10 Feb. Press review. Who after Givi?

«The FSB operates actively and consistently. One by one destroy the witnesses of their war crimes in Ukraine. We are talking about the purposeful elimination of leaders of LNR and DNR,» — said the adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak.

February 8 in Makeyevka killed 36-year-old Mikhail Tolstoy , nicknamed Givi. The leader of the terrorist battalion «Somali» blew up in 6:12 with a flame thrower «bumblebee» in his office. The explosion burned all five floors of the building, the glass flew from the Windows.

Mikhail Tolstoy, a native of Ilovaysk in the Donetsk region. Father spent time in prison, according to rumors. Not worked, drank and beat his wife. Michael grew reclusive, tortured stray animals. Received higher education. Worked as an industrial climber, the driver of a diesel truck on the rope factory and a security guard at the supermarket.

He served two years in the training center Desna near Kiev. Took the Callsign «Givi» in honor of his grandfather-Georgian. Finished his service as a Sergeant tank commander. He worked as a janitor, aide washer machine in the service station. Traded vodka at the train station. In 2011 was in jail for stealing a Bicycle.

Began to fight on the side of the DNR militants in Slavyansk in 2014. Became commander of the assault battalion «Somalia». Russian media called him one of the authors of Ilovaisky boiler. Since September of the same year led militants during the storming of the Donetsk airport.

«Came with the Russian journalists, — says «cyborg»reconnaissance of the Ukrainian Armed forces Oleh Vasko with the call sign «Fat». Talked with Givi at the end of 2014 at a checkpoint of militants. — While we Manali, came: «Well, che, dill?» Sent it. Say: «Hello, top of this page, you who gave the oath? Where did you serve?» I quickened the pace and ran away from reporters in the dugout».

Givi indicative questioned the «cyborg» in January 2015. The Network has a video where he dumps them from the tank and are satisfied with the interrogation before the cameras of Russian TV channels. Forced have their chevrons. Shot the wounded.

«The separatists finished off our children, — said the assistant chief of staff, now the people’s Deputy Tatyana Rychkova. Is started Givi. Revealing shot fighter».

In March 2015 the car Givi fired when driving on a position in the Donetsk airport. He was not injured. In February of the same year he contributed to the sanctions list of the European Union. From 23 may 2016 — in search of MIA.

On January 29 of this year, led the attack fighters under Avdiyivka. Ukrainian military repulsed her.

«We destroyed about 30 of the invaders. Givi so wanted to please Moscow, which went into battle without training,» says Samara Alexander, Deputy commander of the 72nd brigade of the armed forces, which protected the plant.

Mikhail Tolstoy was not married. Said that personal life does not add up: «For three assassination attempts on me. I have no personal life, and there was no wedding. Stay single man. To my great regret.»

Played football and Boxing. Rooting for Shakhtar Donetsk. Called himself a friend of the terrorist Motorola. When that blew up in the Elevator last year, vowed to take revenge.

«Every city we capture to Kiev, will equate to the ground. Whoever killed Motorola, will pay the entire Ukrainian people,» — said Givi separatist resources, writes Iryna Tsybukh the article «Militants Givi blew up in his Cabinet» Gazeta.ua.

The expected leadership of the DNI’s responsibility for the death of «Givi», the Ukrainian saboteurs. The Ukrainian military denied involvement in this incident, which is also expected, but much more plausible. The problem is not only how to deliver to the center of the occupied Donetsk flamethrower «bumblebee» from which, presumably, was murdered by well-protected by Givi. The main question is, who benefits from the elimination of war criminals, many who know about the undeclared war of Russia against Ukraine. Definitely not Ukraine.

Among the many war crimes that should be answered Givi and Motorola, I want to mention, above all, torture of the captive cyborgs and killing one of them, Igor Branovitskiy. According to Yuri Owls, one of the surviving Ukrainian soldiers, Igor branovitskiy was among the 12 people left in the airport to take care of four wounded comrades. They ran out of ammunition. And, being surrounded by 21 January, they appealed to the militants with a request to deliver the wounded to the hospital.

Those, in turn, decided to show off «trophies», published a video in which the prisoners are alive, the signs of beatings are observed. Branovitskiy easily recognized by a blue sweater, the other dressed in camouflage.

Later Branovitskiy and two other prisoners likely were tortured together Givi, two Chechen Kadyrov’s men and one woman. At first the prisoners were imprisoned in the basement, where they communicate Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the so-called «Donetsk people’s Republic», then transferred the prisoners to the Motorola. Worst of all the militants belonged to Branovitskaya. After being tortured he was just lying on the floor. Motorola then shot him.

There are many other crimes Givi and Motorola, which witnesses confirmed. Consequently, Ukraine would be profitable to capture them in captivity to both the executioner appeared before the court. In addition, they could ferret out critical information.

