10 February. Press review. 700 days of occupation «unconquered Donetsk»

February 1 marks 700 days since debut separatist rally held in Lenin square in Donetsk in March 2014. Even then, few people knew that a dull speech, pale and Slavophile Gubareva, the flags of the Navy of the USSR, tears of icons with the image of Stalin, the Russian flag and people in vests will merge into one Patriotic thread of the «Russian world» and will set a reasonable boundary for the current demarcation lines and checkpoints.

However, «knowledge is power» is not about local steppes. After almost two years of Patriotic salivation Russian flags and a frantic spell with an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation «to come» — the coming never happened. But do not become less Patriotic and saliva. Life of Donbass is still reminiscent of the cries of «Putin, come!» with the only difference that now they say keep it down, a kind of whisper, sullenly casting a resentful glance toward the old man Ilyich.

It would seem: two years of crazy inflation, deficit and continuous attacks, extortionate rate and prices, repression, hungry winters and vain tears, on the breast of Caucasians, which recently were given bouquets of flowers, can convince even the most ardent supporters of the «Russian idea» that the national greatness of Russia’s bad effect on the health of those who dream about it at night. But «the unconquerable Donbass» is still replete with St. George ribbons in the Donetsk minibuses, books «Torch» in the city’s restaurants, with dreams of «my passports» and, how exactly the pinnacle of hope, — the occurrence of «native Russia», which would be delivered from the well-known three letters «DNR».

By and large, the indifference and the apathy, political amorphousness and metaphysical pragmatism enclosed in the national character of the local population, which is only due to tremendous professional work of Russian propaganda was able to overcome absolute zero in the direction of the three-color coloring. But today, the pendulum again swung to zero. However, in the Donbass zero is always «not only with Ukraine». The local population can be arbitrarily discouraged in your own kitchen cynicism Zakharchenko, the next morning mimikriya in «national» color, but dissatisfaction with the «DNR» does not guarantee love to Ukraine.

Two years professional round-the-clock propaganda, first forming the ranks of the «militia» under «Farewell of Slav», and then burying people under Chopin, make increasingly hear from those who lost relatives in the Donbas, «I will not forgive.» Multiply the number of dug near Donetsk nameless graves for 2-3 people and you get the real answer to the question, how many people in each family of Donetsk, Thorez, Khartsyzsk will accuse Ukraine if the war again polyhnet in the Donbass.

However, time is of the essence: even a short dialogue with the widows «militia» long ago demonstrates only one thing: «My husband died protecting his family and children.» Only in rare cases you can hear the thought that «it would be better not started.» The problem is that social slice of those who at first joined in the so-called «militia» and was able to stay alive after two years, coincides with the main social composition of the Donbas, namely: the working-marginal environment. People, without exaggeration felt 23 years disenfranchised beggars, roaming from the mine to the plant with a salary, enough to forget about tomorrow, at first, quite rightly, did not feel any difference with the advent of the «Russian world», offering them together with the already familiar vodka ravioli thing, which was illuminated through the thickness of the Ukrainian national ideas, hope. Hope that from now on everything will be different, and there is a chance to change.

The idea that Russia within a few months almost disintegrate from the fallen oil or certainly will forget about their satellites, pushing them through the door to Minsk Ukrainian feet could once again cost dear to our country, whose politicians seem to still not realize the main message of this war. Namely the conflict in the Donbas is not a budget calculation and not the result calculatornow profit when the losses from the maintenance of the army exceed the profit from the cut in the metal factories and transported to Russia of coal, along the way leading to the thoughts of the masters of the Kremlin on ending the war in the Donbass.

We should not delude ourselves and trampled the image of Mr. Zakharchenko. In practice, the mentality of Donbass demonstrates amazing pirouettes between waist and bows to complete indifference to the one who flushed more strong hand. After retiring from Donetsk strelkov, who had a few months here become literally a legend by many, including the military, had unconcealed shock and believed that the Donbass again «merge». But if the Shooters left in English, Zakharchenko with the same English accent came over to his place, absolutely nothing explaining about who he is and what happened to «legend».

