leaving a change in the fundamental scale. These people go into a new political force Saakashvili,» says the political scientist Alexander paly, noting that the rate of Saakashvili in early elections won’t work. For them there is no reason. In particular, there is a Government exists and provides the vote parliamentary majority. «Not the time to spend 2.5 billion on elections. Silly to throw the country into early elections in such a difficult geopolitical time. What will the re-election? The Parliament will be 5-10 populists more unless. No sense in re-election not» – he concluded. For his part, he said, and Dekanoidze, and Marushevska examples of successful reformers, which ought to offer to stay.

The political scientist Eugene Magda also does not exclude that Dekanoidze, and a Palestinian can be in the electoral lists of the party of Saakashvili. Marushevska, he recalls, last week received a warning about incomplete office discrepancy, so it’s logical to walk away, than to wait for the release.

«She came on the shoulders of Saakashvili, and it is unlikely to work after his dismissal, he says. — But regarding the Khatia Dekanoidze – situation is interesting. The man left on the eve of the protests. She said that politicians continue to intervene in the Affairs of Ukraine. Names are not called. But the chain can be tracked. The man did not want to be extreme in all those things.» This writes Julia Artamoshina in the article «Why and where did Dekanoidze and the Safe» in the edition «New time».

15 Nov. Press review. Why leave Dekanoidze 15.11.2016

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