Analyst Peter oleschuk called Givi and Motorola «technical characters created and promoted for use in the propaganda purposes». They were supposed to represent ordinary members of the so-called «Russian world», fighting against «Ukrainian fascists at the call of the heart». Motorola, in fact, was a mercenary, although Russian politicians and government-controlled media after his death refer to him as hero. Givi also distinguished by the fact that he was a Ukrainian, besides the Donbass.

It is not only that the Ukrainian security services would do better to take these two prisoners than to kill. It is also important to understand that Motorola was very worried about his safety, but still died from the bomb explosion in his own driveway. Flamethrower, from which the location of a private of the battalion was killed Givi, just not to get not to mention to shoot with it undetected. For the same reasons it is hard to imagine that the murder of Tolstoy were some local guerrillas.

Also hard to believe that Motorola and Givi killed as a result of internal power struggles, and not only because the leaders of the so-called DNR and LNR are creatures of the Kremlin. There were other deaths. In particular, another militant leader, Evgeny Zhilin, was killed in Moscow. Also recently learned about the death of the first «официального2 leader «LNR» Valery Bolotov. His wife believes that Bolotov had been poisoned during a meeting with two unknown men.

Lugansk journalist Yury Aseev, expert of the Kharkiv human rights group, said that the murder of one of the first militant leaders Alexei Bridge and his assistant (ex-wife Aseeva) organized by the Russian FSB.

On the basis of highly controversial interview with the German Ambassador Ernst Reichel, we can conclude that preparing a «road map» implementation of the Minsk agreements, in which the main focus will be on Amnesty for militants and local elections. The Amnesty law is an extremely controversial issue in Ukraine. In fact, Amnesty will be exonerated people who committed war crimes.

According to the results of extensive research conducted by the coalition of human rights group «Justice for peace in Donbas», more than 87% of Ukrainian soldiers and 50% civilian, in captivity by Pro-Russian militants in the Donbass, were subjected to torture or ill-treatment. In 40% of cases a key role in «interrogation» played mercenaries from the Russian Federation, as well as people who call themselves the Russian military personnel. Those who escaped torture, tell that witnessed or heard the torture of others. 33% of soldiers and 16% of the civilian personally witnessed the deaths of prisoners by torture.

One of the study’s authors Oleg Martynenko said that more than 40% of Russian troops and mercenaries involved in the torture of prisoners, that, in itself, is a sufficient basis for filing a lawsuit against Russia for the involvement in the war and other crimes. In other words, Moscow wants a lot to hide, writes Gal Coynash in the article «Givi, Motorola. Moscow is covering his tracks?» in the edition «New time».

Another «sudden» death of another leader of the terrorist «L/DNR» Russian media divided into two unequal parts. One, quite small, consisting of those in the air and on the pages where it is customary to report the news and to reflect on the causes of the event, published a long list of those killed in the recent terrorists and versions of their death. The most popular hypotheses in such media was the version that all these «Batman», «kids», «Roma», Mozgovoi, Bolotov, «Motorola» and «Givi» destroyed Russian special services during total Stripping of the territory of the «Russian world» from unwanted witnesses of crime inevitably coming process, or their death was the result of internal squabbles.

The response of the main mass media of the Russian officialdom in which such option as the thought is, not provided, was to put on mournful faces and pronouncing stock phrases about another bloody crime of the Kiev regime killed another heroic fighter for the freedom of the people of Donbass. And since the option of thoughts, as already mentioned, the construction of Federal channels is not provided, then the inhabitants of the Russian TV repeated exactly what they said a week and a month ago.

But at the same time, the performances of pique vests in the TV visible the differences that obviously exist in the Kremlin. In solovevsk the «Evening» from 8.02.2017 was marked with two positions. They both, of course, came from the fact that the heroic «Givi» killed Kiev, but differed in what should be the reaction of Russia.

One of the positions was introduced by Vladimir Solovyov and his favorite expert semen Bagdasarov and Yevgeny Satanovsky. The essence of this position is that in response to the death of the Givi should start terror on the Ukrainian territory, but in principle we should talk about full-scale war with Ukraine.

To justify this position, her supporters needed the appropriate emotional state. That is understandable, because in order to unleash a major war in the middle of Europe with a non-zero chance of it escalating into world war III, you must first introduce yourself in a state of hysteria. To do this, Soloviev began to explain who the «Motorola» and «Givi», which we lost. Turns out it’s the same romance, which extolled Hemingway.

«This Is Che Guevara!» — has declared nightingales.