But more importantly. Mopping up unwanted units — not part of the complex plans of the Kremlin. Thriving since the days of Ilovaisky boiler the arms trade, part of which, according to some, goes to the Caucasus, as well as a «filter» supplied from Russia of the goods depending on the size of the «customs duties» paid to the executives of «Republic» — require an adequate level of military support in an environment where any competitor has a battalion behind him. And in «DNR» competitor now only two: the white house with Zakharchenko.

Needless to say that the Ukrainian legislation and domestic political forces will have to this process no relation, apparently, once again shaking their heads in the direction of the treacherous terrorists who violate the «Minsk format»? In fairness to this process is unlikely to be relevant itself and the local population: not only because of actual totalitarianism, established in a «free country». Most of the Pitmen’s already quite fed previous election experience, when the whole town was plastered with ads about the coming time to take their future into their own hands and to cast your vote for «happy Donbass», until it became clear that the elections cancelled. Cancelled silently, without explanation, as love creators «DNR». Behind the scenes of geopolitics only a trifle: the homeless, the elderly, recently again flooded the shops of Donetsk, the Donetsk team still consider themselves Ukrainians still believing that to live in his hometown — it’s not a shame; people are unable to travel for various reasons, and in General those who have two years stranded on the sandbank of history hits its besprosvetnoe confidence on the «mainland» that’s what everyone here wanted, writes Stanislav Vasin in the article «the Donbas: 700 days of solitude» in the newspaper «Mirror of week».

Almost two years of occupation on the roads of the metropolis appeared again dirty old bus is clean, roomy vans that have recently traveled to Donetsk. Who brought them on the routes and how these legal transportation – Donetsk just afraid to ask. Even good drivers will get offended, leave and nothing will remain. So now passengers are not particularly confused by the spare wheel in the cabin, dirty upholstery on the seats, dirty glass is not always adequate drivers – is not a complete list of «innovations» of the transport industry of Donetsk era of so-called «DNR».

The Donetsk side complaining that the number of public transport steadily, albeit slowly, but declining. «Wait at bus stops sometimes for 40 minutes, if the evening. And not the fact that the wait. During the day you can stand and 20 minutes and not to leave, and from the city centre. Some bus, of course, go like clockwork, but their less – says Donetsk Lyubshin Evgeniy. – With horror I wait for collapse, then from the suburbs to get somewhere it would be unthinkable».

Hour «x» Donetsk residents call 20.00-21.00, when to go in any area of the city becomes problematic. As if by magic evaporate dozens of buses and minibuses, the Donetsk team be waiting on the electric vehicle, which goes although less, but at least until 21.00-22.00. Even the crossing guards routes, but not ride them at night in a curfew risking everything.

In timetables on the transport portal of Donetsk stated that some bus have to wait until 70 minutes for example, 22-b (railway station – city hospital № 25). Every half hour goes a bus number 8 in the settlement of mine of Abakumov and 38-b for Gladkova, in the 19-th route from the Covered market in the Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka.

Travel on the trolley buses and trams – albeit rarely-walkers – «the authorities of Donetsk» promise not to raise above the existing three rubles per trip. However, the staff of one of the printers let slip that they received an order for printing of tickets for a municipal transportation that cost four rubles. True or not – time will tell. While more or less tolerable feel pensioners who continue to free ride on the electric vehicle.

Trolleybuses and trams is also shortened their routes. So, trolleybus № 10 and a half years never reaches its Terminus at the mine «October mine», thus completing the path on the Kiev Executive Committee, the 18th hospital. Putilovsky bridge, which was the itinerary, blown up, on the settlement of mine all clean cut trolley wires, so that the «horned» here will see not soon.

According to the Donetsk «officials,» each day on the routes of the city comes out to 20% of share taxis that fail routine inspection. As said by the drivers to pass it to them.

