15 February. Press review. Munich conference: results for Ukraine

The supply of weapons to Donbas, the secure holding of the elections and the modalities of their conduct, arrests in Crimea and humanitarian situation, as well as an agreement about the next meeting in Paris. These were the main topics of the Ministerial meeting «channel four», which took place at 9 o’clock on the Kiev time in Munich, before the start of the debate at the Munich security conference.

«I informed participants of the meeting about what is happening, not only in relation to constant violations and attacks, but also that there are joint exercises of the Russian military, who are on the territory of Donbass. I showed a few photos of Russian arms delivered across the border. Lavrov on this properly has not responded,» — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. The chief of Ukrainian diplomacy stressed that with so many weapons Russia can easily start an offensive operation.

According to him, during the meeting they also talked about the security in the Donbass during the elections.

«The atmosphere of today’s meeting is very much affected by what is happening now in Crimea with constant searches and arrests. Lavrov made an appearance that does not respond to it,» he added.

In addition, according to the Minister, at the meeting, agreement was reached within the framework of the Minsk process to work out modalities for the next election in the Donbas.

«They also discussed the humanitarian component: I reminded Lavrov that he promised to let the «Red Cross», several times promised to allow «Doctors without borders», but this is not happening» — said Klimkin.

According to him, during the meeting of German, French and Ukrainian parties with the use of exchanged information and spoke to the agenda of the meeting in Paris. «So it was a mid-term meeting and the real meeting will be in March,» he said. This writes Nikolai Ciroc in the article «interim meeting» in the newspaper «Day».

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov following the results of the Munich meeting said that he considered counterproductive failure of Kiev to engage in direct dialogue with the breakaway republics in the East of the country. However, he again stressed that the implementation of the Minsk agreements should be required from Kiev and «DNR» with «LNR», because that’s what their representatives put their signatures to the documents.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed optimism about the prospects of resolving the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. «Of course, to solve this conflict is still far» — he said after the meeting in Munich.

Commenting on the situation around the implementation of the Minsk agreements, Steinmeier noted: «We still argue. But without this document we would have been, apparently, a much more dangerous path.» He also said that the meeting in Munich agreed to develop the next round of talks, concrete proposals for more effective compliance with the ceasefire and preparations for the local elections in Eastern Ukraine. Assistants Steinmeier announced that the next meeting in the «Normandy format» will take place «no later than early March».

The head of the German foreign Ministry also expressed the hope that «both in Kiev and in Moscow all responsible persons understand that we cannot indefinitely wait for the implementation of the Minsk agreements». «We must not slow down efforts», — said Steinmeier. This writes Natalia cierech in the article «Klimkin called the meeting «Norman Quartet» in Munich ineffectual» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

Petro Poroshenko spoke at the conference after Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, therefore, immediately said he did not wish to comment on his speech. Despite this, his speech, the head of Ukraine started exactly with statements about Russia. Speaking before the members of the Munich conference, the President said that Europe threatened by «alternative values» that are imposed from Moscow.

«Europe Ukrainians linked to defined values, and the risk for us are alternative values, which today bring isolationism, intolerance, disrespect for human rights, religious fanaticism, homophobia. This alternate Europe has its own leader, whose name is Putin. Alternative Europe has their barefoot soldiers, and this is called Pro-Russian parties in Europe who are fighting against Europe,» said Poroshenko.

According to him, Europe today through its most severe crisis. Separately, the head of Ukraine stopped the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the situation in the Donbass.

«Mr Putin, this is Your aggression, not civil war in Ukraine. And it’s not a civil war in the Crimea, and your soldiers occupying my country. And it’s not a civil war in Syria, it is your bombing the civilian population in Syria. And this is a demonstration of what we live with Russia in parallel universes,» — said Poroshenko.

Speaking of reforms, Poroshenko said that the last 20 years the Ukrainian government has not carried out fundamental reforms: «rampant corruption and the oligarchs, there was no transparent competition». Now, according to him, reforms are being carried out, despite the fighting.

«Please do not assume that Ukraine does not change. We are working on important things. I think it’s hard to find a country in the world with this volume of cases. We are open for cooperation. We need your solidarity and support, and most importantly — your trust,» he said.

Poroshenko admitted that Ukraine was «a terrible judicial system». But despite this, the country continues to fight corruption. After that, the President again turned to the topic of Russia and stopped the threat of the «Nord stream-2».

«Nord stream-2″ has only a political purpose: to make Europe more dependent, and Ukraine and other countries, including Poland, the weaker, — said Poroshenko. — This year we survived without a supply of natural gas from Russia, it is always used as a tool of political pressure. We work, but for a long time the oil and gas sector has been a source of corruption for any government of Ukraine,» the President added. This writes Denis Glukhov in the article «Poroshenko in Munich scare the participants of the conference «alternative Europe Putin» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

In recent days, several key Western partners of Ukraine unflattering spoke about what is happening in our country, demanding that the government of unity and modernization of the economy. The first sign was the statement of the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde: she blamed on a deplorable situation in the fight against corruption and warned that the next tranche of the Fund will give soon. At the Munich security conference on Saturday, Secretary of state John Kerry in his conversation with President Petro Poroshenko called for the unity of the Ukrainian leadership. Paid attention to Western partners and the situation in the Donbas: former U.S. Ambassador Steven Pifer has offered to put pressure on the parties to the conflict, to quickly complete the «Minsk-2».

Conference on security in Europe and in the world, which was held from 12 to 14 November in Munich, is one of the most influential and important events. This year the theme of war in our country has somewhat faded into the background — the main theses became military developments in Syria and the influx of migrants from the Middle East to the EU. But our question has also been discussed.

In a conversation with the Ukrainian President, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of state John Kerry called for unity in the Ukrainian leadership. He also touched on the issues of combating corruption and improving governance, especially in those urgent steps recommended by the IMF. In addition, the Security Times, which is a special edition of the conference, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer suggested that to put pressure on the parties to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and force them to abide by the conditions «Minsk-2». Summing up a series of claims to Ukraine, you can also recall the visit of special envoys of the German Chancellor Christopher Heusgen and French President Jacques Odiber in late January discussing the special status of Donbas, Amnesty to militants and constitutional changes.

Political scientist-foreign Affairs specialist Andrew Busarow sure that the Western partners, the U.S. and EU, try to influence the Ukrainian authorities and force them to accelerated reforms. However, he was sure that in the end, the necessary changes will be made — the leadership of our country just no way out. Because, according to Buzarova, if even after these statements among Ukrainian political forces will not appear the consensus that Ukraine is waiting for the 2005 scenario, when the West to trust the country dropped, which has slowed down the reforms and almost stopped the European integration of the country.

His colleague, Yaroslav Makitra, I agree that the pressure on Ukraine, but notes: it continues for a long time, but in the recent months clearly outlined the topics on which they have claims. «This, of course, can lead to the cessation of funding for some programs. In extreme cases this can lead to what Western leaders will try to replace Ukrainian politicians», — he said.

At the Munich conference repeatedly raised the issue of the need to observe the Minsk agreements, the continuation of sanctions against Russia and a difficult situation in the Donbas. To leave in force the sanctions requested by the representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini. Her point of view was supported by Secretary Kerry. Political analyst Andrei Bazarov believes that the West understands: the performance of «Minsk-2» depends not only on Ukraine, but also from the so-called «DNR», «LNR», as well as Russia’s position. This writes Ilya Trebor in the article «Why Europe requires Ukraine: the main «messages» in the newspaper «Today».

15 February. Press review. Munich conference: results for Ukraine 15.02.2016

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