It is clear that Solovyov thinks Russians are idiots. In any case, that a large part of that is watching him transfer. But in this case he has went through, focusing on a complete ignorance of their audience. Since inner peace «Motorola» and «Givi» familiar to all interested in the Internet, where there are lots of video with their participation. There is nothing to comment on. As for Che Guevara, then, as in the Soviet Union was his cult, even in the audience Solovyov there are those who know something about this «universal soldier of the revolution.» Che, as Donetsk terrorists has been on top in human blood. But this is perhaps all that unites them. Dictionary «Givi» and «Motorola» inferior dictionary Ellochka ogress and consisted of a few swear words. Che Guevara was a medical doctor, worked at the hospital, read in the University lecture in medicine. He lived in the world of books, in the world of poetry and philosophy, he wrote a lot, leaving nine volumes of the works. In my dreams of becoming a doctor in a leper colony, he saw himself as a Savior of the people, sacrifice themselves for the sake of their happiness, like his hero, albert Schweitzer. Numerous numerous victims of his «revolution for export,» who is this romantic violence has spread across the planet, was of course, not easier, but comparisons with «Givi» and «Motorola» it’s definitely not deserved. And to imagine Hemingway glorifying Donetsk lads, it is necessary to have impudence Solovyov.

And lead the endless «Evenings», meanwhile, marking the scale of loss incurred, talking about revenge.

«Where are the sanctions against Ukraine?» — angrily asked the warblers.

And then demanded to immediately break off diplomatic relations with Kiev, calling Ukraine Nazi terrorist state and start selling gas to Europe directly.

In addition, Soloviev said that «we have the right to enter (the territory of Ukraine) and create a 30-kilometer buffer zone.» It is learned Soloviev, international law allows. What kinds of international agreement enshrined the right of Russia to invade the territory of another state and to create any zones, and whether there is a symmetrical right of other countries to invade Russia, Soloviev said. But struck the OSCE mission, saying that according to his information, the car of the OSCE are used for transporting terrorists, and in addition, during the second world war, no OSCE, no shots with the other parties was not considered, and everything was fine.

What Solovyov has identified only as a direction, expert Bagdasarov brought to its logical end. He announced that «we should talk about the full dismantling of the state and military structure of Ukraine». Said that «for us, today’s Ukraine is much more dangerous than the «Islamic state». Then said that «in Donetsk and Lugansk are our citizens,» and therefore expressed the indignation of the Russian chiefs, who still don’t bother to give them Russian passports and said that it’s time to unite «DNR», «LNR» and to create a unified Donetsk Republic.

Naturally, the expert Bagdasarov could not appear on TV without having to disclose their favorite idea: to create subversive forces to deploy terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine. However, he for the umpteenth time fondly referred to the famous Soviet terrorist and saboteur of General sudoplatovato which elderly retired Colonel Bagdasarov experiencing delight, similar to what a teenage girl feels for some Justin Bieber.

Oddly enough, proponents of open terror, the great war and the severance of diplomatic relations with Ukraine was in the Studio of Vladimir Solovyov in the minority.

Most experts fully coincided with them in the rhetoric of abuse against Kiev, but to preach openly to the terror and refused those calls, albeit rather gently, but quite definitely condemned. Especially funny were the Deputy Zheleznyak, who was always trying to hint «frostbitten» colleagues that such things should be done quietly, and the public to know should not be.

The watershed was held on the status. Supporters of terrorism and war is the professionals: media professionals and Amateur experts. This explains them quite insane and irresponsible statements. All those who have at least some status, adhered to other point of view. This applies to state Duma deputies Sergei Zheleznyak with Leonid Kalashnikov and FSB General Mikhailov and especially freshly baked adviser to the Director of the Federal service of national guard troops Alexander Hinstein. Unlike Mikhail Leontiev, which is going to serve in «Rosneft» completely flew off the rails and began to spit on all and send the whole world into a different Hiking trip, Alexander Khinshtein changed in the opposite direction. Began to find expression, and led to some restraint of speech, it is highly unusual for the famous first of «toilet tank», which has always previously been ready-easy to lie and sling mud at anything he or his customer didn’t like. Now Alexander Evseevich was itself orderly.

He formed a new band with him «responsible and Patriotic» iron ore and the Kalashnikov were called «thugs» Solovyov and Bagdasarova «not to succumb to provocations» and stay in the framework of the Minsk agreements.

Khinshtein generally agreed to that said that everything that happens on the territory of the breakaway «republics,» it is an internal matter of the «DNR» and «LNR», and they and their army must attend to their safety and to think about his future.

When he spoke, face Solovyov expressed a complex range of feelings. Clearly discernible is a desire to shoot the traitor according to the laws of war for the Frank plums Novorossia. But at the same time, Soloviev understood that it wasn’t Gozman which, God forgive me, but the whole Khinshtein, who today is about to shoot more resources than the presenter. It was clear that the public space accidentally broke the confrontation of two positions about the prospects of war in the East of Ukraine. «Thugs» are more noticeable because of its holosystolic. But supporters quiet «vpihivaniya» terrorist enclaves in the Ukraine, apparently in control of the decision points. Although a realistic plan there is neither one nor the other. The issue is not located in the present Kremlin. It will be found either in the change in Russia’s political leadership, either coming from Ukraine, says Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko in the article «Che Guevara» Russian world» in the newspaper «Day».

10 Feb. Press review. Who after Givi? 10.02.2017

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