Forgot Shakhtar 17 familiar about bus routes – they are not, and in the near future is not expected. The carriers refused to work there unprofitable. Especially got to the Petrovsky district, where he left six routes connecting the outskirts with the centre of Donetsk and other parts of the city. It ended one of the longest routes No. 83, carried passengers from the bus station free Parking is available right up to the bus station «Western». No more 98-th connecting train station and Kirov district, there are no routes in the Western part of the city, for example, of the 71st. As they say in Donetsk they have started to get used to the fact that it is necessary to add at least half an hour to the usual time to get home or to work. Write about it Dmitry Lipkin , Stanislav Donets in the article «the Donetsk occupation: vanished trails and buckets on the buses» in the newspaper «Today».

Grouping «DND» sent from Donetsk «without right to return» of members of the volunteer organization «Responsible citizens» Enrique Menendez, brothers Dmitry and Evgeny Shibalovand Olga Cosse. Previously, the so-called Ministry of state security «DNR» arrested Cherenkov Marina, which also applies to named public associations. Is actually captured by the separatists remains a theologian Igor Kozlovski — it could detain in campaign to combat undesirable «DNR» Church denominations, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Scientist-theologian by unknown men who called themselves enforcers of the so-called «DNR», forced to sit in the car and drove away in an unknown direction. It happened in late January. The kidnapping was reported by his wife. During the arrest, he took the keys from the apartment. According to eyewitnesses, the scientist was taken after the explosion near the monument to Lenin in Donetsk. After that the authorities of the so-called «DNR» came to the apartment to Kozlowski and conducted a search there.

According to the wife of the scientist, searches were held in his apartment twice. The first time was when the unknown turned to the roommate with the son of Kozlovsky. She told them that you must wait for the owner. «But was told this phrase (the man in civilian clothes. — Ed.): — «He’s not coming,» said Kozlovskaya. She added that those who came to the apartment, had no documents and a search warrant, they did not call witnesses. Subsequently, the woman was on the phone with one of the intruders, he told her that Kozlowski was arrested for «improper communications on Facebook.

Now the fact that the MGB has adopted a statement about the disappearance of Igor Kozlovsky from his wife. Almost a week after the disappearance of the received transmission. That is no «official» documents or confirmation was not given, but adopted a statement and received transmission. This is probably indirectly confirms that he was there,» shares the scientist’s nephew Dennis Kozlowski.

According to lawyer Andrey Vilinska, such detention, even if we consider that the territory of Donetsk region is under control of Ukraine, it is still illegal. «Mr. Kozlowski is a citizen of Ukraine, and the right to deprive him of liberty may not use no one but Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, he says. — Given the charges for which he was detained, it is generally absurd. These people can be called criminals and illegal detention with possible threat to life and health of the detainee — they could face from 7 to 15 years of imprisonment».

Earlier it was reported that Igor Kozlovsky could not leave Donetsk, so caring for our very ill son. Now his fate is unknown, page on Facebook has been removed. According to rumors and guesses, the scientist kept in the basement of the militants. The kidnapping of the Prosecutor General’s office opened a criminal case. The website «Fourth power» writes that the militants seized from the apartment of the scientist, equipment, documents and personal belongings. Now militiamen find out information about the kidnappers.

After the «isolation» of the religious so-called «DNR» continues to play on the theme of the «external enemy, who is hiding behind the mask of religion.» On January 29, was organized a rally near one of the temples of Donetsk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Its members in Donetsk, accused of «sectarianism» and «working for the CIA.» The rally was organized by the separatists controlled the movement of the «Young Republic». The rally was positioned as «natural,» but the head of the «Young Republic» Sergey Kondratevskiy announced it the day before, writes Natalia Toorak in the article «Questioning «of state security «DNR» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

10 February. Press review. 700 days of occupation «unconquered Donetsk» 10.02.2016

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